Monthly Pick-a-Card Messages for October 2021


I would like to start this post by apologizing to the other spiritual practitioners – especially black arts ones – that I have offended with my presence entering your space. All your powers in spell casting, uggh like they’re like so powerful and stuff and have caused such turmoil in my life for months, hindering my ability to read cards.

I know now that not cowering in fear when more established readers/witches are trying to remind me of my place is wrong. And I will be more respectful and not step on anyone’s toes from now on, so please remove all curses and hexes and stuff.

That is all i have to say. Have a wonderful evening. Love & Light.













Ok. Chile. Been away and missed the September reading. Bitch done got themself a new gig; deleted and blocked some toxic gaslighting faux spiritualists from my circles – if I used to tag a bitch and then don’t tag them anymore – it’s them; elevated my spirit work (legit my proudest accomplishment in the past year – working with spirits is so energy-intensive y’all); AND discovered new skills and abilities as a practitioner.  

So yes, needed a break. Uggh also photos of the cards are just so low effort, deal with it. You read my forecast for how accurate it is, not for the photo aesthetic.  

As per usual, if you’re new to group readings: look at the header photo above, select the numbered images – whichever you feel drawn to, don’t overthink – and scroll down to the respective group number.


Santa Muerte Tarot Deck: 6 of Pentacles (reversed), Emperor, Wheel of Fortune, Justice, 2 of Pentacles

Bruegel Tarot: Empress, King of Pentacles (reversed), Chariot (reversed), Lovers, Sun

Seasons of the Witch Samhain Oracle: Grief, The Veil

Moonology Oracle Cards: Emotions are running high

Raven’s Wand Oracle: Commemoration

Numerology Guidance Cards: 46 Domestic Harmony

Underlying energies: No longer being exploited. Recognize your power. New job that matches your goals and passion. Recognition at work. New responsibilities. Making a big decision. Clouded by fear. Remove emotions from decisions. 

The Hot Tea: There are WAY too many major arcanas here that I care for. Seriously. BIG BIG BIG  decisions to be made this month, like make or break your journey type of shit, y’all.

The good thing about this is that it’s for the good! Like OMG. So here’s the thing. I notice some serious insecurity issue and self-doubt plaguing you right now that no one seems to be able to calm you of your worries. Well. SNAP OUT OF IT! 

This change coming your way, ooooh gurl, this is a long-time coming. Those who feel undervalued at work, get ready to be welcomed to a new place where you will shine. Big money. Big responsibility. Big win all over. Never allow how you were treated to be the benchmark of what you’re worth. One company may exploit your talents with little payoff for you, but things will change and the Universe has had enough of that.

Do note that you will be given a choice – you still have to make that decision. There’s no Death energy here so you won’t be forced to make the change. Know that if the only thing holding you back from making the jump is fear of the unknown – then the Universe is saying there’s nothing to worry about.

Also, this is probably for only a small portion of you: If you’re planning some payback for someone who deserves it, this month the Universe will clear the path for it to have a successful outcome. Remember karma. Never return the favor more than what they have given you. Don’t be petty, bitch. 

This month, some of you need to put in place a solid structure for managing your resources: this could include money, time, and also how you spend your energy. You need to lay the proper foundation for other things to come that calls for you to exercise this skill for work or otherwise. Pay your goddamn bills and debt before they cause issues in your life.

Love & Lust: Patience, my darlings. Patience. Don’t force your fantasy into a reality when it is not the right time or the right moment. Singles who are desperate to announce to their friends that they’re in a relationship need to sit the fuck down and take several seats.

In October, you may feel more than before of loneliness, but things are being set in motion right now for you to meet someone who’s such a great fit for you. Right now, issues involving selfishness, neediness, desperation, and lack of groundedness in how you view love need to change.

For some, whatever goddamn issues you picked up from past relationships need to go. The past is the past – leave it behind when you’re meeting someone new. This month you’re just extra desirable than you’ve been before. Someone who’s sexually attracted to you and you to them will blossom into something more.

