Weekly Pick-a-Card Messages for Jan 27 – Feb 2

Which shirtless Brenton Thwaites are you?

“Wait so like I’ve read the monthly, and what’s the deal with weekly? And why aren’t some of the energies picked up for weekly in your monthly forecast too?” – you, probably.

God, Tanner, you’re like so annoying. Uggh, with monthly, I pick up energies on situations that need your attention that has a lasting impact throughout the month or even for months to come – think bigger picture.

Depending on the cards I used, generally with weekly pulls, I channel on emotional energies that will pop up and fuck up your week if left unchecked – minor, banal, day-to-day stuff that has no lasting impact.

You can just skip the weekly and read the monthly, but you’re here because you can’t be trusted to make any significant decisions in your life without help, so here we are bitch.


Cards: Page of Pentacles (reversed), 9 of Cups (reversed), Knight of Swords, Ace of Cups
Book: Eight of Diamonds – be more loving and you will be rewarded

Message: It is rare that I’m advising someone against being cunty when confronting tough situations but this week, reel that shit in cause nobody’s got time for that.

You’re probably feeling like Nikocado Avocado this week with dramas at work and love piling on top of you (that is allegedly of your own doing) but gurl, problems won’t fix itself and you best not pop off or shit’s gonna hit the fan.

Also, singles who think their crush is totally crushing back at them – sis, get a reality check. It’s probably in your head. Save whatever shreds of dignity you have left and wait for the right time, gurl.

Underlying energies this week: Putting off problems that need fixing. Discontentment. Ignoring intuition. Pause and reflect criticisms and advice. Quick thinking. Need for diplomacy in communication. Caution in approaching your crush


Cards: Four of Swords (reversed), The Chariot (reversed), 10 of Pentacles (reversed), Queen of Swords (reversed)
Book: Scorpio – there’s nothing to worry about

Message: Oh-em-gee this is it, Tanner. This is literally the day that your sugar daddy is leaving your 24 years old ass for a fresh 18 years old’s. Life as you know it is ruined.

All those missed dinner appointments, ignored calls, rumors you heard at the gay club from Cadence who heard it from Ryan who in turn heard it from Dillon that your sugar daddy was spotted exchanging numbers with a new twink is like so true. Uggh and to think you bleached your bussy for him this week too. The betrayal! The inhumanity!

SNAP OUT OF IT! (but like read that in Cher’s voice in Moonlight). Gurl, you are your worst enemy sometimes. Don’t let your inner saboteur guide your judgement this week cause things will get blown out of proportion and this week you’ll be too dumb to not see the truth.

Underlying energies this week: Preparation before action. Self doubt. Discernment of thoughts. Separating negative emotions from decisions. Failure due to bad plans. Overblown issues that can be fixed. Fact-check the information given


Cards: Eight of Pentacles, Nine of Cups (reversed), Seven of Pentacles (reversed), Queen of Cups
Book: Square palms and fingers – pay attention to details

Message: “Well what you wanna do, is not necessarily what you’re gonna do.” – Gia Gunn, 2019.

That’s it. Right there. Pretty much that energy this week. Get over it.

Underlying energies this week: Put in the necessary effort. Sacrifice required. Forgetting the bigger picture. Feeling incomplete. Lack of success. Unrealistic expectations. Mastery of emotions. Keep a cool head. Things will be revealed in due time.

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