Weekly Pick-a-Card Messages for Feb 17 – Feb 23

Which Birkin bag are you? Birkin 25 Rose Tyrien Epsom with Gold Hardware (Group 1), Birkin 35 Shiny Noir Porosus with Gold Hardware (Group 2), or Birkin 25 Shiny Pain d’Épices Niloticus with Palladium Hardware (Group 3)?

Group 1

Cards: The Star, 4 of Cups, Queen of Wands (reversed), New Moon in Scorpio, Brilliant Virgin, Outsider

Underlying energies: Remain unsullied by external forces. Tame insignificant negative thoughts. Go against grain to be yourself. Stand your ground. Rebellious energy required. Don’t be a shrinking violet. Discipline to thwart external interference. Rediscover your self-worth. Courage to have an opinion

Group 2

Cards: The World, King of Wands (reversed), Page of Wands (reversed), New Moon in Gemini, Prey, Brilliant Virgin

Underlying energies: Feeling attacked. Check, double check and TRIPLE CHECK all forms of communication. Check emotions at the door. Misunderstandings. Look at bigger picture. Ignore minor failures. Be bold to accept defeat. Pick yourself back up and try again. Victimization of self. Changing of perception. Stay true to your beliefs

Group 3

Cards: High Priestess (reversed), 2 of Sword, The Lovers, New Moon in Scorpio, Enlightenment, Meant for You

Underlying energies: Don’t be swayed by careless whispers. Making a big life choice with little guidance. Avoid stagnancy by crippling indecisions. Secrets to be revealed. Get second opinions. Avoid yes-man. Harsh truth needed. Face consequences head-on. Bad things happen for a reason. New course of direction in life. Forced to make a choice

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