Monthly Pick-a-Card Messages for April 2021

OMAIGLOB YOU GUYS!!!! Finally free to write my monthly forecast. End of February till March was one hell of a period for me. But I’m back!

Ok, a little refresher. Each group’s reading is divided into 3 parts: general energy influencing the month, career and love. So if for whatever reason you feel like the message about your love life is different from the message about your work life – then pick more than one group.


Urban Tarot: 3 of Cups (reversed), Prince of Swords, Knight of Disks (reversed), Chariot (reversed), Princess of Wands (reversed), Ace of Wands (reversed), 5 of Swords, Universe (reversed), 3 of Disks (reversed), 4 of Wands

Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards: Community (reversed)

Moonology Oracle Cards: Full Moon

Underlying Energies: Cooperation. Humility. Think before leaping. Kill your ego. Gather more information. New obstacles. Divine lessons. 

The Hot Tea: If you’re looking for a super chirpy and positive forecast this month where it’s filled with successes, happiness and joy – you’re not going to like what comes next. April will be filled with roadblocks, obstacles, hiccups and all that jazz. But it’s divinely orchestrated to teach you important lessons in preparation for bigger and better things to come in the following months.

Baptism by fire? Absofuckinglutely. Here’s the thing, if you’re part of a joint effort (collaborative business venture, group work, joining a new team), try not to turn against one another. Conflict is just a way for everyone involved to show everyone their likes and dislikes for people to take note of and recalibrate. See? There’s no need to lose connections over this. Just see it as an express form of knowing each other’s limits and preferences. Then, there’s no misunderstanding going forward.

Some things are easier said than done, so just do whatever you need to remove emotions out of the equations and take this time to learn more about limitations and how you can work with them. You’ll grow out of this month stronger, sharper, prepared and ready for bigger things.

All About Werq: You’ve got big plans. I mean big plans for your career. Whatever it is, it’s something new and definitely out of your comfort zone. And you feel like you’ve got assembled good people to work together to achieve that goal. But then shit hits the fan and you feel like someone’s been stabbing you in the back and twisting the knife just because they can.

Well, treat this entire month as a period of adjustment. The Universe just loves throwing curveballs to keep you on your toes. Be level-headed and not allow your emotions to take over – cause when you snap, you’ll say shit you can never recover from. People are not out to get you this month, but people will definitely get on your nerves. Remember that with influences from the Universe, each people are playing a role that the Universe assigns to them for a time to teach everyone lessons they have to go through. It’s nothing personal. It’s about growth.

Fact-check every piece of information or bits of tea spilt. If you approach it as a lesson instead of punishment you will find yourself better for it. Do not abandon any projects you’re working on and assess very carefully the motives behind each action and words spoken by different members of the group. Sometimes you can’t stop misunderstandings, but you can always defuse the tension to prevent it from escalating further. Just chill, henny, you’ll see this is all one big test. It’s really not as bad as it looks. 

Love & Lust: At some point, you have to stop blaming people and start owning up to the mess that is your love life. If you’re single that is. There’s an energy of delays, self-denials and blaming for things going wrong around you or surrounding issues of love. 

Stop blaming Ms Rona for your lack of love life too. Hasn’t this been the case before the pandemic? There’s a reason why some people are perpetually single. Not that everyone needs to be partnered, but if you specifically want love but can’t take ownership of your part in failed relationships, then you can’t moan about being single. It’s not always other people’s fault. Fix that and work on yourself before another sad sap fell for your bullshit and ending up with PTSD for being with a psycho. Uggh. Like wakeup, gurl.

Couples, trouble in paradise isn’t always a bad thing. There’s always ups and downs in any relationships and don’t throw it away if it’s over something that can be fixed. Put your ego aside and ask yourself if you have a major part to play in this. It’s ok to admit to our mistakes.

Think of this as an enforced lesson you both need to iron out and deal with. You’ll both come out stronger than before.


Tarot of Haunted House: Hanged Man (reversed), Magician (reversed), Devil, World  (reversed), 2 of Cups, 10 of Pentacles, 5 of Cups (reversed), Chariot (reversed), 9 of Pentacles (reversed), Fool (reversed)

Seasons of the Witch Samhain Oracle: Spider

Numerology Guidance Cards: 1 New Beginnings

Underlying Energies: Fresh start. Change your perspective. Letting go of fear. Acceptance of failure. Put in the extra effort. 

The Hot Tea: Some people may look at someone failing at a task repeatedly and doing it again as a sign of perseverance. To others, that’s a sign of a dumbass. I’m with the latter. There’s something going on in your life right now that you keep insisting on doing but there’s very little change in how you approach it. Is it an efficient way to spend your energy? You’re only setting yourself up for major disappointment.

