He loves me? he loves me…not?

Like 99% of the questions I get for readings are about love. Seriously, I thought I was messy as hell until these heaux be messaging me about all kinds of love issues. Chile, love may be a many splendored things, but it is a bitch to navigate through. Trust.

One common theme in the questions I get from people are about the other person’s feelings and intentions towards them. I figured that makes for a pretty good timeless reading for people who wants some clarification before they go embarrass themselves by acting a fool. Cause love, like life, is complicated, aimirite?

I’ve divided each group into two parts: early stage of courtship (dating, crush, first few dates) and people who are already coupled.


Tarot of the Haunted House: 3 of Swords, King of Pentacles (reversed), Queen of Wands (reversed), Knight of Cups
The Light Seer Tarot: King of Cups, 6 of Pentacles, Justice, Page of Swords
Les Vampires Oracle: That Death Will Come
Divine Circus Oracle: Confetti
Romance Angels Oracle: Honeymoon, Retreat

Message: One of you is like super messy – and it shows. Now I’d normally approve of messiness. A little bit of drama makes life much more fun. But take it from me, when left unchecked sometimes our mind can be our worst enemy. Messy ain’t cute (except on me).

And I got the feeling that one of you may be allowing past traumas and bad experiences get in the way of connecting to the other person in this connection. There’s almost a sense of self-restraint from one party to not allow the other person into their life. This is very self-imposed.

3 of Swords brings up the issue of betrayal, past hurts and also disappointments when it comes to issues of love.

Oh em gee, I AM the mess
If this is you, there’s a possibility that the other person’s King of Cups energy is picking up on this and making them doubt (Justice) your emotional stability or readiness for them to actually take that next step. Mawma no one likes to stick their dicks in crazy, and trust me the whole Manic Pixie Dream Girl thing only looks cute in movies, not in real life gurl.

Remember – King of Cups is a person who’s mastered their emotions, and sensing your immaturity in handling your emotions may be a bit of a turn off for them.

Maybe you open up too much about past hurts when you’re chatting, and you get a feeling that there’s some resistance on their part to push this connection to the next step. Maybe you feel that you’ve been too guarded.

The Universe is highlighting two things to take note of: It’s about goddamn time you start trusting again and recognize who the fuck you is, bitch. Reclaim your fucking power. King of Pentacles reversed is all about paying attention to your relationship with trust. You’re putting too much power on a failed past relationship that is still coloring how you share your love with others. What are you holding on to?

In the words of an iconique early noughties girl group, Dream: “That was then, this is now. That was then, this is now. You wanna trust me but you don’t know how. I’m never gonna mess around, set you down. Can’t you see? That was her and baby this is me!”

Can’t you see bitch? You’re interested in someone new now – let the past asshole’s grip on you go! Tell that bitch bye. Bah! Gurl, Bah! Tellem Bah Felisha!

The Queen of Wands in reversed is a sad energy to be in. Where’s your life? Where’s that spark you once had? Sis, if you know you’re not as fun as you want to be – gurl they can pick it up too.

Do not let this connection pass. The Knight of Cups is such a wonderful card indicating that this is a romantic union that can grow and heals you. Especially since it’s bringing the message directly from King of Cups himself!

He’s the mess
If this is the reversed, there’s a sense that you actually are drawn to the openness of their past relationship failure. If you feel that they are holding back, the 6 of Pentacles is saying to let them know that you’re not scared of the emotional baggage they may have overshared.

With the 6 of Pentacles next to King of Cup, gurl – this is some Sarah Jessica Parker in Failure to Launch vibe going on. Bitch, it’s cute that you may feel like you want to save and fix him and all – but don’t get too focused on his pain. You are not their mother. You are not their nurse. You are not their therapist. You are not their emotional punching bag. Just keep that in mind.

There’s a way to open a communication line between the two of you to acknowledge the wound and agree to take the next step together. With the Justice card here, there’s a sense that he’s deliberating on if he should take the plunge.

