Monthly Pick-a-Card Messages for July 2021

Bitch am I gonna pretend that I didn’t disappear for a month and skipped June forecast altogether?


Uggh lots of Summer stuff happening. I was feeding my delusions that I still have a size 0 body, cutting off toxic people from my life, uncrossing and sending back bad juju to its sender, etc etc. Busy. Busy. Busy. Also look out for my next post on how I’m progressing in my spiritwork – spoiler: it’s iconique. Yass, bitch, this witch is stepping up!

I’m tweaking the forecast format a little, I’m merging Hot Tea with All About Werq. Work-related reading and general energy reading have the same influences so I’m collapsing them into one.

SO. Each group is divided into two parts: general monthly influence + love readings. You can pick one group if you feel that is the only one calling out to you. Or if you’re drawn to more than one group, maybe each part of the group will resonate with different aspects of your life for the month.


Brugel Tarot: 7 of Cups (reversed), Hanged Man (reversed), 6 of Swords, Lovers, Page of Swords (reversed)

Tarot del Toro: Ace of Goblet (reversed), Judgement (reversed), World, Knight of Wands, 3 of Cups

Divine Circus Oracle: Guest of Honour

Sibilla Della Zingara: Prison, Old Woman (reversed), Love

Underlying energies: Invitation to the inner circle. New chapter. Major decision. Out of the storm. Quick decision required. Recognition of work done. Renewed passion.

The Hot Tea: I have a REALLY good feeling about this pile. And I’m all for whatever good things will be coming your way. Wipe your tears, stop your lamentation – God or The Universe or The Supreme Source will be lifting you out of quite a test that you’ve been going through the previous months. Like yay and stuff or whatever.

You’ve felt like an outsider looking in at the people who are just so fucking favored that you literally can’t with the world. Yes, shit happens to people but goddamn it felt like you bear the brunt of abuse of a thousand sinners sometimes – all the good luck you’ve been having just seemed to up and leave overnight. 

It’s like “What gives?! What gives, Lord?! Have I not done good deeds? I texted my mom to wish her a great Mother’s Day, told my help that she could make eye contact with me, and stopped Becky from eating carbs!” Like we get it, you’re a good person, but sometimes the Universe has a way of flushing out ‘ok’ things out of your life to make room for bigger and better things for you. Never settle for mediocrity, henny. The Lord commands you to upgrade, step the fuck up and elevate your life.

For some of you, a big major movement is seen – either literally packing your things and moving to a new house. For others, it’s about shifting status from being unemployed to finding solid employment at a really good company. In general, there’s a big energetic shift coming your way to shake things up in your life for the good.

Now, the good things about to come into your life will require you to take swift actions. Don’t delay. Don’t self-sabotage by declining opportunities in the professional realm that you think are too much for you to handle. Upgrade, remember. You can do this and the Universe has your back. You’ll find renewed passion in your professional life, you’ll also find that you’ll be busy! And busy is good. 

Here’s the warning: Do not allow negativity to occupy your headspace. In July, doubts will creep in again, as is expected when you’re elevating to the next stage in your life. Repel that shit and accept that you’re worthy of finally being recognized for your abilities, skills, and uniqueness. 

Love & Lust: Single people who pick this pile will have much to rejoice – but here’s the catch as it always is with my reading: Your dream partner will not fucking teleport to your living room while you’re eating takeouts watching The Nanny reruns. Get fucking real. If you have been avoiding social situations, refuse to download any dating apps or put yourself out there one way or another to allow love in – stay single, bitch. 

I’m not here to conform to your neurosis and self-defeating pattern of behaviors, I’m here to read energies as it is. Readers are supposed to heal you and I am by making you face reality instead of indulging in your delusions. 

Strong love energy is present that will present itself in the form of a potential love partner (for those who are single) and renewed and ascended love status (for those partnered).

Singles, you need to work on your confidence, gurl. Stop feeling defeated when your clunky attempts at connecting with someone fell flat. Life is no fucking rom-com. No one hits it right on every fucking date, if they do, there will not be single people in the world today. Sometimes you just don’t sync, sometimes they just have different priorities in life. Sometimes you’re having bad luck and things go from bad to worse throughout the date. BUT this month, bad luck’s been put on time out so you have a MUCH more positive interaction with someone who’s the right fit for you. Make the most of this energy. 

