Moon Phase: Waning Crescent Moon in Scorpio [Dec 22]

Cards: Waning Moon, Enlightenment, 5 of Wands (reversed)

Keywords: Release what’s not needed. Shift in mentality. Unbalanced relationship. Break away from someone’s power over you. Triumphant over petty power struggles.

Message: Aren’t you tired of playing the martyr? We all have that one friend who’s a total bitch but she’s super skinny so we let it slide cause she complements your group’s aesthetics. Like Becky. Uggh. This bitch once conned me into drinking what I thought was sugar-free, fat-free, low-calorie soy Chai lattes, for a week. Found out later from Chloe that it’s because Becky’s been jealous of my size 0, perfectly skinny silhouette. Enough is enough. Uggh. Like how much more can someone take this inhumanity? So I texted in our group chat that Becky’s been whoring it out with everyone’s boyfriends. When the argument peaked, I promoted my instagram and exited the chat. Iconique.

Decks: Moonology Oracle Cards, Les Vampires, Rider Waite Tarot

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