With the Page of Swords here, don’t play games. Let them know that you’re aware of what they’re going through and their concerns, but a serious talk is in order. There’s also a sense that both of you need to lay your cards on the table and carefully analyze the situation and not rush things at the moment. They need to feel safe and talk things out before they feel ready again. Can you handle that? Kelly, can you handle this? Michelle, can you handle this? Beyonce, can you handle this?

Only time
I hate to break it to you, but I’ll just let Enya say her peace: “Who can say where the road goes, where the day flows, only time. And who can say if your love grows, as your heart chose, only time.”

Sis, the Retreat card is saying that this is not an immediate fix to the blockage in this union. If you or the other person wants this union to work, y’all gotta put in the work. Clearly.

That Death Will Come is a gatekeeping card here that heavily suggests Divine Timing. Things have to run their course and fall into place once the issues have been sorted out before this love connection can grow. Think of the issue at the heart of this situation like weed in the garden. You gotta uproot that shit before you can plant the seeds of love. If left unattended, the issues will choke the seedlings before it can reach its full potential.

Confetti and Honeymoon are positive cards that highlight the endgame of this connection – there’s plenty to celebrate once you’re both ready to take this connection further in case you’re wondering if it’s all worth the effort.


Tarot of the Haunted House: Ace of Wands (reversed), 2 of Swords, Justice (reversed), Ace of Swords (reversed)
The Light Seer Tarot: Magician (reversed), 10 of Swords (reversed), 7 of Swords, Queen of Cups (reversed)
Les Vampires Oracle: Love Conquers All
Divine Circus Oracle: Date With Destiny
Romance Angels Oracle: Codependency, Make the Effort

Message: Hidden feelings, conflicts and tension – oh my. How are you gonna fix this mess, Cadence? You’re probably like “Uggh duh, that’s why I’m reading this, bitch. Like, I can’t with you.”

Uggh. Fine. Read to know more about how his feelings towards you. No 7 will shock you!

Dangerous liaisons
You want him? Then dafuq are you just pining from afar, bitch. Get your ass out of your comfort zone and make the first move.

With the Ace of Swords and Ace of Wands both in reversed, there’s a definite blockage of pursuing things further, mostly through indecisions, insecurity, and lack of courage.

With the 2 of Swords present – the confusion is not without merit, there seem to be mixed signals here that you’re picking up that you’re unsure about – is he just flirting for the sake of flirting? Is just he not ready to jump back into the dating pool? Is he gay? Am I gay? Is butter a carb? Uggh, confusion is me.

Here’s the thing – he knows. With the 7 of Swords, there’s an energy of trickery here where he caught on to your attraction to him but is trying to see if you feel as strongly towards him as he does to you. It’s a little shady, I know but the Magician in reversed indicates that he hasn’t gotten the “complete set” of information to work with. With the Queen of Cups in reversed, there’s a fear element at play. There’s also a sense that he’s uncomfortable with how he’s feeling towards you and he’s dying to overcome it but hasn’t yet.

With the 10 of Swords here, he’s been thinking about this a lot too but still cannot move on from the “what if this turns out to be a disaster?” mentality. Perhaps you both are working together? Or since the Justice card in reversed is in your pile, I feel that he may feel that you’re a risk – he may have something to lose if things turn sour that may affect his standing or reputation of some sort. This also ties back to the 7 of Swords’s other meaning of “loss of honor”.

The thing is, there’s fear and hesitation on both sides here. Both of you are paralyzed by unknown variables that neither wants to make a move. This is actually pretty sad because Love Conquers All and Date with Destiny are two cards that say you guys have so much potential. Whatever fears you both may have are much more intense in your head than in reality as you’d be surprised at how good this connection can get!

The Codependency card here from the Romance Angels Oracle Card is reinforcing the energies above. Codependency here (in singles interpretation) isn’t about using each other as crutches, but both are leaning on the fear of the unknown so much that it causes stagnancy in this connection.

As if the cards need to call you out more clearly – Make The Effort, sis. Since the object of your affection isn’t reading this, the onus is on you to fucking step your pussy up. I mean what are you planning on doing, really? Just be at a standstill of this “will he or won’t he” situation and just not do anything? Clearly he needs more assurance that how he’s feeling towards you is mutual and that all is going to be ok should you both choose to be in love.

