Spirited Discussions

Dear M,

I totally have issues with your perspective on spirits in this trash post. It’s like so reductive. I’ve met many readers who speak to spirit guides and other light beings for guidance in their readings. They’re not evil and stuff. What’s the deal, bitch?

Love, U

Dear Me pretending to be someone else as a way to backpedal on my previous post,

Uggh. Fine.

I’ve had a mini-chat session with a dear friend and fellow tarot reader, Chanteuse Tarot, and she kinda changed my mind on how I perceive working with spirits and spirit guides.

We all pray to a higher power or God or whatever you choose to call it. We all know there are light beings carrying out God’s order to set the universe in motion, so maybe it’s not as bad if a reader is asking for assistance from them to gain better insight in their readings.

I’ve yet to work with any spirit guides as most of my readings are based on my intuition as a claircognizant, clairvoyant and a clairsentient. Maybe I just need to chill the fuck out and just be open to receiving help whenever possible.

And you know what – I’m going to tap on to spirit guides for better insights in my readings.

Uggh. This isn’t backpedaling, sis. Spirituality is a journey. This is growth. This is humility.

P.S – Check out Chanteuse Tarot’s YouTube channel and Instagram. She’s amazing. She’s a friend. She’s pretty. She’s got a nice ass. She’s everything, henny.

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