“Yass Kween, but like how do I meet this person, sis?” you may say while reading this. Bitch, it’s not my fucking job to tell you how to get your pipes laid. All I know is things are at your advantage now. Get the fuck outta here with that lazy-ass energy bitch. Open Fetlife or something. Or go sign up for Christian Farmers Meetup. I dunno.

Those in a relationship, the minor hostility, the questioning of each other’s motives, or some form of doubt – glad this month the issue will be resolved. The key to settling this shit? HEAR EACH OTHER OUT. There’s an issue with someone just lords over the other. Quit that shit – it’s most probably you. And see how the tension just melts away.

There are no other issues around that may upset your union. Enjoy the rush of love energy coming your way. Have lots of sex, if there’s an important date for you as a couple this month – use this opportunity to make a big deal out of it and celebrate. I feel parties or gatherings of some sort that you both will appreciate. Whatever it is, both of you will remember this for a long time.


Brugel Tarot: Knight of Swords (reversed), 7 of Pentacles (reversed), Wheel (reversed), 8 of Swords (reversed), Sun (reversed)

Tarot del Toro: 8 of Cups, Knight of Pentacles, Page of Swords (reversed), 5 of Pentacles, Strength

Divine Circus Oracle: Sweetheart

Sibilla Della Zingara: Wife, Soldier, Frivolity

Underlying energies: No more abuse. Don’t resist change. Ready but unprepared. Listen to your inner voice. Self-sufficiency required. Forces beyond your control.

The Hot Tea: Not gonna lie, this pile….chile, the energy is a MESS. It’s good and also kinda bad. But also ultimately for your greater good, but how it’s done can be pretty bad. But know that it brings nothing but goodness, but you’ll end up feeling bad at some things that had to take place in the process. Chile, just run with it. Seriously, run with it. Don’t fight it. This is the Universe forcing your hand right now because baby, whatever you’re chaining yourself to is too damn much.

A strong 8 energy present here shows a sense of self-imposed barriers. Maybe your barrier is you coming up with excuses to justify why you choose to remain in this very weird unhealthy dynamic in your life with someone or something. You got to leave. Tolerating toxic energy to survive another day, finding crumbs of happiness to tell yourself that “this is good enough” won’t cut it.

Whatever you need to cut ties with that is toxic, will put you in a position of “newness”. You’ll have to adapt and learn to this new environment or situation. Maybe it’s jumping ship to a better company or it is ending friendships that cause you more stress than for your benefit. Maybe you need to break free from some sort of partnership that no longer serves your greater good. Whatever it is, as painful and uncomfortable it is – do it. And you’ve seen the signs too. 

Whenever a Knight of Pentacles shows up in a reading with the energy of movement and changes it always to me suggests being ill-equipped with what’s coming your way. And that is not always a bad thing. Being unprepared means you gotta unlearn and relearn – expanding your knowledge. In this case, if you’re worried that it will bring upon undue stress that will bring your life to a halt – no. Just enough discomfort for you to grow but the Universe will cushion your fall. You gotta make changes this month.

The main lesson you need to learn this month is: You are good enough. You are strong enough. You are capable enough. You are better than what they say you are. Periodt. Some people want to live their entire life as victims of circumstances, but life is giving you a wake-up call cause you’re meant to have that bad bitch life and start taking the first step, bitch.

Love & Lust: There’s an unbalanced relationship dynamic here for some of you in partnered relationships. Some of you felt like you gave up part of who you are to be with the person you’re with just because you want to cling on to some form of stability that comes with being in a relationship you’re currently in. 

This unbalance in dynamic is what you thought you could handle but bit by bit, you find yourself losing your sense of self and have felt a strong urge to rediscover who you are, your worth and yourself. If that means you gotta move, then you gotta move. You may find it a little bit strange at first to adapt to starting fresh, but you have what it takes to handle it. Do you just need a little confirmation of what you’ve been thinking about? Well, this is it. Crush that doubt inside you and whip yourself into shape because it’s time, sis. 

