Monthly Pick-a-Card Messages for August 2021

Sorry for the delay, got my second vaccine shot few days before end of July and was too sick to continue my reading. Totally fine now and I’m back with 5 piles to pick, because why not?!


Rider Waite Tarot: 10 of Cups, 2 of Cups (reversed), Moon, 9 of Pentacles (reversed), 7 of Pentacles (reversed)

Archangel Power Tarot Cards: Knight of Raphael (reversed), Six of Ariel, Star (reversed), Knight of Michael, Four of Raphael (reversed)

Work Your Light Oracle Cards: Sisterhood of the Rose

Raven’s Wand Oracle: Commemoration

Fin De Siecle Kipper: Privileged Lady, Lovers, Poverty

Underlying energies: Bad partnership. Emotional manipulation. Make logical decisions. Seek help from allies. Look at varying perspectives before making a decision. Trust your instincts and best friends only. 

The Hot Tea: Oh boy. This month, expect decision-making to be 10 times harder than usual. Not because you’re incapable of making good choices. August is throwing a whole lot of curveballs in the form of emotional manipulations, false promises, and hidden clauses that may bite you in the ass in the coming months.

If you must make a decision to sign a contract or go into a partnership of some form, make sure you ask questions. Call your friends and ask them to give their input if it’s a good deal and highlight pain points that you may not notice at first. This is not the time to be easily swayed by sweet words and emotional pulls. Sometimes a smile can be an effective weapon to lower your defenses to get you to agree to a bad deal.

Sometimes it’s not that it is an intentional manipulation of the other party, it could be that they have their own KPI to take care of, and squeezing the most out of the deal with you is what they need to do – we all have jobs to do. Sometimes in business, it’s nothing personal.

Be sure to always check, double-check and triple-check on a deal that has been presented to you to avoid being at a losing end of this partnership.

For others who are not pending any offers, this could manifest as some sort of division in the workplace where you may be pressured to take sides. I always avoid taking sides but if you must, take into account very carefully both sides of the story and decide if it is worth taking the risk of maybe suffering from a professional setback in the future should you pick the wrong side.

Love & Lust: Singles, don’t expect any help from the Universe to meet your match this month. No, the Universe has not forsaken you, but there’s a chance that you’re way too dependent on messages from the Universe or using metaphysical help to achieve what you want to see happen in your love life. 

Look, I’m all for people seeking help from intuitive, witches, and the likes when they are at a crossroads, but when you kept depending on others besides yourself – that’s when you have a problem. Not everything can be solved magically by a spiritualist. Sometimes you need to rebuild the foundation of who you are and what you’re all about to make good decisions when it comes to love. This month, the crutches are being pulled from under you – stand up on your own two feet and reassess what it is you want in love and how you want to approach the people you’re attracted to.

Those who are in a relationship. Something feels off. I mean it really feels off. You felt it for a while and you can’t make up any excuses for it anymore. There’s an energy that where you’re at in a relationship at the moment is just not the most ideal and you’re starting to see how things are not how the other person painted the relationship to be. 

I’m not sure why but there’s a strong sense of urgency to flee quickly for some of you. If this particular line resonates with you, then take it as an immediate hint to do it as your instincts guide you to, and I wish you well and safety. For others, this means a clean break may be required as there are layers upon layers of untruths about your connection that seemed too broken to fix. Perhaps the foundation this relationship was built on is now exposed to be unstable?

The situation calls for using your logic to carefully assess where you both are in this relationship and the Universe will not intervene on your behalf to smoothen things. Don’t take it as a punishment from the Universe, this is a sign that you need to stop glossing over mistakes that are bad for you and to actually exert free will and correct the course in love.


Rider Waite Tarot: Ace of Pentacles (reversed), Chariot, Ace of Swords, 3 of Pentacles, 5 of Wands

Archangel Power Tarot Cards: 9 of Gabriel, 3 of Raphael, Page of Michael (reversed), 8 of Gabriel, High Priestess

Work Your Light Oracle Cards: Play

Raven’s Wand Oracle: The Gift

Fin De Siecle Kipper: Marriage, Occupation, Message

Underlying energies: Experience joy in things you do. You are ready for challenges. Learning opportunities disguised as challenges. Be resourceful. 2nd chances coming.

