Monthly Pick-a-Card Messages for July 2020

Uggh. Yes, I’m gonna pretend like June didn’t exist, sis. Its been trying. But I’m back with July forecast for you hoes. Slight tweak to the usual format. I won’t be doing weekly anymore as recent developments in work and personal life have kept me busy af. I know. I can’t but like this is life. Uggh.

So I’m merging my weekly into my monthly, dividing them by four decans but I label them as “weeks” so it’s approximately 7 days each.

Anyway, pick Group 1, 2 or 3!


The Light Seer’s Tarot: Empress, Magician (reversed), 7 of Pentacles, 5 of Swords (reversed)

Tarot of Sexual Magic: Knight of Swords, 8 of Pentacles, 10 of Cups, 4 of Swords (reversed)

Romantic Tarot: 8 of Wands (reversed), Queen of Cups, 4 of Pentacles, King of Cups

The Starseed Oracle: We are Hathors, Breath of the Cosmos

The Wild Unknown Archetypes: The Animal, The Gem

How not to fuck up your career: What you waiting, what you waiting, what you waiting for? Listen to Gwen, luvs. 

First up, multiples of 8 and 4 showing up in the pulls, indications that you’re experiencing a period of stagnancy, isolation, and a barrier preventing you from reaping the rewards you’re due (this applies to love too).

There’s also the energy of resting on your laurels and taking it slow – partly due to your own choice of delaying actions because you’re slowly slipping into your comfort zone. So what’s the big deal you say? The Universe would like you to snap the fuck out of it.

Ask yourself this: what is it that you’re waiting for? Are the reasons you’re telling yourself just excuses to justify your laziness? Or are you really incapacitated and are unable to achieve the plans you’ve plotted for yourself but have yet to actually put in the work? Is your work-from-home arrangement just making you too complacent? Is 2020 such a shitshow that you figured you’ll take THE ENTIRE YEAR to just chill and not be as ambitious with your personal goals?

The Empress here suggests there’s something brewing for a while. Like months back that you’ve laid out for yourself on what you’d like to achieve. Perhaps it’s a personal project or a new strategy you’re trying to apply at work to get you the recognition you deserved. But sis, thinking is not the same as doing. 

With the Magician in reversed next to the Empressed, there’s an element of stunted growth. Because the Magician here is in an afflicted position. It knows it has what it takes, but it’s just not taking the initiative to do so. Why? Because your fucking lazy ass is self-sabotaging again. No it’s not? Bitch you’re deluding yourself.

When the Universe has to call you out, gurl. That’s like so embarrassing. Uggh I cant.

If you’re just insecure and overwhelmed by fears of the unknown, then there’s nothing to worry about. Keep plodding forward no matter how little progress things appear to be or how strong your self-sabotage energy is. Just gotta break through that initial stage, sis. 

7 of Pentacles is a time-locked card that says things are supposed to grow in its own pace and a certain period of hard work until satisfactory results are seen. You can’t see it now, but every step you take to materialize whatever it is you’re planning to do, they’re actually taking roots. You’re just not seeing the full picture right now but trust and believe in the Universe. This is especially true since you have the 5 of Swords in reversed, indicating a feeling of being mentally overwhelmed by negativity and self-doubt. Your negativity is winning right now, but as with a lot of things in life – remember that YOU have the power. You’re in control of your mind and body so do not let thoughts control you and tell you your efforts have been futile. Trust and believe, sis. Trust and believe.

The Animal here is a reminder to unleash your true potential. You’re not meant to live life trapped in a cage of your own doing. What kind of life is that? Watching people pass you by and having their dreams fulfilled while you’re just sulking in a corner because you’re too chickenshit to actually pursue your dreams.

Growth is promised AFTER July. July is all about putting the work in, laying the foundation, and letting your dreams take root – We The Hathors picks up on the nourishing energies from the Universe to help you grow. 

How not to fuck up your love life: Here we go again, unresolved issues leaving you single again. You’re REALLY trying the Universe, bitch. It’s almost 300% done with you. Let’s regroup, shall we? 

