Weekly Pick-a-Card Messages for Mar 23 – Mar 29

Pick a card from Group 1, Group 2, Group 3.


Cards: King of Wands (reversed), 2 of Swords (reversed), High Priestess, Money, Gift, Silencing the Mind, Destroying Angel (reversed)

Underlying energies: Insecurity. Indecision. Hidden knowledge. Networking. Kill your fears. Time to start a new chapter. Change routine.

Message: Don’t let insecurities color your decisions and thought process this week. Trust in yourself enough to be bold and stand your ground. Do not take the easy way out or avoid the spotlight. Seize the minor luck presented to you. Tap on to your network for assistance on issues or knowledge you’re lacking. Look at the map you’ve drawn for your life – be prepared to make several reroutes. Change is coming and you’re more prepared than you think.


Cards: Moon, Judgement, 7 of Pentacles, Fortune, Misfortune, Surrender With Joy, Changing Faces

Underlying energies: Clouded judgement. Karmic challenges. Test of faith. Let go and let God. Be adaptable. Patience will be rewarded.

Message: You won’t be getting a clear picture on a key situation in your life this week – possibly relating to career. Information will not be easily presented before you and will cause uneasiness in the options presented to you. There’s a karmic element to this, a lesson to trust the universe. Luck heavily depends on choices made not by ego, but by trust in the universe. What seems bad will actually turn out pretty good for you. Don’t make hasty decisions or make a choice that seems to yield quick results.


Cards: 10 of Wands (reversed), 7 of Cups (reversed), Hermit (reversed), Frivolity, Letter, Move Forward, Strength Renewed (reversed)

Underlying energies: Forced option. New burden. Turn inwards. Good outweighs bad. New chapter. Never give up.

Message: Change is coming and it may not what you expect. Expect heavy responsibilities in the beginning, but there’s a payoff in the end – use this week to lay the groundwork for ease in the future. Uplifting news that comes with some strings attached. Offers presented to you this week may seem rigged – and it is but focus on the end goal to see if it meets your needs. Avoid distraction this week as work may seem disrupted by trivial things that may cause issues. Do not break protocols for social distancing or shit will hit the fan.

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