The Hot Tea: This month, the sweet comes with the sour. There’s no way to change things. Some of you may experience a missed opportunity moment where something you may have tried to push back on the back burner just up and left, leaving you with nothing. There’s a lesson in all of this, sometimes we need to seize the moment instead of being paralyzed by fears and indecisions. But, lucky for you the Universe is kind enough to throw you a bone – another opportunity will show up in its place but this will not last long, so if you delay and it goes away, that’s on you. Be quick!

For some resources may be tight this month and partly you may be to blame if you are too casual with spending. Think twice before spending that dollar. You’ll be shocked at what may pop up later in the week that may require you to throw money at it as the only solution. So please tighten the purse strings to avoid panic.

Not gonna gloss over the fact that this month may be draining emotionally and psychologically from the stress coming your way, but trust me, nothing major will affect you this month that will cause you trauma. So, learn to infuse your day with some positivity to change your mind a little when coping with stress. Take it as a learning lesson, the better you are at handling some stress at work, especially when it comes to interacting with new people, the better you will be at it the next time comes.

Also, for those signing any contracts or documents – make sure you check the fine prints carefully as you may miss out on something that you will regret later on.

Love & Lust: Singles, it’s time to get connected to your friends more. Get your friends to expand your social circle by connecting to their friends that you’ve not met before. Love comes through a good circle of friends who share the same philosophy towards life as you do!

But. Yes here comes the but. You should be open to any possibilities and approach new connections with an open mind. Sometimes we may have an idea of who we want to fall in love with, or how love will come about. Forget all of those things and really just see what happens. The lesser the expectations the better. When you open yourself up to the Universe, you allow better things to enter your life!

Also, this is a great time to drop the pretense of who you want people to perceive you as and just be yourself. Be yourself, be blunt, and be authentic. You’ll be surprised as to how many people will find you attractive just like this.

Those in a relationship. Ok. brace yourself. I feel two distinct energies here that need to be addressed. For some, a negative piece of news you didn’t expect is coming and it will change up the plans you have for your relationship. This is news that has been hidden for a while that you will unravel in the most unpleasant of ways. It all happens so quickly that you have little time to react. It’s not up to me what you should do next. Nor do I see the content of issues in this relationship. So assess the situation carefully and see if what you uncovered is worth staying and fixing.

For others, there’s a distance between you and your significant others. So what are you waiting for? BRIDGE THE GAP! Lucky for you, there’s nothing unseemly going on between the two of you. It’s just that sometimes when two people are in a relationship, we tend to let complacency slide in. It’s fine to not always be passionate but once in a while, it is good to show each other what you both mean to one another.

The Universe is asking you to look back at what got you both together in the first place. Revisit common interests, take a break from professional commitments and make some time for both of you to just chill. Seriously sometimes a good quiet time to chill is all you need to keep the flames of passion alive. Perhaps now is also a good time to discuss things that you’ve put on hold – plans for the next year? Talk it out. You’ll find the talk pleasurable and fruitful.


Rider Waite Tarot: Page of Cups, 10 of Swords, 6 of Wands, Chariot, 7 of Pentacles (reversed)

Archangel Power Tarot Cards: Ace of Gabriel (reversed), 9 of Michael, Justice (reversed), Peace (reversed), 10 of Michael (reversed)

Work Your Light Oracle Cards: Pleiades (reversed)

Raven’s Wand Oracle: Family Matters (reversed)

Fin De Siecle Kipper: High Honor, Great Fortune, Marriage

Underlying Energies: Good news coming. New chapter. Shifting of luck. Get down to the truth. Let go of the past and old expectations. Take control of an upcoming situation.

The Hot Tea: We get it, sis. You’ve got it bad it seems the past months and you’ve been waiting for a reprieve. Well, your prayers are about to be answered this month. There’s a series of bad things that happened in the past months that felt like things are just piling on top of you and you are barely keeping yourself alive from these stresses.

There’s a strong 10 energy in your reading which means the ending of one chapter to start a new one. If you’ve been looking to start fresh, this is a positive sign that things will go smoothly for you. There is also a strong 8 energy in your reading, hinting at barriers that are of your own doing because of self-limiting beliefs.

This month, a strong gust of luck will blow these setbacks away from you, and once again take a deep breath and pick yourself back up so you can start again. Sometimes things seem a little too good to be true, but those rare instances where the Universe decides to correct what is wrong in your life, take it, be grateful, and do your part to move forwards and not depend on luck too long. 

