Call Me Out, Sis! Love Edition


My previous timeless reading on future spouse did pretty well for what the energy is about, but it’s pretty specific – description of spouse and nothing more. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of reading/watching general readings on love that incorporate way too many elements of love and find them to be way too generic to resonate.

Life aspects are very multi-faceted and for us to know more about what makes us tick, what makes things problematic and what hidden enemies that we need to confront require the layers to be stripped and tuned in separately for a clearer picture. Well, as clear as a group reading can be.

So in the future, I’ll be rolling out more timeless general readings that are more niche in its energy focus so you can have a better understanding of the different elements playing their respective roles in impacting your life path.

SO. I’m doing a series, “Call Me Out, Sis!”, which will touch on different energies, negative patterns and blockages that get in the way of you leading a happy fulfilling life. The first of the series, Love Edition, will focus on what unresolved issues, unhealthy habits and thought patterns, and karmic lessons you need to accept, confront and heal so you can enjoy non-toxic love connections.

Each group is divided into three parts:

  • Self-undoing energies: Your own actions and beliefs that are contributing to the blockage;
  • External influences: Additional energies of those in your environment holding you back; and
  • Message from the Universe: What you can do to break the chains.

As per usual, pick one (or multiple) depending on what draws you to the numbered images. Scroll down to the corresponding numbered reading. Those who pick multiples may have layered overlapping issues that the Universe wants you to know.

Now the following energies tapped are not including those who choose to fold in kink or kink-related aspects into their relationships. This is where things get muddy as I picked up on energies that may come off as somewhat BDSM-ish. But it’s not. This reading is purely focused on the darker, negative patterns in ourselves that need to be addressed.

I won’t spoil which group but I’m going to paste the disclaimer I included in that group in the following paragraph for clarification:

This group’s energies are not applicable to those in a BDSM relationship as that is a completely separate energy frequency that I usually channel into. Even though it may seem like it from the energies picked up. There are nuances between healthy BDSM expression and unhealthy perception of relationship dynamics. Kink and kink-adjacent connections can be healthily enjoyed between two people and I may touch on those energy expressions separately in the future.


Romantic Tarot: Empress, 8 of Wands (reversed), Tower (reversed), 10 of Cups, 6 of Swords, 8 of Cups (reversed)

Dark Mirror Oracle: Artificial Heart

Romance Angel Oracle Cards: Unrequited Love

Sibilla della Zingara: Wedding, Prison, Joyfulness

Sufi Wisdom Oracle: Beyond the Ego

Self-undoing energies 

  • Refusal to be authentic to who your soul is meant to love.
  • Self-imposed false narrative on what your love story is meant to be told to those around you.
  • Lack of courage to walk away from what is no longer serving your highest good.
  • Using “waiting for the right moment” to make the change as a crutch as deep down you know that excuse will never come or have passed you by with no actions taken.
  • The inner struggle to publicly accept persons of a specific type due to fear of being ostracised or rejected.

External influences

  • Too much power is given to external influences on your personal happiness.
  • The energy of external baggage “anchoring” you from being free to remove blockages of love – some sort of emotional, obligatory grasp that you are beholden to – perhaps a legal commitment, familial expectations, or dependent materially on someone that may not allow you to express yourself.

Message from the Universe

There’s heavy energy of you assembling a picture-perfect image of who you want to be perceived by your circle and what love should look like that it becomes not just a mask, but a bodysuit you wear! 

And over time, that suit has taken a life of its own that you begin to wonder if you are losing control of your life as the artificial persona is becoming the person those around you know rather than who you truly are underneath that falseness.

For some, it could be that you feel trapped and cannot publicly love someone of your preferred gender, identity, income status, or race. For others, it’s feeling trapped in a loveless relationship because the other party holds the power, resources, and means that keep you feeling comfortable.

Let go and understand that the road to happily ever after is not meant to be smooth-sailing. After all, people treasure fairy tale romances because it shows despite hardship, two lovers can ultimately work hard to overcome everything in their path to finally be in love!


