Moon Phase: Full Moon In Gemini [Dec 12]

Cards: Full Moon In Gemini, Queen of Swords, Daydreaming Days (reversed)

Keywords: Clarity. Conclusion. Clear communication. Force through words and thoughts. Wandering thoughts

Message: Bussy all bleached, waxed and puckered up but not a dick in sight for days. Mawma don’t you think it’s time to change up your approach to getting what you want? It’s not that deep. Maybe it’s that “Masc4Masc, No Fatties, Femmes or Asians” in your Grindr bio. Maybe you’re a cunt. Maybe you’re a sloppy bottom with only 2 moves in your repertoire. Shake things up and get creative – maybe even try it with that fake vers top you’ve been side-eyeing. Uggh.

Decks: Moonology Oracle Deck, Bianco Nero Tarot, Raven’s Wand Oracle

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