Knight of Swords and 8 of Pentacles are highlighting how messy things are right now with your approach to love if you’re single.

There’s a sense that you are impulsive and irrational in decisions made in love and THAT is the barrier that 8 of Pentacles is highlighting as a hindrance to getting things done. The card usually means self-discipline and hard work to make something happen and the result you want is heavily dependent on making consistent disciplined choices.

On one end of the spectrum, it could mean you jump easily into a connection and throw caution to the wind and convince yourself this is the best course of action. On the other end of the spectrum, you can be pretty juvenile in choosing a partner – unrelenting in picking someone close to your impossible wishlist of qualities you want vs what is actually good for your soul. 

In both cases, you’ve got to impose self-restraint on your desires. Not everything we wish for is good for us. The same goes for saying “fuck it” and throw yourself in a carousel of dick rides and hoping one of them will sweep you off your feet.

The 10 of Cups here is a wonderful sign if there ever is one, it’s a sign of completion, fulfillment, and happiness in the horizon. But it, unfortunately, appears before 4 of Swords in reversed indicating that you need to cook up a solid mental preparation before proceeding with your newfound insight on accepting love.

July promises a change of luck if you’re willing to admit to your part in bad decisions when it comes to love. A course correction is in sight but it is heavily dependent on you putting aside your ego and actually make necessary changes to your approach to love.

Will there be someone coming into your life in July? Yes, 2. One will lead you to the same pattern of behavior and the other will require you to make a conscious decision to get to know them despite them not being the type you usually go for. The Gem card here indicates that if you make the right choice, you’ll be lucky enough to discover that rough pebble is really a yet-to-be-polished gem!

Let’s not fuck up your life more than it already is, sweetie. I’m getting tired of getting these cards again.

How not to fuck up your relationship: If you need a confirmation from the cosmos, here it is: your relationship is heading in the right direction, sweetie.

Look at the King and Queen of Cups making an appearance in your relationship pile!

“Oh my, but what is this doubt and boredom I’m feeling,” you might say. Well, that’s not really an issue as it is one of the many phases you go through in a relationship

Between the King and Queen of Cups lies the 4 of Pentacles. This means that the foundation you both have built this relationship on is solid and the love is mutual. But with consistency, familiarity sinks in and things feel like it’s too routine.

Then spice things up. Especially in the sex department. With the 8 of Wands in reverse here, there’s also a possibility that one of you is entertaining the idea of looking elsewhere to fulfill the thrill that is missing in this union. Has anything happened yet? No. Should it happen? Fuck no. Why throw a perfectly good connection over cheap thrills?

Go buy some Agent Provocateur lingerie, high heels, Wigs by Vanity, and makeup NOT by the problematic Jeffree Star (for him). Buy a whip and strapon (for you). I dunno. Do something. Sex is meant to be playful. Go have a talk about trying new things. You’ll thank me later.

Weekly breakdown

Lenormand: Birds, Moon, Tower, Letter

Week 1: Long-awaited contracts or important paperwork will be settled. Rumors have elements of truth, so keep receipts!

Week 2: Omaiglob! Recognition at work seen this week. Set this up well so higherups will notice you. BEHAVE! Heart vs mind conflict seen – choose ones that will not put you in a position of isolation/loneliness.

Week 3: Reach out to someone for help regarding work matters. Refrain from isolating yourself as the key is to seek help to attain goals. Take risks and continue the conversation with the object of your attraction.

Week 4: Check your work carefully. Tea will be spilled by a friend – watch your texts and emails.