Romantic Tarot: Emperor, Sun, Page of Swords (reversed), 6 of Pentacles (reversed), King of Wands (reversed), 5 of Wands (reversed)

Dark Mirror Oracle: Fated to Suffer

Romance Angel Oracle Cards: Soul Mate

Sibilla della Zingara: Old Woman, Young Woman, Malady (reversed)

Sufi Wisdom Oracle: Willpower

Self-undoing energies

  • Rigid expectations on love.
  • Refusal to experience the wounds and pains associated with finding love.
  • Constantly finding fault in self-sabotage efforts when there’s potential for a love connection.
  • Refusal to put in the work to meet and walk towards common goals with a love interest.
  • Giving up easily and stuck in the “if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be” mentality. Not realizing that the Universe needs humans to put in the work and meet them halfway for love manifestations to happen.
  • Warped perception of attitude to love: confusing analysis of partner’s compatibility with extreme nitpicking to find fault and push away love; expecting partner to conform to your ideas instead of give-and-take approach.
  • Not addressing the root cause of the issue: Fear of rejection and abandonment.

External influences

  • Yeah, no. This is all you. Sorry. Not sorry. Accept your own failures. Clean up your mess.

Message from the Universe

It’s not because they’re too “blonde”. It’s not because they’re too “chirpy”. It’s not because they are too “intense”. IT IS YOU. 

Fear is one hell of a virus. How it seeps into every fiber of your being and warps your perception of the world around you that caused you to be blind to your actions that lead to not being able to embrace love. The longer the fear grabs hold of your psyche, the more you feed into this vicious cycle of subconsciously sabotaging every effort in making love connections but also keeps making you emotionally “ill” by making you feel negative to love experiences.

Sometimes a wake-up call is a vaccine you need to heal from within.



Romantic Tarot: 3 of Pentacles (reversed), 6 of Swords, Emperor, 8 of Wands (reversed), 9 of Pentacles (reversed), Ace of Wands (reversed)

Dark Mirror Oracle: Revenge

Romance Angel Oracle Cards: Wedding

Sibilla della Zingara: Constancy, Servant, Surprise

Sufi Wisdom Oracle: Listen to Advice

Self-undoing energies

  • An unhealthy fixation on an imbalance relationship roles for love to work: Victim vs Savior, Immature vs Responsible, Abuser vs Punching bag.
  • Warped perception of Yin and Yang: Love is about finding someone to fill your void, fix your problems, and vice versa. 
  • Mistaking toxic emotional upheavals experienced from past unhealthy relationships as normal love dynamism.
  • Seeing passion as something that comes with the expense of stability.
  • Normalizing co-dependency.
  • Refusal to raise your vibrational energy and do shadow work.

External influences

  • Gravitating towards similar types of people that keep bringing about similar love issues.
  • Succumbing to influence from love interests who normalize an unhealthy set of behaviors in love.
  • Tendency to gravitate to messages that reinforce a warped perception of a healthy relationship dynamic (aka justifying abusive relationship dynamics to normal Twin Flames journey described by other spiritualists)

Message from the Universe

Note: This group’s energies are not applicable to those in a BDSM relationship as that is a completely separate energy frequency that I usually channel into. Even though it may seem like it from the energies picked up. There are nuances between healthy BDSM expression and unhealthy perception of relationship dynamics. Kink and kink-adjacent connections can be healthily enjoyed between two people and I may touch on those energy expressions separately in the future.

Maybe it’s those damn outdated fairytales you’ve read putting silly demands of how you should behave in a relationship. Maybe it’s just your lack of initiative to fix your own issues and expecting your PrinX Charming (I’m calling it now – gender/identity neutral version of Prince/Princess lmao fight me, hoe) to come and make everything OK. Maybe you’re so used to troubled relationships that you’re waiting for one that is less painful to eventually settle. Whatever the reason may be, you need to step outside of this mindset, break it down and rebuild your understanding of what it means for two people to come together to experience love.

First of all, you need to feel complete first before you allow anyone in. Failing to do so will leave you open to being exploited or feeding off each other’s neuroses, resulting in a co-dependent relationship.