Stop being frustrated and relook at how you’ve been approaching your goals. Old ideals, processes, and ways of doing things just won’t cut it anymore. This month, you need to change your ways to gain something in return. Want a new job? Spruce up your resume and interview tactics. Want a bump in your position? Go beyond your usual job scope and show that you are capable of handling more responsibilities. Whatever it is, say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. 

Love & Lust: Some things happened in past between you and your partner that has been causing you to have sleepless nights. You may have stumbled on your partner doing something that caused you to question their love and commitment to you, leaving you feeling insecure and skeptical of the longevity of this connection.

Instead of doing something, you just worry. Obsessively, even. These obsessions can lead to stagnation; paralysis through analysis as they say.

Here’s the thing. The solution seems easy, but not easily executed and requires courage: Rip the bandage off and confront the truth. Sit down and have a truthful chat about where this relationship is heading because there’s an energy of clinging on to something long past its due and also resorting to mental gymnastics to justify being together.

If your fear is knowing the truth that will break your heart and leave you single then realize that this relationship is not meant for you. 

For singles, be brave. Seriously, be brave. Don’t spend time living inside your mind crippling your chances of meeting people because you have a long list of perceived imperfections and flaws. The Universe is telling you to not be too harsh on yourself and August is a time for you to walk the world boldly. So you think your nose is a little crooked. So what? Werk that crooked nose. So you’re just a little awkward? Some people may find it adorable. The less you put stress on yourself to be like other people, the better you’ll find your chances of being in a healthy love relationship. 


Rider Waite Tarot: Wheel of Fortune, Emperor, Death (reversed), King of Pentacles (reversed), Temperance (reversed)

Archangel Power Tarot Cards: Ace of Ariel, King of Ariel (reversed), 6 of Ariel, 2 of Ariel (reversed), Leap of Faith

Work Your Light Oracle Cards: Warrior Woman

Raven’s Wand Oracle: Give and Take

Fin De Siecle Kipper: Official Person, Thief, Wealthy Man

Underlying energies: Big changes to come. Life-changing decisions. Let go and trust the Universe. Good tidings. New journey.

The Hot Tea: Holy fucking shit balls. There are major Universe energies coming into play this month and you just need to fucking ride this wave of good things, henny. Consider yourself really lucky this month as your luck is about to turn for the good and it will stay that way as long as you accept the lessons that come with it. 

Ok, there it is, the price. But hear me out, the lessons will not be as harsh as you imagined it to be. The only thing it is that is you need to get out of your comfort zone. Sounds simple – and it is – but you gotta learn to shed what the Universe deems is no longer serving your highest good. So start by saying the magic word: “Fuck it!”

That should help you put you in the right mindset for the blessings to come. This may come in the form of a new job, new promotion, and generally any big positive news you have been waiting for to arrive. Your hard work is about to pay off, and whatever is coming your way, you absolutely deserve it. So don’t ever shortchange yourself by rejecting it because you think you’re not good enough. See, sometimes bigger, better things take a little longer for the Universe to manifest for you. 

Whatever you need to shed the metaphorical deadweight that is holding you back will be known to you at the right time. Other things to take note of: Don’t be deceitful in getting what you want, and don’t get arrogant and forgetful of the struggles you’ve gone through to get where you’re at. Remember that actions have consequences. The Universe is asking you to temper that sense of pride and accomplishment with a bit of humility and grace. How you treat people when you’re doing good in life will determine how people will treat you if one day you stumble and it all turns to shit. Just saying.

Love & Lust: Give and take is the theme for couples this month. Things are fine but the Universe is alerting you as to how busy you will be this month in your professional life that you may neglect your supportive partner. No one said you have to dedicate half your day to them, just a little bit of reminder of how grateful you are for their support. Seems a little gesture that most can do, but you’d be surprised at how caught up people can be and forget that little things like this can make all the difference in the world. 

With the Fool here in your relationship reading, pepper in August with a little bit of unexpected activity. Feeling a little stressed out with a tight deadline? Once you clear the deadline, go out and try something new with your partner. Always break the stress with new activities to do with your partner. You’ll be surprised at how effective it is in melting the stress away and also what it can do for your connection.

Singles need to stop making up excuses for being single. Sure work is busy and your reason for your status is always “My professional life leaves no room for someone else.” While it’s great and there’s nothing wrong with putting focus on career ambition, we both know you’re only kidding yourself. And honestly, the excuse is running thin to those around you. Throwing yourself into work is a perfect form of escapism for you to avoid the root issue of it all: You’re just emotionally stunted and are afraid that you’ll not be “good” in this whole love thing.

