Who’s on the other line?

Dear M,

I’ve been channeling spirits for a while now, and I’m so blessed being able to communicate with those on the other side of the veil. But lately I’m faced with somewhat of a conundrum.

Like, here’s the thing: I’ve always thought spirits have good intentions, but one particular spirit, who calls herself Big Tiddy, is being super weird and stuff. She came to me on a balmy July night in 2018 offering advice and stuff. She looks like Eva Herzigova at her peak (circa 1995 Thierry Mugler runway), but sporting an asymmetrical bob ala Dusty Springfield in her I Only Want To Be With You video and three tits. I’m not into body shaming or anything, so that never bothered me.

But recently she’s been giving – forgive my language – but pretty fucking shitty advice. For instance, she told me to put a hex on my co-worker who’s an A cup because to quote her: “Bitches with small tits exude negative energy in the workplace”. Uggh that’s like so toxic and stuff. Like I can’t. What’s with this sudden shift in attitude? I’m so confused!

Love, ZZ

Dear Tyler Henry,

Sis, this is why I literally can’t deal with spirits and “ghosts”. I’m not sure what is what and I sure as hell will not mess with shit I am unfamiliar with.

I don’t fucking trust myself to commune with any beings that are not in the material plane. I’ve seen people who seems so fucking out there with what they’re conveying from the spirits that I’m convinced that they’re being duped.

Like this chick, who apparently have been talking to angels and suddenly one archangel told her to work with Paimon aka that demon made famous in the movie Hereditary:

Check out the gem at 0:47

Like, mawma. No. I may not commune with beings in the spiritual realm, but Miss Honey… why would angels tell you to work with demons? No, mawma, no. That is wrong on so many levels. Like I literally can’t with this bitch. I don’t know who she’s been talking to, but that’s no angel, gurl.

This is actually why I don’t engage with mediums or try to connect with spiritual entities. Because they can always say they’re one thing, but how can you be sure? Besides, demons are deceitful and nasty – they can even manifest themselves as benevolent entities and as your loved ones:

That’s why  I just will not allow that type of energy in my sacred space. Most demon worshippers don’t even know they’re being conned by demons. Follow these tips to guard against their sinister attacks.

Also, buy a career reading from me here, so I’ll help you find a suitable career that doesn’t involve hexing colleagues with small tits.

Love & Light

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