The Light Seer’s Tarot: 5 of Pentacles (reversed), Justice, 9 of Wands, Chariot

Tarot of Sexual Magic: Knight of Wands, 3 of Pentacles, Queen of Wands (reversed), Justice

Romantic Tarot: Ace of Cups, Queen of Cups, 8 of Wands (reversed), 9 of Wands (reversed)

The Starseed Oracle: Perspective, Portal

The Wild Unknown Archetypes: The Bardo, The Heart

How not to fuck up your career: Major themes of forgiveness and betrayal running through your cards this month (but it’s not the traditional sense of those terms, so continue reading). Have there been incidences of being thrown under the bus or stabbed in the back in a workplace/school setting? Well, you may not want to hear it but July calls for healing and trusting in the process to move to a better state of mind. 

Errm, your name doesn’t happen to be either Tati, James, Jeffree or Shane does it? (LOL Karmageddon aka Dramageddon 3 is better than any shows on Netflix at the moment and I’m riveted! RIVETED I TELL YA!)

The Bardo and The Heart here show that you’re now in a transitionary state of mind of moving away from hurt and to a place where you’re ready to shed the emotional and psychological burdens of betrayal. If you need a sign to know if you’re making the right decision to rise above it, this is it.

Snakes are everywhere, hun. Trust me when I say I’ve had my fair share of being thrown in a pit of vipers. Uggh, they’re the worst, aren’t they?

Now you might be incredulous at the thought of always taking the high road while your tormentors are getting away with murder. But hold on sis, Karma is coming for them and she’s gonna need your help. Uggh, yes go ahead and smile. Shit’s about to hit the fan and whatever course of action you’re taking at the moment is going to put you at an advantage – as long as you also present an outward display of forgiveness and maturity. See? The Universe has your back after all.

Do not attempt to inflict additional damage to them because now you find yourself on the higher ground. Always remember to be fair. Give what you get, nothing more nothing less. Don’t overextend yourself or it will backfire on you. 

You have two cards with the number 9, and that always highlights the “strength of self”. This can manifest itself in self-restraint, courage or knowing that you’ve just come out from a period of isolation and hurt much stronger than before after learning the lessons you needed to learn from past dramas.

Some of you reading this may be an intuitive and recoiled at the things you’re reading. Punishment! Manipulation! Exacting revenge! *Clutches pearl necklace*  “Oh sweet baby Jesus, how could you espouse such a vindictive course of action?!” 

Well, guess what Mimi? I just did. The law of Karma exists for a reason. The Universe doesn’t want you to roll over and allow yourself to be abused and disrespected. PERIODT. You are a precious creation of God. What better way to honor his creation than repelling efforts to desecrate his sacred creation? Uggh it’s the Universe’s way of correcting imbalances so everything will be in harmony again.

5 of Pentacles in reversed when placed before Justice show that for a while now you’ve been placed at a disadvantaged position due to someone’s efforts. Have you felt like you’re viewed by people that matter as “less than” or “inept” due to someone’s machinations? Have you been put in a position where you felt powerless against the surmounting odds against you due to a lack of allies or support? Now, the Universe has decided to exact the correct judgment on you and the people who have caused you harm.

The 9 of Wands here is asking you to take note of the battles before you – and I mean it! Collect your receipts, remove those rose-colored glasses and objectively look at the past situation and write down a solid defense on why you were judged harshly in the past because a higher authority is starting to notice that something is off and would like to get to the bottom of the issue. Remember don’t let the anger get in the way – it’ll only cloud your judgment and paint you in a negative light to the person who can vindicate you. 

You’ve got two cards dealing with symbolism of portals and going through a journey to a better place: The Portal and The Bardo. This usually means the journey you’re undertaking will see a successful outcome. The Chariot here too is such a positive card, lending energy of success in this journey. Think Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill. You’ve been fucked over big time, and now’s your time to slay.

How not to fuck up your love life: Someone’s about to come into your life this month. Yay! But here’s the catch, if you identify with male energy, you’ll find them to be someone you’re instantly attracted to. If you identify with female energy, then you may not think that person is the right fit for you despite them showing strong interest in you.

If you identify with female energy, the Knight of Wands here indicates a man (or someone identifying with male energy) entering your life!

They may come off as a little too demanding at first but things can level in the future when both of you set your expectations clear. I get a feeling that although this person may pique your interest, they may not seem like someone you wanted to invest your time and affection from the get-go.

