Weekly Pick-a-Card Messages for Apr 20 – Apr 26

This week’s theme is: Coronavirus, but make it fashion.

Pick a card from Group 1, Group 2, Group 3.


Cards: Knight of Swords (reversed), Queen of Wands (reversed), 7 of Pentacles (reversed), Hermit (reversed), Inner Earth, Round and Round (reversed), Do Not Be Frustrated

Underlying energies: Time wasted. Different outcome. Delayed messages. Inner conflict. Sisyphean task

Message: The result you hoped for did not come true. Wasted time planning due to unforeseen circumstances. Unwelcomed message on a situation you’re in causing you to spiral out of control. Wasted effort. Do not let these setbacks cause you to lash out at others, as these hiccups are put in front of you to shift your focus on a different path. Keep your mind open – new possibilities around the corner.


Cards: Lovers (reversed), Justice, Knight of Swords (reversed), Queen of Wands (reversed), big Picture Thinking, Not For You, Time to Play

Underlying energies: Tough choices. Blunt words. Hurt feelings. Eyes on the prize. Karmic protection

Message: Faced with a tough decision on a situation this week, forcing you to make difficult choices that will leave you feeling uneasy. Remember that unpleasantness are necessary to push forward your agenda. You’ll realize that what you thought you wanted really will not turn out great for you in the future. Bite your tongue when your feelings are hurt this week. Remember that this is just another week – there are more positive weeks to look forward to. Defuse tension this week with a charismatic approach to communication – important people are watching.


Cards: 10 of Wands, Page of Swords (reversed), 2 of Swords (reversed), 7 of Swords, We Are Hathors, Chaos and Conflict, Silencing the Mind

Underlying energies: Manipulation. End of burden. Gather information. Keep your emotions in line. Chaos is a ladder

Message: Blessing in disguise in the form of tension and chaos in professional setting. Take advantage of it by rising above the rest to benefit from it – no shame in being calculative. It’s divinely ordained for you to do so. Don’t get caught up in negativity and beat your insecurities and worries into submission. Put on a show and don’t commit to anyone – think very carefully before answering to anyone. Be a politician to escape from making long-term mistakes. Make allies to see through professional dramas.

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