Drama conflama, mawma
For those who are already coupled, there’s a lot of tension, conflict and arguments here that may have cause your significant other to pull back their emotions a bit here. The 2 of Swords here is telling that you’re both at an impasse. What next? It feels like both of you are not liking the options you’re weighing in your head.

With Ace of Swords and Ace of Wands both in reversed, baby there’s no other way of saying it but you brought the drama. You brought the arguments and disagreements and chile you got to get real about your part in this.

The Ace of Swords indicates the reluctance to start a new chapter – mawma why are you bringing up stuff he did from like 5 months ago and keeps pushing his buttons? And you wonder why he’s pushing back with nastiness too.

Gurl why you acting brand new, with the Judgement card, you’re the one who keeps hitting below the belt when there’s an argument between the two of you. And you wonder why he turned cold and withholding affection as shown by Queen of Cups? LOL I can’t.

Sis, there are times to stand your ground, but there are times to admit your mistakes. Being stubborn and always expecting the other person to compromise is not a healthy relationship.

To him, the 10 of Swords reversed energy is showing that he’s not over the many disagreements and fights that you both had. It’s really taking a toll on his mental health. He’s feeling powerless and attacked, as shown by the Magician in reversed.

Chile, I won’t be surprised if he plans on cutting his losses and leaving your dumb ass. He’s probably thinking it too, considering 7 of Swords popped up in his card pulls.

Here’s the thing, all is not lost. There’s a strong karmic energy on this love connection as indicated by the Date with Destiny card. I think you both know that there’s something special here, but baby, there’s only so much love can do when one party feels just a little too attacked.

Love Conquers All here brings a message of healing. You need to admit to your part in causing this tension, and he needs to express what bothers him about the relationship (Spoiler: your choice of words in arguments).

You gotta Make the Effort, as the card suggests. There’s no other way. You’re reading this because you do want to make it right, if not you’d have hopped on Tinder to get a new man.

But the Codependency card here is the negative repetitive energy that keeps on plaguing this connection. Take a step back to analyze carefully your part in this, recognize the pattern and break it.


Tarot of the Haunted House: Knight of Pentacles (reversed), 8 of Pentacles (reversed), 8 of Cups (reversed), 10 of Swords (reversed)
The Light Seer Tarot: Temperance, Ace of Swords, Lovers, Chariot (reversed)
Les Vampires Oracle: Love Conquers All
Divine Circus Oracle: Rare Raw Real
Romance Angels Oracle: Unrequited Love, Healing Family Issues

Message: Here’s the thing, some issues can be fixed at the moment, but others just need time because the underlying issues are so complex that even the other person may not be able to see the problem.


If you’re in the early stages of courtship (after he has bought you silk stockings and walk by the river in the moonlight with a female chaperone to maintain your female dignity), I see that you REALLY want him bad, gurl. Like that pussy can’t tingle more than it does now. I get it. But love is a two-way street. With the Lovers card in his pile, you may feel this to be a cosmic connection, drawing you to him. But baby, is he ready?

Just because you love someone with every fibre in your body quaking for his affection, doesn’t mean that he is in the right state of mind to reciprocate that attraction.

His Chariot is in reversed, giving some mixed messages and signals on his part to you. Mawma you think he’s ready. You want to think he’s ready – but he ain’t. He’s got issues. Especially when it’s paired with Temperance. Right now, HE AIN’T BUDGING. PERIODT.

He’s still sorting out some issues in his life right now that he is aware of, Ace of Swords, that will fuck up any sort of connection he may try to have. The Ace of Swords here gives him a spark of awareness that he needs to reach equilibrium in emotional and psychological aspects of his life right now.

I’m not exactly sure what this is about, but the Healing Family Issues card may indicate a problem at home or near his loved ones. Is someone in his family – or his family in general – going through tough times and he’s seen as the rock in the family holding shit together? That can take a toll on someone.

He’s smart. When you’re overwhelmed with issues to sort out, the last thing you need is to introduce new love to the mix. Don’t take it personally, you have dropped hints and even change stuff up to try to signal to him that you’re serious about this, as indicated by 8 of Pentacles. You put in the work, but baby it is not always about you. Why force things when he’s not ready?

