Monthly Pick-a-Card Messages for May 2021

May is here. Show mawma some love with a paid reading lmfao jk kimora.

New to tarot pick-a-card forecast? Look at the symbols and pick the group with the assigned number. Each group’s reading is divided into 3 parts: general energy influencing the month, career and love. So if for whatever reason you feel like the message about your love life is different from the message about your work life – then pick more than one group.


Zombie Tarot: 9 of Cups (reversed), 5 of Wands, Hermit (reversed), Ace of Cups, Moon, Death, 8 of Wands, Chariot, Hanged Man (reversed), 5 of Swords

The Wild Unknown Archetypes: Judge, Agape

Underlying energies: Seeing the forest for the trees. Minor setback. Change your perspective. End of isolation. Divinely guided. Sweeping changes soon. New chances and opportunities.

The Hot Tea: What ideas, hopes, and dreams are you desperately clinging to that you refuse to face reality? May is about to pull the carpet from under you and you’re forced to face facts even if you’ve been lying to yourself for a while now. 

Now, this is not necessarily something terrible that will cause you anguish. In fact, this is actually something that you’ll find incredibly helpful in the months to come because kicking the door open allows you to step out of your comfort zone and thrive.

There’s a lot of pressure on you to appear like you have it all together and content with how your life is going but the charade has to stop. You’re only suffering from this pretense. The Universe has other plans for you right now and it’s best to surrender to the direction it is taking you. The Universe is not out to destroy you but to lift you to elevate your life to a better place.

In May, take a deep breath and tell yourself that the slight confusion, anxiety, and also frustration are there to help you grow. So, grow.

All About Werq: There’s a chance that things may not work out for you at work. Things may not be going smoothly as you’d hope for it to be and you may have already seen the signs. For some of you – keyword: some – you may find yourself out of a job. For others, you’re forced to double up your duties and your job scope will change into something that you’re not keen on. 

Tensions are high in the workplace and you may see people taking out their frustrations on you – but just don’t take the bait. People are just stressed over their bills and earning a paycheck to put food on the table and with expected changes in the workplace, it’s just a lot for some people to handle. I do see these changes coming swiftly without you having proper time to adjust – sink or swim. So stop throwing a tantrum and start swimming.

None of this is fair but no one said it has to be. This is life. If you look beyond superficial reasons that cause you to be frustrated with these changes, you’ll realize that this is just the trigger you’ve been delaying for a while. Deep down you know you should have made changes into your work life for a while now but just hasn’t had the courage or opportunities lined up for you to actually pivot to a different path. 

Check and reflect on your goals and ambitions – if moving on is something you’ve been thinking about for a while now, then take it as a sign to switch it up in your career. Adjust your perception of the situation and look at what the next steps are to get you back on track to your professional goals. 

Maybe a fresh start is what you need to reenergize your competitive spirit. Maybe you need to diversify your source of income and brush up your portfolio and get your side hustle started. Whatever it is, you have to start something instead of wallowing in the past and think about what you could’ve done differently.

You’ll find that May is when the Universe is opening up more doors for you that were closed before but you just have to be bold and start the engine and get moving.

Love & Lust: This is one of those readings that are pretty much on the extreme sides of things depending on your relationship status.

For singles, a new day has come. There’s an energy here of the Universe forcefully ending your single status by sending someone your way – but there’s one caveat you have to fill. Show. Some. Initiative. Periodt.

I get it that different countries have different protocols and restrictions when it comes to social gatherings but are we forgetting that we’re in 2021? Like virtual space is a fucking thing, sis, and has been for like years now. Stop acting like we’re living in the 1950s. There are apps. Online BF/GF is a thing in the pandemic. What’s stopping you? Exactly – YOURSELF. I get the feeling that a lot of you are afraid of putting yourself out there because of the “pandemic paunch” but henny, we’re all fat now. So just stop making excuses and just start swiping right. There will be solid matches in May.