Well, no one is actually that good in love. That’s why so many tarot readers on YouTube and on other social media platforms heavily skew their readings on love – because it gets views LMAO JK Kimora, but not really. I’m just throwing a little shade. But sis, you have eyes and a working brain, right? You don’t put the two and two together? Come on gurl, it’s because people always have issues in love. When they’re single, they wanna know what’s wrong with them. When they’re in love, they wanna know what could go wrong with them. When they’re unhappy in a relationship, they wanna know what went wrong with them. People are inherently insecure in love and the stats for love readings just confirm it. Show me a tarot reader on a social media platform who denies this, and I’ll show you a bold-faced liar.

Mawma, here’s the thing. You feel attraction, you pursue it. You try your best and if you fail. Express your emotions as much as possible then start again. You gotta keep trying and not just hide under false pretenses so you don’t get hurt. You’ll have a few chances this month as long as you keep an open mind and is willing to put in the work to mingle (be it physically or digitally). Just take the leap and trust the Universe. It doesn’t have to end with a happily ever after, but at the very least your love story has a chance to begin with “Once upon a time, in a land far away…”


Rider Waite Tarot: 9 of Wands (reversed), 3 of Pentacles (reversed), Queen of Swords (reversed), Chariot, 6 of Wands

Archangel Power Tarot Cards: King of Ariel (reversed), Queen of Ariel (reversed), Empress, Four of Raphael (reversed), 2 of Gabriel (reversed)

Work Your Light Oracle Cards: Get Grounded

Raven’s Wand Oracle: Ebb and Flow

Fin De Siecle Kipper: Change, False Person, Toil & Labour

Underlying energies: Disappointment due to a small defeat. Double-down the effort. Need for clear-headed decision-making. Keep going. Don’t be distracted by setbacks.

The Hot Tea: Some things didn’t go as planned in your workplace. It seems your projects are flopping and despite what may seem like your best ideas yet, you’re just not killing it. And that’s killing you inside. If you’re about to call it quits and move on to greener pasture, just take a pause. The problem isn’t that you’re never going to give your best in this place, it’s just that you’re too focused on compensating your previous hiccup that you are all over the place and couldn’t see past your scatteredness.

This is no time to lose your cool. Tap onto your network for objective perspectives. And don’t dismiss what they have to say. Their views are different from yours – maybe that is what is required? Your perception is just a little clouded by emotions right now so you need to keep your mind clear as much as possible before you make any judgments. Objective observers always bring out the best in us if you can study their point of view carefully.

The Universe is not out to torture you, in fact, if you’ve been facing setbacks after setbacks, rest assured that August will see you winning – and winning big that you’d finally let out a sigh of relief! And the best part is you’ll be remembered for it and not for the few bumps on the road you’ve stumbled on before. Just remember not to give up, kill your ego, and proceed with objective views and a clear head.

Love & Lust: Couples can feel like the world is against them and this month feels like the make-or-break month if you’re in this situation. It feels strange – you both seem to connect on the same level, you both share the same vision of what you want in a relationship, and even have the same priorities….but wait. Are those things you want in a relationship truly what’s good for both of you, or good for both of your images? 

See some people go into a relationship with someone that fulfills their “social” duties by projecting a certain image because of what each can bring to the table. There is nothing wrong with that if that is part of your motivations as long as you feel like it can be balanced with other aspects of a relationship that make it healthy for both of you. But the thing is – have you both gotten down to the roots of what makes this relationship solid? August is asking couples that seem to look good on paper to dig deeper and rediscover why they love one another. Regardless if leaving was ever an option, if you choose to stay with one another wouldn’t it be better if both of you are genuinely emotionally, spiritually, and mentally invested in one another?

Singles, potential love matches may present themselves in August! But think of them as diamonds in the rough. You kinda need to sand down the harsh surface to see how much of a perfect fit they are with your idea of true love. There’s an impression that you both will definitely be the right fit for a healthy, long-term union, and even be successful in a business venture together, but they just won’t present themselves as that immediately or teleport to your living room. Getting a little too comfy with solitude will not help make your love wishes come true. This is where you need to exert as much free will on your end and put yourself out there and the effort to get to know someone and uncover the potential they have to offer you. Seriously, you should know this by now: you’ll never be rewarded in love if you’re lazy.

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