Monthly Pick-a-Card Messages for November 2020

One more month until 2021. As if the first half of 2021 is going to be any better. But one can dream.

You know the drill, pick Group 1, 2, 3 or 4!


Tarot Del Toro: The Sun (reversed), 4 of Cups (reversed), Knight of Blades, The Devil (reversed)

Wisdom of the Oracle: Chaos and Conflict, Go The Distance (reversed), There and Now (reversed), Breathe

Urban Tarot: Ace of Disks (reversed), Victory, Wheel of Fortune, Death (reversed)

Sufi Wisdom Oracle: Beyond the Ego, Move Forward, Transformation, Time to Play (reversed)

Under the Roses Lenormand: Rider, Ship, Child, Snake

The Hot Tea: Playtime is over in November, sister gurl. So listen up. You’re about to enter a new phase in your life and whatever is coming is already on its way, and there’s not a damn thing that you can do about it. 

Games, changes, and fears – when will they go from here? When will they stop? Calm down, Macy Gray, it’s not like you’ve never experienced big changes in life before. You used to uncontrollably shit in a diaper and now you’re shitting in a bowl and wiping your own ass. See? Things may seem difficult at first but look at how easy things become now.

There will be a period of uncertainty because suddenly you feel like the Universe had just pulled the rug from under your feet. Besides, whatever happens, know that it’s happening to shift you from where you are now to a better place. 

Ok, now I’m being dramatic. For some, it’s not that traumatic. It could be the Universe will be sending your signs to finally make that change in various aspects of your life that you’ve been delaying. Do it. Don’t wait.

You can’t see it now but you’re being forced to go through lessons for a little upgrade coming your way in the near future. So put down your victim card and how about showing the Universe a little gratitude?

All About Werq: Here’s the thing. The job you currently have, does it make you feel safe? Stable? Not exactly making you feel that BOOM BOOM POW that you’d like but at least leaves you feeling quite satisfied knowing that there’s some payoff at the end?

Sweetie, a career shouldn’t be like your nightly 20-mins vibrator session for a quick cum before bed. A career should feel empowering and gives you a sense of direction in life knowing that you’re waking up every day giving your best and loving every minute of it.

There will be an opportunity for you to end this misery this month. Some of you will finally have the courage to make the change happen! Others may need to readjust their mindset a little and refocus on what the fuck you’re doing with your life.

November is all about making the most of what the Universe is giving you. Look deeper, think long-term. Is this the best time to devote a little more of my spare time to my side project? Should I quickly jump from one hamster wheel to another working for The Man™ because I like being safe and doing the same damn thing again and again until I croak? Should I continue to add more stuff to my vision board and do nothing to make it happen for the past 3 years?

Don’t let the fear of change and bad habits clip your wings and prevent you from soaring to greater heights. No matter how lucky or unlucky you think you are this month, it’s actually a gift from the Universe for you to press that reset button that your life sorely needs. Change in times like this may seem scary, but the Universe has your back. 

Be brave. But like, not stupid. Don’t go dumping all your life savings into an MLM venture and hope for the best. Use your judgment to make careful steps towards your new career goals, but just start making the necessary changes soon.

Love & Lust: There’s a reason why finance is ranked number one (or at least top three in a lot of places) for the cause of divorces. Money is tight, people are frustrated, emotions run high and you take it out on the ones closest to you. Times are tough and the relationship that once gives you strength and stability is now giving you anxiety and restless nights.

If you’re feeling the economic pinch affecting your love life, maybe this might help? I’m no relationship expert so find ways to not allow frustrations to creep into the relationship in November. Breathe. Talk to someone. Just don’t take it out on the person you love. This is only temporary as the Wheel of Fortune has some tricks up its sleeve to alleviate your situation. Just hang in there and make things work. You’ll realize down the road that this little bump on the road will actually draw you guys closer than ever before.

So here’s the thing singles. There’s someone new coming into your life this month. But this is someone you may have known or not give any thought to before. Something feels lacking. Is it because they’re just not going to cut it, or you’re just not in the right place in your life right now to welcome someone like them into your life.

They’re definitely coming strong into your life this month for some particular reason that the Universe has deemed important. Keep the connection even if you’re not keen on taking it to a romantic space. Don’t string them along and be a fucking douche, but be transparent about what you want or don’t want and let them know the timing isn’t right, because they’re going to be important at one point in your life in the near future.

Also for singles, the cards see that you’re ready to work on your external self. Changing your looks? I mean we’ve been avoiding many social contacts as much as possible. Gurl this is your moment to make a grand debut with a whole new look. Personal victory is seen in this aspect because you realized that how you look hasn’t work in attracting a different set of people you’d like.