Do note that the card is upright and not reversed, so more positive qualities of the card are present here. But in this case, it just means there’s a crazy amount of rush you get when seeing them or when you’re around them.

If you identify with a male energy, then this Knight of Wands is you getting all kinds of lovestruck over someone you come across. Now, you may want to catch yourself from being too forward because the energy the other person is presenting is the reversed Queen of Wands. She is definitely interested in what you have to offer, but there’s a potential of you coming across as too intense with no long-term benefits.

Usually, when Knight of Wands in reversed appears to indicate a love interest, it could mean a quick but meaningful connection. So what is it that you want? A purely physical or short-term love affair or a long-term connection? Be sure to relay your intentions as someone’s going to get hurt.

Here’s the thing. The card that stands between the two people cards is 3 of Pentacles, which is the card of discipline and building on something over a period of time. Like I mentioned above, there’s an element of working towards similar goals required by both parties to make this work. Not because they are incompatible with you, but both may need to re-calibrate so you’re both in sync with one another on an emotional level.

The Perspective card here brings about the same message to of finding common grounds before proceeding as indicted by the Portal card.

The Justice card here reinforces the message of the 3 of Pentacles, asking you both to put in some work to express what you both want out of this union. Justice is usually devoid of emotions and is concerned with “truth” of whatever it lends itself to in a reading. The Heart card here is a reminder that sometimes we get carried away with what we think we want that we forgot what actually makes our hearts sing, so it ties back to the Justice’s need to get to the “heart of the issue”. 

In this case, it’s asking you to not jump in head first blindly but also promises you a good resolution after you’ve looked at this person in a new light. Only then will you realize that the person of interest actually ticks all your boxes!

How not to fuck up your relationship: The Portal and Bardo cards here indicate that you’re both are going through a journey to the next phase of this relationship.

Relationships are not about You and Them. It’s about Us. Now when looking at the cards I get two distinctive interpretations: one is that there’s been a betrayal in this relationship and the other is a power imbalance that caused one party to feel like they’re losing their sense of self and emotional attachment to this union.

Now when I do monthly reading – actually for all my readings – I usually focus on the urgent energies/issues that need to be addressed ASAP. If those are highlighted despite it being an issue that has lingered for a while, it simply means this month is the best month to fix what was broken or heal what was wounded.

Let’s start with the messier one: someone done goofed and have either cheated or attempted to cheat (since this is a general reading, the details are not specific enough for me to pin down). 

The 8 and 9 of Wands here are reversed, indicating a feeling of being trapped leading them to find comfort in something that offers them a new sensation. An escape to feel something they haven’t felt in a long time. Now clearly this person hasn’t thought this through as the 8 of Wands is a pretty fast-moving, almost impulsive type of decision that was made for a quick feel-good decision.

The 9 of Wands card here also brings about a feeling of being imprisoned by a lack of personal strength. Perhaps it’s all out in the open now and you’re both reeling from the aftermath of that.

The second interpretation of this reading is about re-calibrating the power exchanges between the two of you. Remember when I say earlier that relationships are about Us? Well someone may have forgotten that along the way.

Why is there a need to be always in the right? That may come as a surprise to you but sis, what the hell do you expect when you’re living with a sentient being? Someone is unknowingly – or knowingly and needs to be called out – behaving like an entitled prick. You’re not the sun that the other person has to gravitate towards. If you feel like this is how relationships should be, you need a reality check. 

There’s always someone fun, younger and hotter than you. You don’t treat love as a sacred union of equals, watch them pack their bags and leave. The media may glorify the idea of finding “someone who loves me more than I love them” as an ideal because they will love you through your unpleasant episodes and forgive your mistakes. That is so toxic, y’all. I cannot believe we’re perpetuating this bullshit. If your daddy or mommy told you that, they’re sick in the head. PERIODT.