Singles – time to be real to yourself. You’ve had issues with the ones you’re always with because deep down you know you’re with them not because you are drawn and happy with someone like them – you’re only with the people you date because you feel like that’s who you’re expected to be with.

This is some Romeo & Juliet shit and usually I stan the mess, but this mess is not gonna cut it for you this month. Regroup and ask yourself why do you always pick the person you think will make you look good when deep down you know they’re not your type? Gurl, what is this mess? The people who will frown upon your choice in a partner – do they matter to you? Are they important people in your life that their opinions are worth more than your own happiness?

You do you. You chase your tingle. You live your life as the Universe has designed for you.


Santa Muerte Tarot: 6 of Wands (reversed), Queen of Cups (reversed), 8 of Cups, Strength, Queen of Wands (reversed)

The Lightseer’s Tarot: 8 of Cups, 4 of Swords, Knight of Wands, 7 of Cups, 5 of Wands

Dark Mirror Oracle: Blinded to Pain

Wisdom of the Oracle: Exchanging Gifts (reversed)

Underlying energies: Self-undoing. Blind to flaws. Self-reflection required. Losing a golden opportunity. Clean up your mess. Take a breather.

The Hot Tea: There are times when luck can only do so much. Sometimes good things come to us in an imperfect package that we let our impulsiveness and ego get in the way of receiving help or a gift that has been presented to us. Like that Red Queen scene in Resident Evil, the group kinda painted her as a homicidal villain that needed shutting down, but when the whole fucking even transpired we saw that Red Queen was helping humanity and the group to be safe by doing what needed to be done.

The same goes for the energies that have been surrounding you lately. Sometime back there have been instances where things are coming into your life – be it in the form of a person, opportunity, or windfall – but you’ve been fucking it up multiple times that whatever that was sent your way may disappear. Was it a friend who may not always say the right thing but in hindsight has always tried their best to snap you out of your negative thought patterns? Was it an opportunity that was offered to you but you kept them waiting because you felt like you could do better? Or was it just a piece of unsolicited advice you received that you brushed off because you had a plan and the advice didn’t match the plan you had in mind?

There are times when we need to be true to our vision, goals, and choices but that doesn’t mean shutting everyone out to stubbornly do things your way. July is a time for reflection of what flaws inside you that you need to address. Kill your ego and admit when things fail because of your own undoing. Respect that you’re on a journey, move the fuck on, and be better. This month, there may be some faint energy of counteracting the damages you’ve done in previous months. Take the opportunity to course-correct. Sometimes the problem isn’t with others but lies with ourselves. 

Love & Lust: Let me guess. You’re one of those dumb hoes who believe in Twin Flames? LOLOLOLOLOL bitch, it shows. I’m not going to get into why I don’t like the Twin Flames concept – I mentioned that several times in past readings if you want to know how I feel.

Relationships are rarely smooth-sailing. Sure, that’s what happens when you are in a relationship with a human being. But there are also instances where some people keep clinging on to some concept of how imperfect love will eventually become perfect if you give it time, space, and acceptance of its flaws. Throughout the time, you tell yourself “when they get their shit together, they’ll finally see who sticks by them no matter what, and maybe they’ll finally appreciate all the tears I’ve shed for them.” 

Gurl. What even is this? Are you on crack? Or did your mother drop you when you were a baby? LOLOLOLOLOL. July is shining the spotlight on this self-abusive, toxic dynamic that is brought on by your inability to break free from delusions and expectations that were put in place by your fantasies.

You’ve got 8 of Cups and 7 of Cups in your love reading and that’s just not a good combination of energy. One is calling you to walk away from what you want to grab on to so dearly and reconnect with what is spiritually and emotionally nourishing for you, and the other card is literally saying you need to snap out of these fantastical delusions you’ve made up to make yourself feel better. And you round that up with 5 of Wands, you basically have the energy of someone who has low self-esteem and is finding something to believe in. It’s just not a good string of cards here for those in a relationship. If you are in a relationship, you are unhappy and the things mentioned here struck a chord…well, take it as a stern warning from the Universe that staying on will only worsen your sense of self-worth. It’s ok to be alone, you know. Maybe that’s the reason why you stay – you just don’t want to be seen as single. Why? You came out of your mom’s pussy alone (unless you’re twins, etc but we’ll not get into that right now) and you die alone. Learn to stand up on your own two feet first, sis.