For a small minority of you, y’all are pregnant. Empress, Lovers and Sun – gurl. Is this planned? If so and this is something you’ve been waiting for, congratulations. 

Couples, well, keep on keeping on. Things are going smoothly. But always remember that sometimes when emotions are flared, it’s easy to think that those moments are the last straw that finally breaks the relationship. But it’s actually not. Learn to separate the natural ebb and flow of a relationship and consistent issues that have caused you or the other person nothing but misery. But the reading is so full of light, so don’t dwell on small fights and make it into something that it is not.


Santa Muerte Tarot Deck: Moon (reversed), Page of Swords, Hanged Man (reversed), 5 of Wands (reversed), 6 of Pentacles (reversed).

Bruegel Tarot: 3 of Swords, 4 of Pentacles, Wheel, Sun, 8 of Swords

Seasons of the Witch Samhain Oracle: Elements (reversed), Protection (reversed),

Moonology Oracle Cards: New Moon in Virgo

Raven’s Wand Oracle: Sweet Temptation

Numerology Guidance Cards: 93 Happy Ending

Underlying energies: Creative lull. End of self-delusions. Do the necessary grunt work. 2nd chance to correct a wrong move. Think things through. Coming to an agreement on a thorny issue. Trapped by a generous offer. Being exploited by others because you feel undervalued presently. Don’t be stubborn.

The Hot Tea: Feelings of not getting the best deal out of your workplace is going to make you an easy target for people to take advantage of you. And they probably are. Presently, you seem to be looking for a way out of your job or any position you find yourself in where you feel like you deserve more. But there seems to be a catch.

You may be presented with another offer that superficially seems to tick most of the boxes – not all – and you feel like this is the best way forward. But hold your horses as there are things that may be coming in the future that will cause you to regret the decision. 

This is not to say that you have to reject every single new offer coming your way this month, but be very detailed on what you want in this stage of your life and also if there are potential issues that may cause you major stress down the road. For instance, you may get an offer with an increase in salary, but the company that offers it may be in a shaky sector that may not withstand the current economic pressure, or leave you to drown with little help from anyone. Just don’t have a tunnel vision of “I deserve a higher title/salary/to be associated with a more recognizable organization”. 

Breathe. And be very objective this month as your desire to grab on to something better may cloud your judgment severely. The cards are asking you to wait as events are being shifted around for good things to be presented to you. There is a better offer coming that will make you feel incredibly appreciated. If a company is insulted that you are probing too much about the gig, then recognize that it is not for you. 

Know your worth, but buy time.

Love & Lust: Difficult to love. Stubborn. Demanding. Controlling. Resistant to change. Sounds familiar? Probably not because you’re thick in the head and always think you’re perfect and butter don’t melt in your mouth. Bitch wake the fuck up. Are you happily coupled? How long is your most stable relationship? Hell, are you even happily single? Exactly.

Mawma, you may be the main character in your life, but you’re living in a world surrounded by other main characters so you’re not that special. Share the stage, will ya? There’s also another side to you that is pretty problematic: You don’t feel complete unless you are with someone and feel like there’s something wrong with you when you’re single. Gurl, why?

October is about letting go of highly toxic traits, beliefs, and ideas you have about yourself and love. The Universe is about to send you someone you really need but the problem is that several things have to be in place before you actually receive it. The person may come your way literally in the next 5 seconds but if you hold the same limiting beliefs about love, you’re just going to watch the person walk away. 

For a small portion of you, watch out for hangers-on. This month is ripe for smooth poseurs to rub against you and try to be with you just because of who you appear to be to the world rather than for you who are.

For couples, uh oh. Yes, Uh oh. 

Tensions are high and there have been multiple fights, episodes of strong distaste for one another, and growing resentment between the two of you.

