Monthly Pick-a-Card Messages for February 2021

February is here. That means sad, desperate singles will lower themselves enough that they put out on the first date a week before Feb 14 to snag someone just so they can update their socials with couple photos.

You know the drill, pick Group 1, 2, 3 or 4!

Group 1

Zombie Tarot: Knight of Hazards, 2 of Hazards, 3 of Hazards, 7 of Cups, Queen of Swords (reversed), Knight of Wands, Page of Wands (reversed), Knight of Cups

Vintage Wisdom Oracle: Gratitude, Strength

The Oracle Book: You alone cannot control the outcome

Underlying Energies: Hazy goals. Lacking initiative. Time for a solid plan. Indecision. Focus needed. Out of sync. Diplomacy needed. Put in the time.

The Hot Tea: So what’s next? That’s a loaded question. It’s easier said than done. Sometimes we’re at a crossroads where we’re deciding if taking one path is better than the other, but honestly, for you, all roads lead to the same conclusion but it’ll lead to better options down the road. It’s about managing expectations right now, sis. February brings you to uncharted territories but it’s not an excuse to just be paralyzed by indecisions.

You have lofty ideas on how things are supposed to turn out but the truth is, right now you’re kind of plagued with doubts. Partly because you’re not able to see clearly where your goals are and it’s causing you to just cruise by hoping that the Universe will course-correct itself in your favor. That is not a good choice. Some months things just go your way, and other months….just suck it up and go through the motions because inaction will cause more issues in the future.

Sure, you’re not going to receive some kind of windfall at this point in time but February is about whipping your motherfucking mind in shape and commit to a direction. Are you uncertain about your professional direction? Are you questioning if the emotional investment you placed on someone is worth it in the end? Do you feel like you’ve exhausted all options at the moment and your little venture is not going as smoothly as planned?

Stop, list down your top options for the next move – and pick one that choice that seem to have the best outcome and just do it. The more time you wait, the more time you waste. Get the ball rolling, because no one else is going to do it for you.

All About Werq: Something happened – starting from last January – to make you feel like you’re unprepared for a situation that’s popped up in your professional life, causing you to feel like you’re barely trying to keep up. Chill the fuck out. Shit happens. 

We all have good months and bad months. February isn’t necessarily a bad month for you, but this month is a bit is just one of those months that make you question your priorities and force you to relook at what you feel is lacking or not solid and find quick solutions to address issues relating to your professional life.

It’s time to sync with your best Judys – or even the bitches you don’t really like, but you know they can help you get you out of this rut you’re in. Partnership and expanding your perspective is key this month as what’s keeping you stuck is the inability to work with people or ideas that are not always in sync with what you have in mind.

Does it make you feel uncomfortable at the thought of begrudgingly taking a different approach to your professional goals or work with people or ideas you dislike? Well, guess what Mimi? Life is throwing you a curveball.

For some, it means looking at taking gigs that you’re just not feeling it but it may help you get noticed or expand your portfolio for something even better to pop up. Maybe it’s about playing along with changes brought by management that you just don’t agree with? For others, it’s about looking beyond working with clients in the sector you’re used to because it’s out of your comfort zone. EXPAND YOUR MOTHERFUCKING HORIZON AND DON’T LOOK FOR THE EASY WAY OUT.

The point is, get used to uneasiness. You’d be surprised at what’s in store for you in the coming months as a result.

Love & Lust: Are you seeing what you’re seeing or what you want to see? Something is a little off with what’s going on in your love life that just isn’t right. Do you keep telling yourself “oh it’s not a big deal, definitely not a deal-breaker”? But like is it the actual truth or that’s what you want it to be because you just don’t want to let go?

Here’s the thing, if you’re reading this and you already have that question in your mind, maybe there’s a reason the doubts keep creeping in. Maybe you just don’t want to face reality. But there’s an issue with things not going as smoothly naturally and you find yourself filling in the potholes as you both go on this love journey. Will that be something you want to subject yourself to for the rest of your life? It’s not my place to decide for you – if things have been bothering you about your love interest, it’s time to get a second opinion. Just saying.

For others, there’s a mismatch in priorities right now when it comes to how both of you view the relationship. One of you is definitely not putting enough passion or effort to grow this union beyond what it is now. Both of you are definitely out of sync in this relationship. If that is not a deal-breaker and you are not looking to dive in into something serious, then enjoy the ride. But know that imbalance of power in a relationship never turn out good for anyone. 

Group 2

The Magical Nordic Tarot: 8 of Swords, 7 of Swords, 8 of Cups, Fool, Page of Cups, 2 of Cups, King of Cups, 2 of Swords (reversed)

The Numinous Astro Deck: North Node, 2nd House

The Oracle Book: You’re too unsure of yourself to proceed

Underlying Energies: Self-undoing. Machiavellian. Escapism. Rebirth. Confidence. Take control. 

