Weekly Pick-a-Card Messages for Apr 13 – Apr 19

Pick a card from Group 1, Group 2, Group 3.


Cards: 4 of Swords, 7 of Cups (reversed), Hierophant, 5 of Swords, Apocolypsis, The Dead End, Love

Underlying energies: Day of reckoning. Ending of a chapter. Forced rebirth. Testing of faith. Parting from negativity. Overactive imagination. Abuse of authority. Cunning.

Message: This week will be pulling you from opposite directions, causing confusion in the decision making process. Ending of a mental suffering. Moving away from an established power structure or organization. Disharmony and power plays in work-life. Choices removed from you. Illusion of having options. Information shared may be deceptive. Avoid reacting aggressively at unfair actions towards you. False worries.


Cards: Knight of Swords (reversed), 2 of Swords (reversed), Knight of Pentacles, Temperance, The Sustainer, The Destroyer, Discernment

Underlying energies: Indecision. Reckless and impulsiveness. Out of comfort zone. Self-restraint required. Reaping what you sow. Courtesy required.

Message: Even more so, this week how you react to certain news and actions against you will determine how difficult the coming months will be. Actions taken this week will have rippling effect on personal and work life. Give and take required. Dominate your impulses. Ripped out of your comfort zone. Hope is near, so don’t let hiccups cloud your judgement this week. Think of long-term effects when reacting to people around you as it’ll come back to bite you in the ass. Heavy luck this week to bless or curse you depending on the choices you make in reacting to things happening to you this week.


Cards: King of Swords (reversed), 5 of Swords (reversed), Moon, 10 of Cups (reversed), The Vessel, Agape, Adventure 

Underlying energies: Be cunning. Read between the lines. Bide your time. Success is around the corner. Power is in your hands. Be adaptable. 

Message: Changes may come so expect the unexpected. Always remember to think of the long-term goals even if changes may disrupt current plans. Element of karmic lesson here in choices to be made. Vision maybe cloudy due to lack of information or changing circumstances. Importance of removing emotions when making a decision is required as it’ll push you away from success in personal and work life. Being cold and calculative is required this week.

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