With the reversed Knight of Pentacles in your pile, I think the energy he gets from you is that you won’t understand what he’s going through and he doesn’t want to include you in the fold right now. Remember that the Knight of Pentacle is a peacetime knight whose main job is to patrol the kingdom to maintain peace – not a knight of war. Look at how clean his armor is, not sullied by battles and hardship. That is how he sees you. Or at least the vibe that he gets from you.

You have 8 of Cups with 10 of Swords in your pile, both in reversed. That means you’re still not ready to let go yet and wanna pursue this. Despite feeling like it’s hopeless. Well now you have an idea of what kind of energy is in his homefront, that may explain the “worst I can imagine is over” energy of 10 of Swords.

With the Rare Raw Real card and Love Conquers All, I do get a sense that both of you need to open up about this situation. You need to lay your cards on the table and tell him that you get where he’s coming from and that your mama didn’t raise no punk ass bitch. You’re willing to help him heal together in this journey. #YouJumpIJump #BonnieAndClyde #YoureNotAlone

He needs to be open as to why he isn’t taking this flirtation to the next organic stage in this courtship.

If you feel that he needs time, let this one go and let him work things out at his own pace.

Shit hits the fan. Now what?
Ok, the energy here is that there has been an outburst of sorts. With the Chariot in reversed on his pile, it indicates that you’re both now dealing with the aftermath of his actions that leave you both thinking “Can we move on from this?”


See, I’m a little puzzled by the Love Conquers All card in this reading. It just feels like there’s love still, but there’s something that he did that makes you question of it’s all true. And it should be turned directly inwards than outwards.

Again, the Chariot in reversed here brings about the energy of being pulled in various direction, not knowing if he should stay or go.

With the Temperance card here, I get the energy that he’s trying to find a middle ground or a solution that may please you or make up for what he did. Perhaps there was a cheating situation? He has the Lovers card in his pile too. When Temperance appears in a love reading, it’s a caution to tame their emotions or feelings towards a person, but in his pile it is combined with Ace of Swords, new spark, and next to Lovers, a love decision. I get a sense that he’s trying to weigh the options of his attraction to someone new is worth the risk of leaving you behind.

Perhaps you’re aware of this already and that’s what caused you to be upset. Gurl in your pile, the cards ain’t playing, mawma! 10 of Swords in reversed shows that you felt victimized in a situation brought on by him, and also being stabbed in the back with a huge defeat and betrayal. Through his eyes, it could also indicate that he’s afraid that what transpired may cause this to be the last time he will see you.

With 8 of Cups in reversed, you feel “less than”. There’s an energy that you should give it up because there’s just nothing else that you can do given what happened between the two of you. The 8 of Pentacles show that you’ve worked hard trying to make things work.

Now you have 2 cards with the number 8 here, indicating that there’s a self-imposed barrier in the works at your end. Are you consciously blocking yourself from moving on because you felt like this is the best you can get in life? With the 8 cards above, issues of self-worth are popping up here.

Are you clinging on to something that have reached its expiration date? Gurl. I get it, no one wants to be alone. But is it worth clinging on to something that someone else no longer puts value in? How long are you willing to sink to get a sliver of affection from? Maybe that’s why there’s the Knights of Pentacles in reversed. This conflict is not what you’re prepared for or expected and now you’re forced to make a decision instead of living in denial.

Rare Raw Real here is asking you both to stripthe veneer. Fuck pretending all is well. Say it like it is. Let him say how he feels about this relationship and its potential, and you say what you need to say about how he made you feel. Do not mince words or hold things back. With Healing Family Issues here, the truth is painful, but it’s what you need to hear.

Rip the damn bandage of so the wound can heal. Keep pasting band-aids on it again and again will only let the wound fester.

I think the Unrequited Love card here shows that love is imbalanced right now. It ties back to his pile containing Temperance. He’s definitely trying to “make things work” but is that what love should be? If it’s built on a shoddy foundation, why try to make things work?

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