Weekly Pick-a-Card Messages for Jan 20 – Jan 26

Which Aaron Hernandez are you? Hot pre-murder Aaron (Group 1), hot pre-murder Aaron (Group 2), or hot pre-murder Aaron (Group 3)?


Lenormand cards: Snake, Clock Tower, Bear, Fox, Garden
Kipper cards: Message of Concern, Lovers, Unexpected Income, Despair, Main Female
Sibilla Della Zingara: Lover (reversed), Surprise (reversed), Enemy (reversed), Lord, Sorrow (reversed)

Time to call your good Judys cause your man is going to be problematique and you need some good ol’ kiki. But work is just great this week.

Tumble outta bed, stumble to the kitchen and pour yourself a cup of ambition this week, Dolly. Your 9 to 5 hustle is about to shine. A higher up will take notice of an unusual or innovative solution to a work project and you’ll be on everyone’s radar.

Great week for freelancers, collaboration and partnership. Short-term gains seen. Work will open up doors in the future.

If some of y’all who’ve been on a fitness programme, attend a party – you’ll catch the attention of someone who’s your type. Nothing will come of it. He’s a fuqboi. Get a dicking and move on. Werq it and douche that bussy first though, we don’t want him to pull out brown.

For some, someone’s been sliding into your man’s DM and his dumb ass is falling for it hook, line and sinker. He’s looking for something different than what he has now. Don’t fucking come for me, it’s what the cards say. Denial is going to be the name of the game. Stay as a meat clown or move on and have some shred of self-respect. The man in particular has some sort of alpha male vibe.


Lenormand cards: Locket, Tree, Anchor, Owls, House
Kipper cards: Despair, Message, Marriage, Great Fortune, Courtship
Sibilla Della Zyngara: Misfortune, Despair, Lord (reversed), Thought (reversed), Old Woman

Love’s a blossoming!!! Get ready for your lover to step their pussy up and bring this relationship to the next level.Some of y’all there will be talks of moving in together. Uggh I’m so jealous. Like I can’t.

Are you starting a passion project? Get all up on social media this week and spread the word – it’s primed for a good start. Delayed projects – get your ass on it NOW.

Harmless gossip at work is much needed. What better bonds you closer to Becky, Cadence, Jordyn and Lakshmi (the white one with new age parents, not your ethnic colleague at Finance) than your mutual hate for Karen? Right? I can’t with her too. Nothing special at work. Trust me, no news is good news.

For some who’s finalising your divorce this week – congrats on cleaning him out, chile. You deserve that shit. Go celebrate and you may find yourself a new walking dildo.

Pay attention to an older man who’s going through some shit – if this is relevant to you – as he’s about to slip up and make some mistakes that you both may not like to happen. Negative thoughts.


Lenormand cards: Key, Dog, Stars, Journal, Grave
Kipper cards: Distant Horizons, Wealthy Man, Gift, Mature Woman, Message of Concern
Sibilla Della Zyngara: Soldier (reversed), Wife (reversed), House (reversed), Hope (reversed), Service

Trouble’s brewing at home – feelings of restrictions and one party not taking responsibility in their actions are seen. Issues can be resolved quickly.

Kiss a friendship goodbye this week with a friend who’s always imposing themselves on you. They’re toxic and you’re slipping under, Britney! Move on.

An important friend will have important information that can expose and end a secret in a relationship. Message relayed by a fortune-teller is also seen.

Work is blessed this week when a friend with connections elevate your work to the next level.

Great week for entrepreneurs, expect a dream project to set sail smoothly and you’ll be reaping the rewards after a while. Profits and recognition seen if you take heed of good advice and warning from a more seasoned individual.

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