For couples, there’s a sense that things are on the brink of death. One of you – definitely, most likely you – have been trying to delay the inevitable. And May, you will find yourself facing the truth. When things end, it feels like a punishment. But is it, really? Look back for the past few months – have you not been discussing this with your best Judys about this? Have you not planned on moving on already? You’ll be surprised what can grow out of the situation you’re in once you’ve made space for something good to enter your life. This is not necessarily another person, but with the extra baggage lifted off from you, you’ll feel so free of the burden that you’ll get to be less distracted over personal matters that you’ll find yourself excelling more in other areas of your life.


The Magical Nordic Tarot: Page of Cups (reversed), 2 of Cups (reversed), 8 of Cups (reversed), Knight of Pentacles  (reversed), Hierophant (reversed), Strength (reversed), 9 of Wands (reversed), Emperor (reversed), Ace of Swords (reversed), 10 of Cups (reversed).

The Starseed Oracle: Star Family, Perspective

Underlying energies: Self-inflicted blockages. Help is near. Face your reality. Test of faith. Challenges ahead. Plan carefully. Check your emotions. Not going as planned.

The Hot Tea: Things seem promising at first, then it just falls apart and not going the way you want it to be. Don’t take it personally. This is not about personal attacks, and the people and situations that go against what you’re working towards are not there to torment you – sometimes things are not in your favor.

In May, there’s a discrepancy between your expectations and reality. When you feel that you’re close to what you want to achieve but it slips from you at the last minute, just know that it was never meant for you to begin with. Sometimes we project our hopes and dreams so strongly onto something that we choose to be blind to the obstacles on our path.

Don’t lose hope. Don’t be jaded. Don’t be confrontational. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture – sometimes what we desperately want may not be right for us at this time. Recollect, call your friends up and gain their perspective on the issue and DON’T be defensive. You need an external party to assess your situation to give you a clearer picture of why you fail in getting what you want. Sometimes, it’s as simple as you’re not ready yet or qualified yet to receive what you desperately want.

All About Werq: Wishing so hard for something to be true can leave us feeling delusional about what is actually happening in real life. For some, there’s a new job or position that you’ve been eyeing and things seem to be turning in your favor in the beginning, but then – nothing. No updates, no follow-ups, no offers. Why?

Two things are highlighted in your cards: You don’t have what it takes and you’re putting too much faith in this when there’s not much backing up your chances of clinching the deal. There’s also an element of mixing up facts to justify what you want to be true versus what it actually is.

For others, there’s an opportunity that you’ve been eyeing to grab and you hope that this new opportunity will completely transform your life and you’ll receive what you believe is rightfully due to you. Here’s the thing. Wanting something badly does not equate to your life just fixing itself up if there’s an issue within yourself that you have not corrected. 

Sometimes we think external factors – such as a new job, new boss, new position, new responsibilities – are enough to trigger the changes we want in our professional lives. You can introduce these things into your life, but if you’re still lazy or falls back into old habits that keep you stagnant, then you’re never going to elevate yourself out of the rut you’re in.

Facing harsh truths about your inner self is much required in May. Stop justifying your actions and objectively look at what is flawed and what is keeping you down. Don’t be offended if you ask someone for an objective assessment of you and what you hear hurts you to the core. In May, the Universe is cushioning the blows so you won’t spiral out of control. But you still have to do the heavy lifting.

Love & Lust: Singles – sorry but to bring the bad news but you’re just not ready to meet and connect with anyone this month. No one is stopping you. Go all out and hoe all around town, but you’ll end up single, lonely, and crying yourself to sleep. As per the usual.

Why am I being such a cunt about this? Because MAWMA YOU AIN’T READY. PERIODT!

You know this. You know the issues that you have not fully addressed manifest themselves as clinging onto toxic people instead of good ones, leading you to be unsatisfied and feeling bad about yourself than ever before. Why do you keep doing this?

The energies of the cards show you feel almost defeated and want to give up because nothing seems to go your way in your love life. But there’s nothing else I can say or do but to tell you that the Universe cannot give you what you deserve because of inner blockages. Think of it this way: If the Universe sends you the guy who is meant to be the perfect fit for you, you’d only reject it or mess it up and ruin your chances at a happily ever after. 