I’ve seen friends whose idea of a workout is a trip to the mall and back, but they’ve always been into roided out dudes who treat the gym as a house of worship. And guess what, mawma? After they had a change of scenery and physique, they’re with the type of guys they’re totally into and their whole lifestyle changed too. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to attract a specific physical type. It doesn’t make you shallow or less of a spiritual being. The heart wants what it wants. But it is wrong to demand a specific type when you’re not their type. So? Get to werq, henny. November is a star month for making changes and attracting love.


The Magical Nordic Tarot: 5 of Wands, 2 of Pentacles, 2 of Swords, Ace of Swords

Wild Unknown Archetypes: The Lover, the Medallion, Temple, The Offering

Zombie Tarot: 10 of Swords (reversed), Ace of Cups (reversed), 10 of Hazards (reversed), King of Wands

The Numinous Astro Deck: Pluto, Sagittarius, 3rd House, Pisces

Under the Roses Lenormand: Anchor, Rider, Crossroads, Sun

The Hot Tea: Spirituality and your senses are heightened this November! This month is all about releasing old ideas and hidden desires you’ve harbored for a long time. Strip yourself bare, gurl and show the world your goods because you’ll have some powerful energies assisting you along the way. But before you go for some perineum sunning, use a little bit of discretion, gurl. There are many ways to reach a higher vibration this November than exposing your taint to skin cancer.

Things are aligned for you to explore the spiritual and mystical side of life. Start taking up tarot? Or enroll in classes on fine-tuning one of the “claires” you feel you’re born with? Or even getting serious about your dedication to a more grounded form of spirituality via yoga and meditation. Whatever form of spiritual expansion you choose, November is giving you the key to success in these endeavors, especially in the monetary aspect of these spiritual expressions.

Beyond the woo woo talk, listen to your intuition this month as there will be instances where you need to look beyond what is presented to you. Clarity is key in any decision-making process this month so don’t go in blind especially for any form of commitment in work and personal life. 

Also, creativity is at an all-time high so make the most of this if you’re in the creative or arts field. Go draw your fat cat like one of those French girls. Go materialize your fantasy of becoming a poet if you like. But whatever it is, make the first step and release your fears. 

Coincidentally, communication and social media is highlighted in your reading. How perfect for you then to show the world what you have to offer.

Gurl if you’re afraid of being judged by others for your gifts then no one will know the greatness you can share with the world. Take it from me, I give no fucks about what other tarot readers think of my style. If bitches ain’t paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind.

Transformation is a big theme for you in November, it’s time to open a new chapter in your life. Don’t be shy. Seriously, November literally sent you an exclusive invitation to an all-out orgy and you don’t want to be a fucking timid wallflower sis or you’ll leave the month with blue balls and watch as opportunities pass you by.

All About Werq: Like Elsa, this month, gurl you GOT to let it go. Strife, disagreement, hostility and general nastiness will make appearances throughout the month. 

Pick your battles this month and keep your eyes on the prize. Seriously, that bitch is not worth the bad reputation or a taint on your record in the eyes of higher-ups. There’s no need for you to play the martyr – that is not what I’m saying. But learn to remove your emotions out of confrontations and hostilities you encounter. 

Pause. And look at what the other person is doing. What better way to make her look like an incompetent and unprofessional hoe than handling the situation in a cool and level-headed manner? See? Now she done look like a fool. A FOOL, I tell ya! Gurl be strategic. You don’t see Margaery Tyrell throwing a tantrum or go in a shouting match everytime Cersei digs her little dagger in her. 

Play your cards right and you’ll realize that people talk – and you’ll have people singing your praises at how you handle difficult people. Sometimes, we gotta lose some battles to win the war. Take a page from Sun Tzu, sis: “To win 100 battles is not the height of skill, to subdue the enemy without fighting is.”

Love & Lust: I’m going to use that Elsa line again because I’m bereft of ideas and references right now: LET IT GO!

Say goodbye to toxicity. Say goodbye to feeling unloved. Say goodbye to imbalances in relationship dynamics. Child, November is when you reclaim your crown and stand tall like a motherfucking KING. Periodt.

Closing of chapters in relationship iseen for those in an unhealthy relationship. We’re dealing with Miss Rona already, sis. Nobody got time to be around a toxic person anymore. It’s too damn much.

For some of you, you’ve realized this for a while now and you’re just holding on to something because it’s convenient. They’re there. You know them. You feel like you can’t do better. But why? This can extend to relationships with family members too.

November is about personal empowerment. Like Selena, “I needed to lose you to love me” should be your theme when it comes to love. A love that drains you of your essence is no longer love, but a burden. Once you find your inner strength, The King of Wands promises success in love once more. This time it’ll be someone who treasures you.

