Moon Phase: Third Quarter Moon in Libra [Dec 19]

Cards: Third Quarter Moon, 4 of Swords, Alchemist

Keywords: Issues due to life imbalances. Reboot your plans. Change course. Contemplation. Respond to your higher self. Time for a transformation

Message: Before I met my white shaman, Cleofus Dubois, my life was a literal mess. After many chakra realignment sessions, ayahuasca vision quests and prostate stimulation exercises under a full moon (his recommendations), I finally was woque enough to realize that my issues stemmed from when I was denied a pony for my 9th birthday. I scheduled a mediation session with my dad and Cleofus and we aired our issues and my life is finally back on track. Sometimes it’s easy to blame mistakes on our inner saboteur (mine calls herself Shontelle Blaque and she’s a total bitch who texted my ass pics at 2am to my exes with the text “omg I fucking miss u”), but in reality, the blame is on us. Uggh. This is growth. Learn it. Live it. Love & Light.

Decks: Moonology Oracle Cards, Bruegel Tarot, Archetype Cards

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