Take a step back and seek help if you want. And when other people give you input that doesn’t agree with the idea you have in mind – stop being an asshole and attack them. People with varying perspectives will help you greatly if you only know how to accept help. Look at the state you’re in. You’re clearly unhappy with how things are going so why the resistance to shake things up?

Sometimes we have to admit that it is a failure on our part that things are the way they are. That’s it. Humility in acknowledging what you’re lacking is the first step in making positive changes in your life.

April is a time for fresh starts. Dump the old and useless and empty your mind of unnecessary beliefs that are holding you back so you have plenty of room to accept growth and abundance from the Universe. Sometimes the universe has to force us to suffer a little to make us truly see what changes need to be done from within. Embrace it instead of pointing your fingers at everyone. It’s just a time for a change.

All About Werq: There are times when you need to dig your heels in and not budge on your vision. Then there are times when you need to take several seats and sit the fuck down, Tamara. 

Here’s the thing. You may not always be wrong, in fact, you take pride in how right you are most of the time. The keyword is “most”. Sometimes things will not work out the way you want them to be so you need to be humble enough to say “OK, I’m not so sure this time. Help me.” And guess what? Help isn’t far away.

Looking at the other groups, April is doing the most right now in teaching lessons. Gurl. Don’t fight the Universe. You can’t win. You’re at a turning point right now where you need to just breathe and learn to let go.

For some, this is about hanging on to a job that no longer serves your greater good. For others, it’s unaccepting of information that you’ve been told about your performance. Maybe things appear differently in your head than it does in the real world. Perception matters. The course you’re in right now is not working out for you well. See how you can manage personal expectations or people’s perception of you or take up that job offer so you can have a fresh start.

Whatever it is, April is forcing you to change up your game to fix this. Once you do you’ll realize that you’ve made the right decision, win more people over to your side and be happier.

Love & Lust: There’s a sense that one person in this relationship isn’t taking it seriously. There’s a high chance that it is you instead of your love interest. That will be quite a shame because all signs lead to a happy ever after if you put in the effort as much as the other person.

There’s a remnant of a past relationship that contributes to how you’re behaving right now. Is it because you’re putting in a hope that someone from the past to return? Are you still not over the fact that the past relationship didn’t work and you simply can’t move on? Well, that is not good. 

Don’t let the fear of being burned or entertaining the possibility of a reboot with a past person ruin what’s good for you. Live in the now. If you haven’t closed that chapter yet – do it and open a new one. Seriously, you’ll be surprised at what you’ve been missing by not giving it your all.

Singles need to let go of their reservations and not let fear stand in the way of enjoying love. I’m not sure what the rules in your country are when it comes to mingling in a social space at this moment, but take a chance and mingle where is legally possible to meet people. Sure you may have put on some quarantine weight – and been piling it on ever since – but still, stop thinking that you’re not good enough for someone. There’s always someone out there waiting and this month is preparing you for to be ready to love how you look and be comfortable with accepting that you’ll meet someone who likes you the way you are.


Bianco Nero Tarot: Temperance (reversed), King of Cups, World, 4 of Cups, 7 of Wands, 9 of Wands, Chariot, King of Swords (reversed), 7 of Cups, Sun

Under the Rose Lenormand: Fox, Ship, Child, Clock Tower

Underlying Energies: Subdue emotions. Stand your ground. Keep pushing on. Avoid distractions. Rewards incoming. Team player. Don’t take things for granted.

The Hot Tea: Sometimes shit just does not turn out the way we want it to. Not that it’s causing us serious issues, but it’s always the little things that keep nipping at our heels that cause us to feel so infuriated at people around us.

April is about seeking balance and patience. Do not lose your cool. Do not be too aggressive and combative at those around you and for the love of God – do not make irrational decisions based on emotions. You’ll live to regret it in the coming months.

The Universe has a way of testing our patience, henny. And the best way is to let the lesson run its course because going against the current will prove to be a futile effort. Think of it this way, living in your comfort zone for too long makes you lazy and unprepared for challenges. So here it is – a challenge for you to hone in on your social game and learn to pull strings and side-step dramas that you’re dragged into. 

Watch your tongue. Check and triple check any forms of communication before sending it out to avoid miscommunication, and be patient. May should be easier.

All About Werq: There are times when you need to go it alone and there are times when you need to introduce your teammates into the fold. Going solo is just not the best option for you right now in the workplace. Sure it may show that you’re efficient in what you do and you’re good at executing tasks at hand, but teamwork is especially highlighted this month and without it, you’re going to look super bad to higherups at work.

Perhaps you’re tired of how incompetent people around you are or that you’re just not in the mood to coach anyone to be at your level, but that’s going to isolate you even more. Networking is strongly highlighted for this month. Even if you just have to put on a show for it, do it. 

I’m not sure of the specifics but there will be a period in April where you’re going to show your strength in rallying people together to address an issue at work. If you’re successful at doing this – you’re going to look really really good to people who matter. 