The Hot Tea: Stop being a doormat. Stop. Just stop. Letting yourself be overwhelmed and walking away as a mechanism to avoid drama is probably what your detractors are expecting from you.

Tell me yo mama didn’t raise no punk ass bitch. TELL ME GODDAMMIT! If you act like a spineless cunt, you will always be treated like a spineless cunt. Sometimes we have to understand that when we allow people to rob us of our blessings, it’s a sign of disrespect to the Great Creator. God/Universal Source/Grand Architect – whatever the fuck you choose to label the higher power – thinks you’re deserving of whatever blessings coming your way, so why are you spitting at his/her/xem’s face by allowing others to take what was given to you?

You have to be smart about this. If blowing up in people’s faces is just not your style, play it smart. There are more ways than one to reclaim your power and put a bitch in her place. Take it from me. As someone who survived years in the fashion magazine industry, there are plenty of strings you can pull to let a bitch know not to cross you. You just gotta be creative.

This doesn’t make you an evil person. This just makes you the hands of karma dispensing justice to those who deserve it. Walking away from drama may work for you in the past but February is when the Universe is telling you that you’ve peaked in that area and it’s time for you to grow into the next phase in your life. And knowing how to stand up for yourself is the next life lesson you need to learn to prepare yourself for what’s coming in the future.

All About Werq: This whole martyr thing is getting old, gurl. It’s like Demi Lovato repeatedly talking about her drug issues and overdosing for like the 50th time. Seriously. It is respectable up to a point. When you continually allow yourself to be taken advantage of, all you’re doing is telling the world how low you think of yourself.

In the professional realm, tension is running high and people who know you’re a pushover are banking on it right now causing you stress and bitterness. Why take more than you should endure? You’re not a prisoner of your circumstance, you are your own jailor. I’m sure you’re aware of this, so why remain the same and expect things to magically change? Gurl. Make it make sense.

If you’ve always been a delicate little flower, you may feel like you’re no match for the bigger, bolder, louder adversary. Well bitch, do I need to spell it for you? Weaponize your reputation, duh.

People see you as honest, truthful, drama-free, and forgiving right? Well, you have allies right? Specifically, allies who know how to run their mouths to the right ears who can make a difference right? So what are you waiting for? A strategically worded confession may elicit sympathy and provide gossip fodder in the office. If you can’t slay a monster terrorizing you, slow drip drip drip of poison into their system may just do the trick. And your hands will remain clean.

Just ask Olenna Tyrell.

Love & Lust: Love can make us do silly things sometimes, like the avoidance of addressing some issues to prevent things from blowing up out of proportion and ruin a good thing. Well, is that really a good foundation of a healthy relationship? By turning the other cheeks and pretend issues that are affecting you don’t exist? Ok, werq Suzanne Thompson. Yes, that’s like a 2007 political reference, sis. Her husband is Larry Craig – google it.

If there’s a nagging feeling that you need to let yourself be heard over an issue you’ve been tolerating in this relationship, now is the time to bring it up. It may be something trivial. It may be something that you really want to say out loud but was afraid to because you’ve pretended long enough that everything is fine. Just say it.

Sometimes things aren’t as difficult as we think it is. Find a clever way to broach the subject. So titty-fucking is just not your thing. You’ve always been an anal type of girl. Tell him! You’d be surprised at how it’s not really that big of a deal. Take stock of what you both have together and you really think they’re just going to throw it all away over you opening up about something that bothers you? See? His reaction isn’t really that horrible as you’d imagine, right?

Group 3

Bruegel Tarot: King of Swords, 2 of Wands, Moon, Justice, Sun (reversed), 4 of Swords, High Priestess, Ace of Swords

Raven’s Wand Oracle: Time’s Arrow, Spread Your Wings

The Oracle Book: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

Underlying Energies: Watch before you leap. Verify the facts. Hidden motives. Tread carefully.

The Hot Tea: I don’t have a good feeling about your cards, to be honest. There’s so much energy of hidden agenda, miscommunication, false flags, misdirection and ultimately paying the price for making the wrong moves.

This doesn’t mean you’re doomed to fail in February, but there will be plenty of pitfalls that you will be subjected to and you need to go against your impulses and show intense self-discipline before taking any actions or siding with anyone for a cause.

You are definitely not seeing the full picture in situations you’ll experience this month. Always get a second opinion, always verify, and when you have to make a decision always err on the side of safety. Don’t commit to anything in paper until you have several pairs of eyes to vet through every little word and confirm that you won’t get screwed over later on in the coming months.

Just be very very careful. 

All About Werq: It’s easy to join in the revolution or go up against the establishment this month – tensions are high and sometimes it feels like the only way to get noticed is to be loud about it.

