Moon Phase: New Moon in Capricorn [Dec 26]

Cards: New Moon In Capricorn, Knight of Wands (reversed), The Empty Room

Keywords: Discipline. Proper planning. Avoid controlling individuals. Insecurity. Courage to reveal self. Knowing limits. Greed avoidance

Message: Your FetLife inbox is blowing up with notification from thirsty Doms and that bussy needs some Yuletide stretching. But before you set up that dick appointment with SadistKilla1990, do your research, declare your limits and notify your BFF on your whereabouts before you show up at his doorstep. Cause you may start with a ballgag but end up in a body bag. Get your dickpiggery under control before making a big mistake, chile

Decks: Moonology Oracle Cards, Bianco Nero Tarot, The Wild Unknown Archetypes

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