Manifestation: Day 2 of 14

Carbs are so low vibrational, you guys. I’m over it. ⁣

All it does is fill me up with temporary pleasure, then leaves me feeling bloated, blousy and used like a coked out whore.⁣

Literally done with carbs. Literally done with not being a size 0. Literally done with noncommittal bisexual men from FetLife (not sure how this relates to carbs, but I feel like it does on a deeper spiritual level that is beyond my comprehension).⁣

Being a size 0 is my mission in 2020, so if this fails I’m literally gonna pay 9 witches (of various racial, gender, sexual orientation and geographical backgrounds so people don’t think I’m racist) to perform “Size 0” rituals on my behalf. Literally leaves me with no choice. Periodt. ⁣

Daily Manifestation: Day 2 of 14⁣

Photo: Gorgeous To Go by Chris Craymer, Vogue Korea April 2014.⁣

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