For singles, you may not have issues getting the attention of people you want to be in a romantic connection with, but the problem is that you get a little too distracted by multiple things you expect in a relationship and can’t commit because you kept changing your mind about them and what they mean to you. July sis is about telling your inner saboteurs to take SEVERAL seats. Enough is enough.

You like love to excite you. You like love to make you feel alive and experience something you have never had before. I think the cards are saying that you are expecting too much. Reality rarely catches up to fantasy. July is about not dragging people down your chaotic path and leaving them hurt when you are experimenting and trying to figure out what exactly it is that you want. 

I don’t see anyone “perfect” for you coming anytime this month, so if you do enjoy variety, spread those legs sis – and gurl, put on protection or get of PrEP. Just saying. July won’t fuck you up in any way in terms of love, but it won’t bring you someone special either. It’s just calling you out for being a messy queen so you can actually reflect on your take on love.


Santa Muerte Tarot: King of Pentacles, Fool, 3 of Cups (reversed), 2 of Wands, 8 of Wands

The Lightseer’s Tarot: 7 of Cups, Knight of Wands, 3 of Wands, 7 of Wands (reversed), Queen of Pentacles

Dark Mirror Oracle: Perchance to Dream

Wisdom of the Oracle: Chop Wood

Underlying energies: Snake in the grass. Separate emotions from decisions. Big Boss Energy. Moving up. Cut the deadweight. Repurpose ideas into something better. Reaping the rewards. Planting seeds for future growth.

The Hot Tea: You’re about to receive a boost in your status. This could be in your professional life or an increased income – or if it’s nothing that dramatic, an opportunity for you to put into motion something that will grow into a very successful venture. And this seems to come out of nowhere. But with the sweet, comes the sour. Beware of those around you that do not have your best interest at heart – this month, they will REALLY show themselves.

There may be sabotage behind the scene this month trying to undermine what you’ve achieved and turned the tides and rob you of what you deserve. Look around you, trust your instinct. Someone who may have an inkling that you may be receiving a boon soon will be trying their best to make sure you don’t get it. Sometimes it may be the person that we thought was our friend or close confidant in our circle. Ditch the bitch and snuff their efforts before their plan can take root.

July is all about being quick on your feet. Understand your power and exercise it accordingly. People who value you will never undermine you in the least – those people who do were never good in the first place. Sometimes the Universe will lift the veil and show you what you need to see. However dastardly some people’s actions may be, July is asking you not to be overly suspicious of other people’s motives once you’ve uncovered your hidden enemy’s machinations, but learn from their mess and tell yourself to never be like them. There’s a lesson to learn from every situation. You’ll look back at this moment and find that it is most useful when you are on the way up, up, and up.

Love & Lust: Queen’s gonna Queen. Never forget that. July is all about knowing your worth and never settle for less. Bitch know your fucking worth – then add tax. With the Queen of Pentacles in upright position mixed with multiple 7 energy, this month, persons who have hinted at interest toward you will be showing their hands – and you gotta learn to discriminate the courtiers from the King.

If you have yet to meet a King who is the right fit for a Queen, then they’re about to come into your view this month. For the former, do not change yourself to try to make them feel like you’re their perfect match – on the contrary, stand your fucking ground bitch, and see if THEY are good enough to hold your hands and step up to your throne. July can shake you up a bit and make you feel a little insecure but never give in to fear and indecision – use this month as a test of your mettle. You’ll realize how attractive it can be to someone else when they see a healthy, well-adjusted individual who does not seem to beg for someone’s approval in love.

For couples, the stress of trying to grow and match each other’s goals in a relationship may cause things to be even worse than it was before. You both tried. You both want to make it work, but there are too many clashing core values that don’t match what each wants in a relationship. 

Listen, I’m not here to tell you to dump them, but I’m just saying the differences are becoming more apparent and that even both of you feel like anger and frustrations are slowly overtaking what should be feelings of love and happiness. The Queen of Pentacles energy here is really asking you to take stock of what you have and what is worth saving and know when to let go so you can make space for other things of value to grow in its place. Perhaps that means a new love.

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