For some of you, a sense of disappointment is creeping in at work. The feeling of coasting by and not able to reach your career goals for whatever reason and that’s just dampening your mood and causing you to be too relaxed in your work. That will have some serious repercussions if you do not address it ASAP. Lawd knows you is tired, gurl, BUT PUT ON A FUCKING SHOW  or you’ll get the axe.

Love & Lust: One of you is having unrealistic expectations when it comes to love. Sometimes the things we imagined in our head is much more perfect than how it turns out in real life. Usually, I’ll be the first to condone people feeling their oats and living out their fantasies, but when it comes to matters of the heart, we gotta be real for a second. 

Is the other person falling short of who you thought they should be? Do you expect more from this relationship and they’re just not delivering? Do you hope that things will change but it’s been too long a period with no progress in sight? Well first of all – did you know what you got yourself into in the first place? People rarely change much from who they truly are. If you come into the relationship thinking things would be different then you have yourself to blame. Like, sorry but not sorry, sis. This is life.

First up, have you told them what they are doing that isn’t being healthy for this relationship? If you have and they revert to old ways, then you have the answer you seek. If you’ve been suffering in silence, then that’s your issue – like you literally expect them to read your goddamn mind when they’re not psychics. What do you expect? Say it and see what happens.

Is the fault with you? Have you asked yourself what is it that you feel is lacking in this union? How much of it is just pure fantasy and how much of it is actually achievable? If you’re asking for the stars and moon and you know that is probably not going to happen, then adjust your expectations. It’s not about settling, it’s about being realistic. 

Singles choosing this group may need to keep their emotions in check when it comes to dating people they are attracted to. It’s not that you can’t pursue people who you’re drawn to, it’s just that you have the shittiest luck in sifting through the good from the bad. All is not lost though as something good is about to come out of this self-actualization by the tail end of April. 


Tarot of Sexual Magic: 2 of Wands, Justice (reversed), High Priestess (reversed), Wheel (reversed), Temperance (reversed), 9 of Cups, Moon (reversed), Fool, 8 of Cups, Queen of Wands

Sibilla della Zingara: Reunion, Despair (reversed), Foe (reversed), Child (reversed)

Underlying Energies: Time to move. Unfairly treated. Lies and manipulation. Lacking cooperation. Hidden enemies. New chapter.

The Hot Tea: Stop whatever you’re doing and start packing. Whatever information you already know about the situation you’re in is not the complete picture. There are worst things happening behind closed doors that you’re not privy to.

Sometimes the best option in life, when faced with a difficult situation, is to uproot yourself and start fresh. April is all about you realizing this before things turn for the worst.

I always hate to be the bearer of bad news but I hate even more trying to gloss over unpleasant things to appease my readers. That is the worst that any tarot reader can do. In times like this, people need to know what they’re dealing with and it’s up to them to decide, regardless of how hard of a pill it is for them to swallow.

You’re at a point in April where some areas of your life are just beyond repair. You not only have issued that are causing roadblocks in your life, but people constantly undermining your attempts at improving your said situation. The good thing is, the Universe is lending you a heavy dose of energy to help you move to a much more deserved spot.

I don’t always recommend this, but throwing in the towel is sometimes the best option for your mental health.

All About Werq: Trust your instinct. Especially this month, you’re going to need to rely on your intuition more than anything anyone tells you. Even if you manage to scrounge up some information that you think will benefit you – cross-check and verify that it’s not planted information meant to lead you the wrong path. 

Something feels off about your reading this month. It’s just not good energy I’m picking. It’s a little insidious too. Like something that has been in the works for a while that you’re kept out of the loop and will come as a surprise when you receive the news.

Since this is a general reading, I’m not entirely sure what it entails, but it’s just not in your favor. Sometimes the best option is to cut your losses and see what else is in store for you.

You’ll be walking on landmines this whole month, so err on the side of caution if you don’t want to exacerbate the situation further.

Love & Lust: Good things come when you’re being honest to yourself. And this month you’re about to jump for joy because love and happiness are coming your way once you’ve snapped out of the ridiculous pressure you’ve succumbed to before.

People always have things to chime in about when it comes to your love life. They fill your head with unrealistic expectations and bullshit that works for them but not you. This month you need to step away from people filling your head with their ideas of what’s good for you. Wipe the slate clean and be true to your needs, wants and goals in love. And what a beautiful thing it will turn out to be.

Remember that people may think they know what’s good for you but they are not you. You’re the captain of your life and you steer it the way you need to in order to find your true happiness. No more bowing down to expectations or fear of being judged. Let them. This is a new chapter in your life and you’ll find that all that matters is you and the person you’re in love with. That’s it. See how liberating it feels to unshackle yourself from other people’s meddling?

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