A soulmate is NOT your missing piece of a puzzle that is your life. They were never meant to be that. They cannot come into your life to fix all your problems and bend over backward to accommodate all your issues and expect them to be Prince/Princess Charming. That’s too many expectations to place on someone. Look at yourself honestly, recognize issues that prevent you from being in a healthy relationship, and say it out louder for the people in the back!

That’s free will, gurl. Don’t expect people to accommodate you – help yourself first so the Universe can help to give you what your soul deserves.

For those in a relationship, are you now seeing the cage that is your love life? It can be gilded but it’s still a cage. Love should never make you feel less than or unimportant compared to the other party. There’s male energy that is restricting you and that is slowly causing you to feel less and less of yourself and losing the will to break free.

Succumbing to pressure – is that what you think a relationship is? Constantly being browbeaten and bullied into doing things their way that you live your life in a series of unapologetic compromise? Gurl. Make it make sense.

No one can make you move forward unless you take that first step. Do you see that flap opening on your cage? That’s the door, sweetie. There’s no chain around you – so fly if you must for your own sanity.


Archangel Power Tarot Cards: Knight of Raphael (reversed), High Priestess (reversed), 7 of Gabriel (reversed), 10 of Raphael, 4 of Raphael (reversed), Empress, 7 of Raphael, Solutions, 10 of Ariel, 4 of Michael (reversed).

Sufi Wisdom Oracle: Move Forward, Transformation

Underlying energies: Seize the moment. Clarity of thoughts. Seek the middle ground. New chapter. You’re ready. Positive outcome. Reject fear.

The Hot Tea: Don’t be paralyzed by fear and insecurities. Sometimes that little voice telling us to avoid risks are good, but we have to learn to reflect on those voices and recognize when it is holding us back unnecessarily.

There are times when we may not have all the answers and if you’re the type who’s always cautious and never want to make any bold move, you may not act. Sometimes your intuition is telling you otherwise. Despite the lack of facts to help you make your decisions, your intuition telling you to proceed with an idea or a plan may be a nudge from the Universe that you may brush off aside. Don’t.

In May, avoid making extreme decisions, always trust your guts and the opinions of others on a situation that you may need clarification on. This is the month about moving forward and not looking back. When an opportunity arises, take a bit of a break to analyze the situation carefully but if you feel that it’s not too much of a risk – take a chance!

All About Werq: The time for coasting by is over and done with, sis. The world is always filled with uncertainty but you should learn to trust your instinct and intuition when a new opportunity pops up for you to grab. 

May is a time for the Universe to coach you on how not to live in fear anymore. Tired of always stuck in a loop and never moving upwards in your career? This month may present you with an open door for you to make that leap of faith. And it will pay off too. 

May is your month and there are many positive outcomes to look forward to, but initiatives must be taken on your end. Do more than is expected of you and do it well. If you’re feeling lazy, tell your inner saboteur to take a hike because May is your month, and let no bitch stand in between you and success. Volunteer to take on more responsibility and make a show of your commitment to your professional life. Reap the rewards waiting for you!

Love & Lust: Those in a relationship will see their union taking the next step. The commitment may sound scary but it’s not suffocating when it’s two people who love one another and have each other’s best interest at heart.

But don’t take things for granted. Have an open discussion on what are each other’s wants and expectations in a relationship and be honest about what you want and not try to give too much of yourself and lose yourself in the process just because you want to make a good impression. A soulmate will love you if you love them healthily and share the same respect for each other.

But I do feel like there’s a short period of stress that you both have gone through. But what’s a rough patch compared to more happy times ahead that you can look forward to. One moment of tension does not mean that the relationship is not meant to be. Love is never perfect but love requires work – so this month, work on building a solid foundation for both of you to raise your love further!

Singles need to take things slow when meeting someone new. Always make sure the main priority in this union is a healthy connection instead of some silly ideas of what you formed in your mind about being wooed in love. Not all good things come in the perfect outer package but you’d be surprised to see the layers that someone will have once you get to know them. 

This month, say yes to invitations of love. Just don’t welcome them into your home yet though – there are plenty of times to be a hoe in the coming months. This month is about healthy connections and that means closing your legs, whore. Connect mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, not with your genitals yet.