Money, stability, and safety are big elements of why you choose to remain in this relationship. There’s a chance that you are allowing negative experiences in a relationship to happen because you feel trapped and that you just don’t want the rug pulled from under your feet if you walk away. 

Maybe you just don’t know how to survive alone? Maybe it’s all in your head. Your judgment is definitely clouded right now. Whatever it is, in October, the Universe is showing you more than before what you needed to see. Now whether you choose to act on it and make actual changes is another story. That is up to you.

Now this doesn’t mean that this relationship is completely done. There is a small chance that this will improve but only after issues on the forefront right now are fully addressed and accepted by both of you. If not, maybe it’s time to close the chapter.


Santa Muerte Tarot Deck: Star, Emperor, 5 of Pentacles, Hanged Man (reversed), 10 of Cups

Bruegel Tarot: Hanged Man (reversed), 10 of Wands, Temperance, World, Knight of Swords

Seasons of the Witch Samhain Oracle: All Hallow’s Eve, Altar

Moonology Oracle Cards: New Moon Eclipse

Raven’s Wand Oracle: Ebb and Flow

Numerology Guidance Cards: 3 Creativity

Underlying energies: Completion and moving on. Reaping the rewards. Recovery from a bad situation. Need to take control. Break out of fear. Forced changes. Stop coasting by. Don’t lose focus. Close to the finishing line.

The Hot Tea: You’re probably aware of this, you’re closing one chapter in your life and are moving on to something new. This something new is something you’ve had your eye on for a while now and you’re within reach right now. BUT. you need to stop coasting by and take it as a sure thing. Your efforts are still required, and then have the courage to ask for what you deserve.

If you are looking for a job and you’ve been applying to multiple companies, do not take a break and think that is enough, keep on applying until you get an offer. If you already have a job and is looking for a promotion or an even better role at a different place, keep pushing forth and doing your best and not just think that it’s a done deal. The Universe is going to reward you for the extra energy you put in right now as people are watching and when it comes down to it, the hungrier you seem, the more you will reap the rewards.

Issues of stagnation are also highlighted in this reading. Sometimes it feels like you’re in a good spot – or at least in a safe spot – and you feel like just letting things run their course as you are doing ok. Well, I’m sure this has served you well in the past but this month, you’ll stand out if you choose to be super chill – in a bad way. You don’t want this to overshadow the good things you have done so far. 

For some of you, this month seems to make the feeling that something is missing in your life much more pronounced. Perhaps this may be one of the reasons why you are stagnating and coasting by. If this is so, do not allow yourself to normalize this state of mind. If you don’t have career satisfaction or in any areas of your life, do something about it and put in the extra effort to make the necessary changes so you feel like there are things worth waking up for every morning. You’re not a mindless drone and you should never operate in that headspace for your own mental health.

This month is perfect for starting something new with the intention of replacing what’s old with something new. Be it a new way of living your life or new career goals and ambition. You’re meant to shed old ways of doing things to welcome in more abundance in all areas of your life and October’s energy is primed for you to set things in motion. But you gotta make the move.

Love & Lust: We get it that you’ve been busy. But don’t neglect your emotional needs, sweetie. There’s a sense that you’ve had your schedules full of things relating to work and other activities that you don’t make time to meet someone or be in a relationship. Singles, October is a month for you to strike the right balance between having material and emotional fulfillment.

Perhaps for some of you, being busy with work is an excuse you’ve learnt to hide behind so you can avoid the dreaded topic of why you’re not coupled yet. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to be with someone to have a fulfilling life. If you are secretly yearning for a relationship but have put it off because of personal fears and anxieties, then stop with the excuses and really put yourself out there. 

Don’t pretend anymore that your life has no space to accommodate a person. Living in denial is just not healthy. This has been going on for far too long and if you know this is true, start the healing process and make the change you need to see now. 

For those who are happy being single, remember that there are ways to keep yourself occupied than just through work. Carve out time in your life for interactions with people in a platonic way!

