Weekly Pick-a-Card Messages [Dec 30 – Jan 4]

Decks: Bianco Nero Tarot, Dark Mirror Oracle Cards, The Wild Unknown Archetypes 

Which Death Becomes Her character are you. Lisle Von Rhuman (Group 1), Madeline Ashton (Group 2) or Helen Sharp (Group 3)?

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

Group 1 cards:The Emperor (reversed), King of Cups (reversed), The Stone, Addicted

Keywords: Unreliability. Talking your way out of problems. Ignoring flawed foundation. Stubbornness. Domineering individuals. Power imbalances. Falling into old habits. Self-undoing. New job. 

Message: There’s a reason why you’ve gone through 6 sugar daddies in like 2 months. Bitch, if you’re struggling with having to teabag an 80yo for a mink coat, then have you considered OnlyFans? Don’t you just hate it when you gotta work like super hard to pay for essentials like rent, cocaine and Birkins? Uggh reality is like not my life’s journey.

Group 2 cards: The Hanged Man, The Magician (reversed), The Temple, Calling the Storm

Keywords: New perspectives. Wasted potential. Self-doubt. Calling for reinforcement. Re-examine perceived limitations. 

Message: You texted him again at 3am while binging on ice-cream again didn’t you? What the actual fuck, Tanner?! Next time you feel want closure from being replaced by an 18yo barely-legal twink, call your squad to draft it so you don’t look like a weak-ass bitch. I can’t. I literally can’t with you. 

Group 3 cards: 9 of Cups, Queen of Pentacles (reversed), The Shapeshifter, Triumph of Lies

Keywords: Reach for emotional fulfillment. Clinging on to shit that don’t matter. Self-delusions. Need for adaptability. Don’t commit, periodt

Message: Life isn’t a BDSM relationship, ho. Stop taking the same abuse and delude yourself into thinking you’re totally fine with it. This week, learn to identify and remove yourself from toxic situations and people. Tell that bitch that you’re literally done with her and block her from your social media. So what if she’s your mom? Bitch gotta learn. 

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