The Lightseer Tarot: Ace of Cups (reversed), 3 of Pentacles (reversed), 3 of Swords (reversed), 10 of Swords, Hierophant (reversed), Justice (reversed), Star, 10 of Pentacles (reversed), Lovers, 2 of Swords

Les Vampires Oracle: Rebellion, the Call of the Night

Underlying energies: The worst is over. Breaking the plateau. Removal of conflicts. Newfound passion. Support from important people. Period of transition. Making big decisions.

The Hot Tea: Just when you think all hope is lost, and then BAM! The Universe corrects the course you’re in and shows you that the light at the end of the tunnel is literally right in front of you. Is this a trick? Are you being set up for an even bigger disappointment? No. The wrongs done to you are being corrected and things are slowly but surely working in your favor.

For some of you, it’s been a while that you’ve gone through a period of hardship be it in your professional or personal life. You’ve lost hope, felt like nothing will change and that things will always be the way it is. This has had quite a strong impact on how you behave too, almost slipping into apathy and just really not care much about putting in your 100% in what you do. 

That problematic ho – the proverbial thorn in your side – is in the process of being removed. What a relief, huh? But don’t overreact. No one likes a person who dances on the grave of their enemies – it’s just so distasteful sis. Compose yourself. Just know that whatever karma that is due will be paid in full, but you need to rein in that boastful side because it may backfire on you. Quiet dignity, sis. Learn it.

All About Werq: Pains, stresses, and unhappiness will soon be a thing of the past in your workplace. Just when you think the Universe has abandoned you and you are relegated to working a dead-end job with shitty colleagues who seem to enjoy the thrill of tormenting you or making life hell, you’ll find yourself in a favorable position now. In May, things will fall into place that put you in the upper hand in this situation.

Don’t let your past stresses get the better of you. Even reading this you’d probably think “How the hell will this work? It’s literally impossible for things to improve at work.” Well, stop thinking small. The Universe always has a way to correct a wrong. Just wait.

Be wary of exploiting your current favorable position in your professional life as it may leave a long and unforgettable negative impression of you by people who matter. Be fair, be cordial and never come off as vindictive. It will make you look really impressive to higherups seeing you being fair and balanced. It could be that you’re presented with a new job offer and your new employer is keen to know about your current situation. It could be that the person who’s causing you problems is under review by others and they are seeking your objective opinion on them. Whatever it is, there’s an energy of you moving away from them and on to better things.

Here’s the thing. There is an energy of someone new coming into play in your professional life and this person may come off as unconventional to you and seem to be on a different wavelength. Work with this person instead of against them. You’ll find that they’ll be instrumental in welcoming big changes into your professional life. Now is not the time to be slacking, wake up, appreciate the breath of fresh air and adapt to changes coming your way!

Love & Lust: I see a reunion for some in a relationship that has taken time apart. The key is realizing what issues caused you both to take a break and pick apart and carefully analyze them to see what’s actually trivial and what are actually deal-breakers.

Emotions always run high in relationships. External factors bothering us can cause us to lash out at someone we love when we don’t mean to. Sometimes something insignificant that popped up can be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back and cause you to make rash decisions. Looking back, it could lead to regrets. 

Adulting and being in love can be quite intense to juggle but hey that’s part of growing up. If you’re worried about getting back with this person and risk losing your chance with someone “better” then know that this fear is unfounded. Stop looking at every conflict and disagreement as signs that you guys are not meant to be together. No relationship should be filled with constant fights and conflicts but look at those times – were they overblown? Were they so bad that you guys being together is toxic? Stop being dramatic and look at it objectively.

For singles, sexual attraction and a sexual liaison may turn into something serious. I usually don’t like people to lead a relationship from a quick fuck but sometimes chemistry is chemistry. What do they feel about you? Are they upfront about their feelings towards you and their eagerness to take the next step? What are you waiting for? If they’re not a total psycho, see where this goes! I can’t promise you a happily ever after but the energy present is of two people becoming in sync with each other’s needs and wants in a love relationship. Go on an adventure. You’ll be surprised at what comes next.

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