Manifestation: Day 5 of 14

Fuck brujeria. Santa Muerte is a total bitch who left me on read. I literally can’t with the deceit and empty promises.⁣⁣
I was about to take a bite out of a brownie and got blinded by the sunlight hitting from my kitchen window. It was divine intervention.⁣⁣
I felt completely cleansed from the root work done by enemies to make me fat. Uggh.⁣⁣
I’ve seen the light now. God is everything. God is nothing. God is like powerful and stuff. And God will give me a thigh gap in 2020, I can feel it.⁣⁣
I’ve also asked God to bless my chihuahua so he’ll be a size 0 like me. God will make this happen. I will manifest this into existence. ⁣⁣
Also another delay with this week’s weekly reading cause I was busy finding God and being thin. ⁣
Daily Manifestation: Day 5 of 14⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Photo: Catholic Guilt by Skye Tan and Randolph Tan for Design Scene, 2012.⁣⁣

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