Gurl, take a hint from Miss Coco Peru. Release your inner Barbra and say: GOTTA MOVE!!

Singles, you’ve gone through hell and back when it comes to dating and love. But you know what, the worst has come and gone. Have you been on a string of bad connections? Or haven’t been in a relationship like, forever? Well, things are about to change but don’t be weird about it.

Your love interest is attracted to this independence and self-assuredness that you subconsciously displayed. The same energy that may turn off other suitors is actually an aphrodisiac for this new love interest. Just don’t get too excited that you lose yourself along the way because you can’t deal with the idea of letting this one out of your grasp. Like chill, psycho. omg.


Tarot Del Toro: Queen of Goblets (reversed), Empress, Devil (reversed), King of Wands

Wisdom of the Oracle: Time for a Nap (reversed), Flexible (reversed), Go the Distance (reversed), There and Now (reversed)

Urban Tarot: Princess of Swords (reversed), Mage, 8 of Cups, 8 of Pentacles

Sufi Wisdom Oracle: Finding the Path, Simple Pleasures, Work of Art, Time to Play

Under the Roses Lenormand: Key, Journal, Owls, Fox

The Hot Tea: There’s nothing wrong with being serious. But there is such thing as being too serious. Like, chill sis. You’ve been acting so uptight an anally retentive that when you enter a room, the furniture may get sucked up your cavity.

Like, we get it. These are troubled times and gurl it’s got you seeing red, red, RED, sis. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t stop and smell the roses. When things get intense – don’t blame you, this election is like super intense – we tend to forget to appreciate life’s follies and get frustrated when things don’t go as planned. But what’s being mad all the time going to do for you? Lol.

November is about pausing. Just breathe and learn to accept things as they are. Stop trying to fix things that are no longer working for you and re-direct that energy to build on things and connections that are much healthier for your mental and emotional well-being.

Learn to manage expectations as well this month as your patience will be tested. Lawd, will your patience be tested this month, child. You can’t blow up at everyone just because they don’t see things your way. Control what you can, and what you can’t leave it be.

All About Werq: Sometimes we gotta make nice. Like excuse yourself to the restroom every 5 minutes to roll your eyes in private if you have to, but make nice with people you just don’t get along with because their support and assistance is crucial in you getting what you want at work. 

Miss Honey, you’re not being paid to have a kiki with your bestie lol. This is work, and you gotta check your emotions at the door sometimes and learn to be diplomatic if you want to get a huge juicy project to take off smoothly. The Empress here is telling you that just as she’s carrying a child and suffering from all the discomfort that comes with being pregnant, she is presents herself in such a poised and elegant charm that you may think this bitch is having the world’s easiest pregnancy ever.

Avoid – I repeat – avoid giving in to temptations at work. Do not take shortcuts or any “non- approved” ways to get things done quick as you do not want to deal with the repercussions that comes with it. 

The Devil card here is always lurking, waiting to sabotage your efforts and always assert control over your emotions and vices. Don’t be lazy, make a show of your effort if you have to. Gurl, there’s no shame in a little theatrics at work, but that’s not a license to put on a show when you’ve done nothing. But make sure the effort you put in is seen by those who matter. It’s going to be very important at a later date.

There’s a chance for progression in your career but it’ll be quite a challenge because you’ve got some serious competition. 

Love & Lust: Sis, if you’re not putting yourself out there, how are people to know you’re available for the taking? Dreaming and hoping and wishing won’t make it come true if there’s no effort on your part.

Have you been feeling lazy or insecure about yourself? Work on that. November asks you to stop manifesting and doing nothing to followup on that. Are you on dating apps? Do you even step out of the house? Gurl, no amount of love spells and root work will ever get you anywhere if you keep yourself locked up in your house. You got this, gurl. Stop making excuses and whining. Step out of your daydream and into real life, sis. You owe yourself that. Periodt.

Those who are coupled need to slow the fuck down and start showing appreciation to the ones they’re with. Sometimes we get a little caught up with trying to appear productive and a valuable member of a team at work that we prioritize our significant other lower because we know they’re going to be there and that we didn’t do anything to wrong them. 

No one is blaming you for working hard, given the economic climate that we’re in right now. But just showing appreciation doesn’t hurt. A nice little romantic gesture can go a long way to show how much you care for them. If you’re on the other side of this and it doesn’t bother you, then good. But if it’s eating you up on the inside, do something. Don’t just say you feel neglected, suggest a little way you can carve time for both of you for some nice relaxation. Or order something sexy from Adam & Eve and surprise them with a good dirty fucking. That always works.