Singles need to work on themselves and learn to say no to love interests who display similar energy in past toxic romantic connections. Couples who love one another but are realizing that their dynamic is taking a toll on their love should also try to seek an objective way to address each other’s issues without pointing blame.

It’s ok to seek professional help to heal within before you allow someone else in. It’s not ok to impose on them a heavy task of fixing your issues or draining yourself of energy from trying to save needy problematic people you’re in love with. Love shouldn’t hurt.


Romantic Tarot: 7 of Pentacles, 3 of Cups (reversed), Lovers, 3 of Pentacles (reversed), 8 of Pentacles, 3 of Wands

Dark Mirror Oracle: Fragmentation

Romance Angel Oracle Cards: You Deserve Love

Sibilla della Zingara: Love, Thought, Falseness

Sufi Wisdom Oracle: You are Unique

Self-undoing energies

  • Giving too much of yourself to those undeserving of your love.
  • Lack of personal development or need to find better choices of love interest as options are freely available to you. 
  • Too accepting of people at face value.
  • Going for low-hanging fruits out of convenience.
  • A low benchmark for expectations of love, or thinking you don’t need to ask for much as long as they love you.

External influences

  • Looking at those around you with low expectations in the love and acceptance of the fact that same is expected of you.
  • Being told by society or family that committing to a long-term relationship is a duty, and seeking love for other reasons are frivolous.

Message from the Universe

Two people committing to a relationship is neither an obligatory duty to be fulfilled for cultural or reasons of a societal construct; nor is it something to be treated with little care that you just pick someone conveniently around you. It’s a beautiful mission given by the Source for two souls to meet, grow, learn and elevate their frequencies and evolve through love.

For some of you, you were raised to downplay the beauty of love. Union of two people is reduced to nothing more than something people do once they are of a certain age. 

For others, you seem to be comfortable with having plenty of options to pick for love – with plenty of backups. The feeling of being wanted by multiple people in succession is often enough for you to feel satisfied with your lot in life, lulling you into a false sense of security that you’ve discovered a multitude of experiences in love and will eventually make the right choice and be happily married. Quantity does not equate to quality, and when you finally realize this in the future, it will be too late

Regardless of how the energy expresses itself for you, take the time to reflect on what love means to you: What does my soul need to be happy?


Romantic Tarot: 10 of Pentacles (reversed), 4 of Wands (reversed), 8 of Cups (reversed), 7 of Pentacles, 3 of Cups, 8 of Pentacles

Dark Mirror Oracle: Triumph of Lies

Romance Angel Oracle Cards: Forgiving and Learning

Sibilla della Zingara: Surprise, Servant, Service

Sufi Wisdom Oracle: Fine Whine

Self-undoing energies

  • Believing false truth about love derived from anger and unresolved past hurts.
  • Expecting success in love at the first attempt to connect to love interests, resulting in feelings of jadedness and rejection.
  • Fear of taking the first step, always waiting and getting bitter at the lack of interest from people.
  • Believing in this bullshit quote: “If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best *uwu*”
  • Taking on a victim mentality, refusing to grow from past hurts, betrayals, and failures in love. 
  • Clinging on tightly to anyone who’s willing to tolerate your “flaws” despite being mistreated.

External influences

  • A prime target for predatorial people who will keep you on a tight leash by exploiting your weakness and vulnerabilities.
  • Repeated similar circumstances brought on by the Universe to push towards learning from past mistakes, but interpreted by you as fate and your lot in life. 

Message from the Universe

When bad things happen to us in love, a lot of us learn, move on, do better, or do things differently. After all, if everyone in this world gives up or stays in toxic relationships because they feel that this is the best love has to offer, then this world would have imploded a long time ago.

The difference between you and most people? You blame yourself for being rejected, being cheated on, be mistreated, and accept that as what you deserve because this seems to be a recurring pattern in your life and you haven’t seen otherwise.

Instead of accepting defeat, growing bitter and fearful when it comes to love, recognize that sometimes the Universe is giving you a nudge for a do-over so you may have a eureka moment, and start the process to shift your perspective on self in relation to love.

Before you can even entertain the notion of love and relationship, work on yourself. Find your sense of self-worth. Accept that rejection is not a form of humiliation. 

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