You’re not entitled to someone waiting on your every whim, forgiving your every mistake, and tolerating your intolerable qualities. Fuck, even a BDSM relationship requires laying the groundwork on each person’s limits. So what the actual fuck?

The good news is, Ace of Cups is inviting you to approach this love with compassion and understanding. The Queen of Cups here calls for managing your emotions tightly and not letting it get the best of you. 

There’s nothing wrong with being emotional, but it is wrong to unleash your emotional mess and expect others to clean it up for you and then act like it’s normal. Sis, it’s not. If you’re guilty of this – SNAP OUT OF IT!  If you’re on the receiving end of this, it’s time to open up and not let this slide anymore.

July is about recognizing self-worth, both of yours and the other person. The Heart card here is asking you to get to the bottom of it and sort this out because the possibility of healing from this is confirmed. Someone just gotta take the effort. The other person will greatly appreciate this.

Weekly breakdown

Lenormand: Letter, Garden, Tree, Stork

Week 1: Reward for hard work. News of travel will come to fruition.

Week 2: Plans to be made in public must be grounded in reality.

Week 3: Good time for a change of scenery – changing of jobs or starting a new life path

Week 4: News of success to come, indicating the right course of direction.


The Light Seer’s Tarot: 6 of Wands (reversed), 2 of Cups (reversed), Temperance (reversed), 9 of Pentacles (reversed)

Tarot of Sexual Magic: Justice (reversed), Hanged Man, 3 of Cups, Lovers

Romantic Tarot: High Priestess, Death, Page of Cups, 6 of Swords

The Starseed Oracle: The Blue Flame, Water Your Garden

The Wild Unknown Archetypes: The Mystic, The Father

How not to fuck up your career: No matter what you do, never fly solo in July. Fuck that “I’m an independent non-binary person” bullshit. Save that for other months. July is going to come at you hard if you cut yourself from your peers and you’re going to need their help whether you want to or not.

You heard of Pride before a fall? Yes, very THAT.

You’ve got cards after cards warning you against trying to accomplish things by yourself: Temperance in reversed means now is not the time to be independent at work, 2 of Cups means refusal to cooperate and find mutually beneficial relationships and 9 of Pentacles in reversed warning you that you can’t have it all this time.

Because this is a general reading, I don’t have the details on why that is so. Perhaps there’s a shift in your company’s organizational structure and you want to shine by taking on a big project alone so you get all the credit? Perhaps you’re tired of working in teams and sharing all the accolades? Perhaps you’re deciding to quit your job and diving in head-first into a freelance career?

Whatever reasons it may be, the Universe is asking you to put a pause in your solo venture in July. You may not see it now, but things are about to unfold that will thwart your plans. In fact, with the 6 of Wands in reversed, it can be detrimental to your reputation too – you’ll actually achieve the reversed if you’re not careful.

The Blue Flame here brings out the advice of biding your time. July is a time not to make bold move, but to collect your resources, study the landscape carefully, and revisit the notes you’ve been taking to help you navigate the intricacies of office politics. Have you been missing something vital that made you underestimate the situation?

The Mystic is shining the spotlight on hidden agendas and other potential mistakes that may not be apparent to you right now as the gears are turning and allegiances are shifting. Just know there’s more than what meets the eye. 

You’ll thank the Universe for not fucking your job in times where millions are kicked out to the curb with nothing to lean back on to.

How not to fuck up your love life: Are you kinda maybe seeing someone but is hoping for it to be serious? Well, I’m not sure that’s gonna happen, babes.

When The Hanged Man appears in a love reading, it’s always not that good of a sign, I find. That usually means the connection is uncertain, rebound even. This is usually indicative of a complicated relationship that will leave you with more questions than there will be resolutions when issues pop up.

With Justice reversed, there’s a sense that you’ll be getting a result that you’re not expecting and didn’t see coming. Justice is blind – sis she doesn’t care about your troubles, she tells you what is what whether you want to hear it or not. Emotionally fragile? Good luck – #JusticeDontCare. PERIODT.