The Magical Nordic Tarot: Tower (reversed), Judgment (reversed), 2 of Pentacles, 9 of Swords

Wild Unknown Archetypes: Poet, Mother, Unseen, Comic

Zombie Tarot: King of Wands, Death (reversed), Queen of Wands (reversed), Strength

The Numinous Astro Deck: Leo, 6th House, Square, 4th House

Under the Roses Lenormand: Snake, Child, Moon, Rider

The Hot Tea: Ok Miss Thunberg. Or Mother Theresa, whatever. November is calling for your voice and strength to call out bullshit for what it is and lend a help to those not brave enough to step up against oppressors.

Now, no one is asking you to take on big environmental or social issues, but look at things on a smaller scale. The community you’ve built around you. Are there things that needs changing but isn’t going the right direction to their benefit? November, expect to be busy with people looking to you for assistance. 

They can’t help it, they have trust in your ability to do what’s right and you just exude a certain courage to speak up for those who are too meek for their own good. If you think that you have no time for this nonsense because your plate is full – think again. This is a setup for something that may come back to benefit you in the near future. 

We all need to network to succeed right? Not just in a career, but in our social life too. And one day when you need help, these people you helped will remember how you made them feel when you came to their rescue. Just sayin. Like, hint-hint….Just sayin.

All About Werq: An iconique poetess of the 21st century, Mariah Carey, once said “Baby letting go, it aint easy!” She was right. And she knows a thing or two about letting go of people, ideas and styles that  no longer serve their purpose. Life is all about embracing change. We sometimes cling on to things far longer than we need to because of emotional attachments that we put on them. Even to our own detriment.

Your ambition is highlighted strongly in this reading. Ambition is a very curious thing isn’t it? It makes you unlearn how you see the world and make you adapt to shifting political alliances and power plays in the corporate world. Baby, when you’re running with the wolves, it’s really not a smart idea to act like a lamb. 

Are you fearful of making any political moves in case you side with the wrong regime? Gurl, in a perfect world, you’ll be rewarded and recognized for the work you put in. But in real life, things are more complicated than that. We all know people who climb up the ladder aren’t always the best. Be smart. Don’t let your talent go to waste because you choose to hide in the shadows and living in fear. If you think small, you’ll always remain small. Periodt.

Trust and believe that the Universe isn’t asking you to harm anyone’s career, but be strategic. Your talents deserve recognition and sometimes you need a politician touch to make your presence known. Are you working on high-profile projects that get you noticed by higher-ups? Do decision makers know of you and what you’ve accomplished? Are you the person people go to when they need help? Are you known for rolling up your sleeves and doing what needs to be done even if that’s not in your job scope?

Don’t cling on to silly little ideas like being “non-controversial” and “I’m not being paid enough for this”. Learn to lt go of useless ideals and beliefs that are preventing you from reaping the rewards that the Universe has in store for you. 

You don’t need to be mean. A kindly lunch invitation, an offer of help to a well-connected co-worker, and a well-placed smile can earn you a throng of powerful allies who will someday help you get what you want. See? And your hands will remain clean too.

Love & Lust: You’rre always right. Don’t ever concede. Let them come crawling back and apologize even if you’re in the wrong. Acting all level-headed and controlling your ego is like too much, sis. No one can do that. You’ll live happily ever after this way.


“If I lose my temper, you lose your head!” may suit the Queen of Hearts, but on you – not a cute look, sis. No one wants to be in love with someone who’s stubborn, vindictive and a straight up cunt. 

If you magically have an ounce of self-awareness and realize that this is you, well time to overpower your ego and keep that shit in control because that is toxic. Like omg. The fact that you’re actually attached shows that miracles do happen.

If you’re on the receiving end of this – then ask yourself if this is what you want to live with? There’s an unhealthy power dynamics in this relationship that needs addressing. Will it even change? There’s definitely an energy of someone clinging on tightly to a union that isn’t doing them any favor. It’s not my place to tell you to leave them. It’s your life. Go talk to your friends and a professional.

Singles need to stop living in the past. Who is this big-dicked lothario that you’ve been pining for for a long time? Gurl, what the hell is wrong with you? They don’t acknowledge your existence anymore. Stop reading too much into things that are not there. It’s over. Move the fuck on so you can have a healthy relationship with someone who actually loves you back.

There’s a sense of refusing to let go of “what if” scenarios in your head. Really? How many psychics, tarot readers and witches-for-hire did you go to just so they can tell you he will return to you one day?

My point is – sometimes the way our love interest feels about us may not be the same as how we feel for them. This is life. Why are you giving so much space in your head for someone who clearly left your ass and have nothing to do with you. 

Stop pretending that he still cares about you or is secretly wondering how you’re doing. Stop making excuses. Be a better person, and have some self-respect. Then once you get your shit together, will there be someone who will vibe with your energy.

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