But there’s just something in the air at the moment that just doesn’t feel right. Show too much resistance, and you’ll find yourself without a job to go to the next day. Maybe your colleagues will have nothing to lose – but what about you?

It’s not about ditching the crowd to save your own ass, but I’m just saying be smart about it. Will these bitches be paying your bills if your flow of income is cut off? Exactly. Besides, if there’s something you can learn from whatever ridiculous changes that management decided to impose on you – take it as a learning experience. Save the bitching or fighting for March.

For others, it’s less severe. Maybe there’s something that you’re supposed to sign and outwardly it seems like a great deal, but upon closer inspection, you could be screwed six ways till Sunday. Don’t feel pressured to make any important decisions. Try to delay as much as possible, buy time until you can confirm that it’s something you can commit to.

On another note, refrain from running your mouth to express your unhappiness. Firstly, check if that zoom call is on mute – or the cam is off, Jeffrey Toobin – before you do or say something unsavory. Sweetie, this month if you step out of line with the things you say or do, it could spell disaster for your professional life.

Love & Lust: EXPOSE HER! DRAG HER! Well, you’re going to have quite the reveal this month when it comes to love. Spoiler alert: the problem is you.

With the Sun in reversed, you’re the one who’s not seeing how happy you are. Whatever has happened lately has clouded your vision and making you see your relationship in a less than sunny outlook.

You may feel like things are not going the way you want it or you feel suspicious of your partner’s motives behind their actions. Well, it could be that you’re misreading some of his signals or that you’ve been receiving incorrect information about your love interest from another person.

If you’re single, you need to snap out of your funk. Your self-loathing energy is just such a turn off to potential love interest that you need to adjust your mindset. Remember that what you think about yourself, you’re subconsciously projecting that to those around you. No one wants to be around Eeyore 24/7. It’s exhausting and depressing. 

Group 4

Rider Waite Tarot: Wheel of Fortune, 3 of Wands, Star (reversed), 9 of Cups, 7 of Pentacles, Page of Swords (reversed), Temperance (reversed), 5 of Swords

Sufi Wisdom Oracle: Ending a Trauma, Willpower

The Oracle Book: Rely on the help of a stranger

Underlying Energies: Change is coming. Organic growth. Be patient. Period of isolation. Changing of perspectives.

The Hot Tea: Change is good. Sometimes it looks bad, but it’s really for the good. Especially with the cards you’ve been dealt with in this reading.

We can’t stop what’s going to happen, but we can change our perspectives on the events that may unfold this month. Is it really that bad? Isn’t this change of luck giving you something in return that solves some of the issues that have been plaguing you?

Emotions are a funny thing. Sometimes when things happen so swiftly, it doesn’t give us the chance to fully process what’s going on. When the rush of hormones and emotions subside, you’ll realize this is all for the better – and judging by the cards pulled, it truly is. You just need to wait and see what it all means after a period of waiting.

All About Werq: Well, here’s the thing. And boy, take a fucking seat because it’s like so different but like so similar that I literally can’t explain this energy. Either way, it’ll be to your benefit – even if it doesn’t seem that way in the beginning.

For some, the gamble you made at work is paying off! You’re seeing a return for the efforts you’ve put in with a reward – a bump in title or paycheck – however, it actually comes with a little inconvenience – you’re going to find yourself spending more time at work. For some reason, this doesn’t bother you. This is something you’ve wanted to happen.

For others, there’s a distinct possibility that you’re going to be displaced from your place of work. But it comes with some benefits that you will find useful this month. Maybe it comes with some payout that you could really need right now. Or maybe it’s to another better position that miraculously available for you and you no longer feel trapped!

Whatever the changes at work may be, trust that it comes with a prize that you are looking forward to, despite the unexpected changes to your life. You will be fine. Trust it.

Love & Lust: There’s a lot of power imbalances issue and it’s finally coming to a halt. They say enough is enough, right?

Deep down, there’s a feeling that you’ve been waiting for this day to happen – and when it does it felt like such a gift to yourself. It doesn’t mean that you have to walk away. It just means that suddenly both of you are ready to seek professional help or talk it out objectively without tempers flaring.

For this to work, do not take things said too personally, and learn to temper your impulses. When things are said in the open and accepted objectively knowing that both parties have a hand in why things are so volatile – then things can move forward for the better.

There’s no room for trauma. This is just not what you need to endure in a relationship. 

For singles, a love interest you’ve been waiting for a long time suddenly made themselves available to you. However, this sudden interest may lead you to show your hands too soon. No one is asking you to play mind games and pretend to be coy, but unloading too much on a new love interest can be overwhelming for them. And quite frankly make you look like a total psycho. Like, chill the fuck out.

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