Weekly Pick-a-Card Messages for Feb 3 – Feb 9

Which famous snitch are you? Sammy the Bull (Group 1), Tekashi 6ix9ine (Group 2), or Judas (Group 3).

Group 1

Cards: The Sun, Page of Wands, Death, 10 of Pentacles, Six of Raphael, Four of Gabriel, Ace of Michael, The Magician

Underlying energies: Success in new project or venture. Reaping rewards at the end of a completed goal. Positive news involving a child. Shifting of energy in resources – from poverty to abundance. Celebration of a joyous occasion with friends. Potent energies of success. News of pregnancy, fertility and change of family structure for the better.

Group 2

Cards: Queen of Cups, 10 of Wands, Priestess, Death, Life’s Purpose, Heart of the Matter, Dawn of Love, Live in the Moment

Underlying energies: Worn out by heavy task at hand. Secrets will be exposed for the better. Unhealthy attitude towards minor negative situations that can be easily resolved. Burden this week is a blessing in disguise – don’t jump to conclusions. Tendency to be bogged down by details. Focus on big picture as perception of situations is clouded. Relationship blossoming. Rejuvenated by new goals.

Group 3

Cards: 8 of Pentacles, Knight of Chalices, King of Pentacles, 5 of Pentacles, Opposition, Square, 9th House, 7th House

Underlying energies: Issues with connecting with people around you. Luck in assistance of alleviating burden. Lack of effort in love connection. Ending of hardship after putting pride aside to ask for help. New love potential fizzling due to personal ideals. Avoid being overbearing this week.

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