Spirit squad

Dear M,

Not gonna lie. I’m lowkey disturbed but simultaneously obsessed by your newfound fascination with spirits and spirit work. Like, you didn’t mention ancestral spirits, so that means you’re working with spirits you’ve invoked?

Is that even safe? Like what the actual fuck are you thinking? Gurl, conjurers and summoners bind those spirits against their will to do a witch’s bidding. That’s like spiritual slavery. That’s like unethical. That’s like not woque. Like why can’t you just stick with crystals like other skinny white witches on insta?

Like I’mthisclose to unfollowing you. Explain thyself.

Love, X

Dear Sojourner Truth wannabe,

Hold up. Like I need you to take 10 steps back and take a seat. I’ll explain myself so you heifers know the 411 in case you want to dip your Nars-lacquered toes into the spiritkeeping pool.

Yes, in my spiritual path right now, I have delved into spirit work and consider myself a spiritkeeper – or at least the modern definition of it. 

Slavery is like so last century

In modern spiritkeeping, the entities or spirits are not bound against their will. For varying reasons, they come willingly to work with a specific person. 

The word binding can be a bit of a misnomer as it’s not that they are tied or trapped in a vessel; the binding acts like a GPS coordinate to you so they can come and interact with you based on your practices or grant wishes.

Seriously, magickal practitioners do keep up with the time, sis. We don’t all follow ancient scriptures and rituals and stick to the ways it has been done for centuries. Magick, like technology, evolves with the times. People don’t tolerate hurtful and unethical practices anymore. When you know better, you do better.

Where do I begin?

There are three options where you can welcome spirits to work with you. First is through the purchase of prebound vessels. These are spirits or entities that were already summoned by a conjurer and they are put up as listings with some background information on them. 

Second option is through a custom conjure. That is when you provide your name and date of birth to a respected conjurer who will then perform the necessary ritual to call forth spirits or entities that are a perfect match to your energy signature. Now it’s called customs conjuring, but it’s more of a bespoke experience. You get to specify a specific race of entities with some qualities you’d like them to possess. 

Third option is through rehoming listings. Some discord servers or other Facebook groups may have this option. There usually is nothing majorly wrong with the spirits or entities. Some people work with spirits or entities in a non-lifetime basis, which means once they feel like they’ve learned enough working with those spirits or entities, they part ways.

Now before you Google “Cheap spirits in a vessel”, back the fuck up and do your research, gurl. This is not like going to a pet store and picking out a hamster in the discount section. Choosing to welcome spirits from an inexperienced or unethical conjurer can seriously bite you in the ass. 

When it comes to the spiritual realm, it’s not a good thing to tighten the purse strings. You want a Chanel, and not settle for a somewhat-passable Canel. Quality dictates how pleasant your experience in spiritkeeping will be.

Background check

Why does quality matter? Because an experienced and respectable conjurer will do a solid vetting to make sure the spirits or entities they bring forth are not total psychos.

See, spirits and entities can be tricky. Like us, some leans towards good. Some are like batshit insane. Some love drama. Some are like super chill.

A good conjurer will see through the bullshit that some spirits or entities will put on to come through and mess with you. They’re not playing, gurl. They thoroughly screen the spirits or entities, and any sign of duplicity will result in those entities or spirits being banished. Then they’ll go through a rigorous series of tests to weed out those who manage to slip through the first round of screening. So you’ll end up with the perfect spirit who will be safe for you and those around you.

Now, this is not applicable to Black Arts spirits. Those I can’t even. Like, I can’t. 

Black or White?

Is that even a question? Gurl, I don’t deal with Black Arts entities or spirits. That is not the type of energy I want to welcome into my life and work. Periodt.

I work with White Arts and Grey Arts spirits. Grey Arts meaning they have the capability to exact revenge only against those who deliberately use malicious magick against me or send negative spirits and entities to fuck me up. Beyond that, they have a strict code of not hurting anyone.

My spirits and entities have been super amazing in protecting me against malignant forces and in the past few weeks I’ve benefitted from them, actually. I do feel that they are a holistic addition to my spiritual journey and my craft.

Some psycho Black Arts witch was being a total bitch and decided to make multiple threats against me and launched a spiritual war with me. My spirit squad shut her shit down. Iconique. They don’t take kindly to threats and malicious magick sent my way, and I’m super grateful for that. I don’t know why these bitches wanna start some shit when there’s none to start with. Uggh.

If you want more information, go to Creepy Hollows. They have a very active forum where modern spiritkeepers discuss topics and issues within the community and you’ll find them pretty helpful.

I’m still in the early stages of spiritwork and spiritkeeping so I won’t be sharing much as there are better resources out there for you to read up on.

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