This is interesting because the Hanged Man is next to 3 of Cups, perhaps indicating some sort of love triangle-type of a situation here. Is the person you’re talking to or trying to get with single? Are you sure they’re single and not still attached or have an unhealthy relationship with their exes? Something is definitely up.

Or maybe it’s you with some unresolved issues with your ex that may pop up again that will ruin this connection. Whatever it is, someone is messy with their connection to a third person.

Now when Lovers appears in a love reading, it’s about taking a big bold step to the next phase of a relationship. It’s a card of choice. Big choice to make to take things to the next level. When it’s reversed, there’s some imbalances in yourself or other issues that are preventing you from taking that next step. You can say that your ability to make that choice is impaired. It usually is a reminder to take a good look at what needs fixing and restoring harmony so things will go smoothly.

This is timely especially when paired with Water Your Garden. Something definitely needs nourishing and taking care of. If you just found out that the person you’re attracted to hasn’t been honest about their past and will cause issues in the future, do you still want that in your life? Inviting chaos and disharmony will only cause more problems for you to fix. 

Remember how Lovers is about making big choices? Well, do you really want to choose to be miserable because of the decision you’re about to make? The Father here is in a position deviating away from its positive meaning (when it’s 90°, the card is in an exalted position, bringing forth positive meanings of the card. When it’s tilting away from its axis, higher degree of its affected qualities are presented), indicating an emotionally present individual or someone who has out best interest at heart. When it’s off it’s axis (kinda like reversed in tarot), it means you’ll eventually be fed to the wolves because of self-serving interest of someone in this union.

How not to fuck up your relationship: When you know better, you do better. So simple right? Well not exactly. It’s easier to be blinded by the promise of stability than actually questioning things when there’s something that feels off. 

Secrets, mysteries, hidden knowledge – those fall under the domain of the High Priestess. It also is a card of suspected infidelity. 

High Priestess is a card of non-action. Basically, when some cards are giving you advice on boldly taking next steps, High Priestess is telling you to stop, pay attention to your intuition before making a big choice. And boy a big choice is what you’ll be making when this bitch makes an appearance – SHE AIN’T PLAYIN, SIS! She’s the calm before the storm and listening to her advice can help you save tons of headaches and heartaches.

OK, then there’s Death in reversed. Here we go. When Death appears upright in a reading it’s hinting at clinging on to a love that isn’t good for you and that requires you to end is about to come whether you want it or not. When it’s in reversed, it highlights a need to face issues upfront and then weigh the decision if “it’s time to move on” because someone is refusing to accept that things are not going to return to its original state and is wasting away by not accepting how things are.

Here the Father card adds another layer to Death. Perhaps someone is slowly withholding their nurturing and affectionate side from you and you’re mourning the loss of what once was. The Mystic brings a message of taking what you know and turning it into something positive for your own personal growth.

Do you feel like you’re being starved of affection? Was there something that happened that made you wonder if the other person has their eyes on someone else? Are they so distant now that your bed is cold? What exactly are you clinging on to?

The Page of Cups brings a message of love on the horizon but sadly it’s not with whoever it is you’re currently with. Perhaps it’s about you and finding a new and better love. Perhaps it’s your partner who has emotionally invested in someone else. Whatever it is, it’s next to the 6 of Swords, which is a card of movement from a bad situation. 

No one can tell you to leave your partner but yourself. Recall the message of the High Priestess asking you to look deep within and trust your intuition. What is the right call for you to deal with this and have a happy and fulfilling life? If you think things are beyond saving, then it’s time to cut your losses and look ahead to a brighter and warmer future with someone new.

Weekly breakdown

Lenormand: Ring, Book, Bear, Child

Week 1: Reconnect with a child. Auspicious time to start/discuss a new venture with a business partner. 

Week 2: Put your plans into action with no delay! Trust in your own abilities. Protecting a secret.

Week 3: Call to merge charismatic and gentle approach to leadership or dealing with people.

Week 4: Making important new connections. A mutually beneficial friendship will start this week.

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