For couples, one person in this relationship is not having their needs met. This has been going on for a while now where one person is giving more than they are receiving. Sure, they may brush it off and not bring it up, but that doesn’t mean that they are ok with it. If this is you, then voice out your needs. Start with learning to say no. Or provide alternatives to what your partner wants to do that you may not like. 

For others, your lack of direction and doormat tendencies are getting on their nerves. I feel like both issues can exist in a relationship if you pick this where one person just lets the other decide everything, and the perceived submissiveness is grating to the other party.

If you’re reading this and this feels like what you’ve secretly been thinking…then mawma it’s about time you do something. I don’t see any major issues beyond correcting these issues. The relationship isn’t ending over this and I think both of you will stand to gain more from this openness in what each person thinks of the other. 


Santa Muerte Tarot Deck: Queen of Swords (reversed), 3 of Swords, Ace of Wands (reversed), 7 of Swords, 6 of Cups (reversed)

Bruegel Tarot: 9 of Wands (reversed), 7 of Pentacles (reversed), Knight of Swords (reversed), 5 of Cups, Queen of Swords (reversed)

Seasons of the Witch Samhain Oracle: Owl (reversed), Ancestors

Moonology Oracle Cards: South Node

Raven’s Wand Oracle: Founding Day

Numerology Guidance Cards: 85 Follow Your Dreams

Underlying energies: Mistakes are lessons, not punishment. Taken aback by a change in life. Need to have clear communication. Need for self-preservation. Being misunderstood by others. Long con. Trust yourself over others. Fact-check required before making any moves. Don’t dwell on the past.

The Hot Tea: Blame it on Mercury retrograde for the stress, tension, miscommunication, and friction you’re experiencing in the first half of October if you want. But for you specifically, the Universe has other plans. You are meant to go through extra hardship, not as a punishment but to open your eyes to all traps that are there to avoid even bigger problems to come if you are not aware.

Think of this month as your baptism by fire. Yes, you will moan and groan and hate every single shit that is thrown your way but believe it or not, every issue that pops up will be accompanied by a solution so you will know to find resolutions to each problem. Why? Because this is the time for you to take note of your shortcomings, negative qualities, secret enemies, weak plans, and other less-than-stellar things that you have missed out on. There are bigger things that you are supposed to achieve, henny, and self-development is key to unlocking those rewards. Don’t dwell on past mistakes and look forward – that is key to thriving this month.

I’m not saying that everyone around you is your enemy, but don’t let your guard down and be too trusting as there are energies of being stabbed in the back and allowing yourself to be deceived this month. Remember that some people have their own agenda and if you are seen as a threat to accomplishing that agenda, they may not hesitate to take you down seemingly at your own actions. The world is not paradise, sis. Especially if you are climbing the corporate ladder. Now, this isn’t something that’s work-specific and may manifest in other areas in your life too, so try to be a little Machiavellian this month. Don’t be petty and nasty, but depend on yourself to cover your pretty little ass.

Love & Lust: This month you feel a little more vulnerable than usual. And no one wants to see this mess right? So you might as well take a break from dating? NO. The vulnerability is good. Instead of putting up a front and pretending to be someone you’re not just to impress a date, be who you are right now and that will surprisingly be a good thing for your love life, singles!

However, one thing you MUST note: do not set impossible standards for potential partners and also on yourself. This month’s energies of demanding more out of you and others around you may mess up interactions you have with people. So be sure to understand that impulse and not act on it and ruin what could be a potentially good connection.

Those in a relationship may find themselves just feeling like they constantly need to fix things about their partner. Nothing they do seems to be right for you right now. Why? Are those really big issues that are deal-breakers? If so why are you still with them? Chances are it’s not. You’re dealing with confusing energies this month thanks to Mercury retrograde, and things are making you feel like you’re easily annoyed, but don’t give in to some of those impulses.

Once this entire mess of energies passes, you’ll want to be left not cleaning up messes of your own for the things said and done during this phase. Just saying.

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