Monthly Pick-a-Card Messages for November 2021

Omaiglob! Yes, I’m a little late again for the monthly forecast. I’ve got two wisdom teeth extracted at the end of October and I chose to spend a week being doped up on painkillers (legally prescribed, don’t do drugs, kids!) and stuffing my face with pints of Ben & Jerry’s. Uggh, let me live my life!!!!

As per usual, look at the numbered graphics in the banner above, pick one that appeals to you and scroll down to the corresponding group number for your forecast. If you’re drawn to more than one group, read the selected groups.


The Zombie Tarot: 2 of Swords, Hanged Man, 5 of Wands (reversed), Knight of Hazards

Light Seer’s Tarot: 3 of Pentacles, 8 of Swords, Page of Swords (reversed), Emperor (reversed)

Les Vampires Oracle Cards:  Nightmare, Discipline

Divine Circus Oracle: Confetti, Meant for You

Sibilla Della Zingara: Widower (reversed), Merchant (reversed), Melancholy (reversed), Surprise, Soldier (reversed)

Underlying energies: Questioning recent blessing. Casting away self-doubt. Making an uneasy choice. Using responsibility as an excuse for not making a change. Incoming reward. Ending of stress. No more coasting by.

The Hot Tea: This is a classic self-sabotage scenario here that you’re going through. Opportunities are coming your way to improving your lot in life, but you find yourself plagued with so many questions that stop you from accepting the bounty: “Am I smart enough to handle this? Will I fit in? How do I cope with this new pressure? When will the carpet be pulled from under my feet? What’s the catch? What if I over-conditioned my hair?”

Uggh. Like, stop. Enough with this nonsense. The Universe is telling you that November is being set for you to receive an upgrade in life. For some, it’s a new role in your job. For others, something or someone that’s been making your work-life intolerable will be removed so you can finally shine. THINGS ARE GOING WELL FOR YOU AND STOP LOOKING FOR PROBLEMS. 

This is going to get some getting used to. There’s an element of “newness” here that will take you by surprise. Remember that if our ancestors didn’t embrace change, we would all be living in a cave right now. Look what happens when we accept the need for change? Now we’re so evolved, we can find people around our area looking to hook up with a tap on our phone! Uggh. progress, henny!

Now look, don’t be too cocky too as this new path opening up for you will need for you to be on your best A-game. Don’t slack. Don’t take shortcuts. Don’t wing it. Approach anything new with a learners’ mindset. Expand your skillset and step the fuck up. You will be rewarded even more because those that matter will be watching you. REMEMBER.

For entrepreneurs, the same energy applies here. Be on your best behavior because you will be connected to people who will expand your business as long as you drop the attitude and treat every opportunity coming your way with respect. Sometimes it’s the people or connection that you least expect to do anything for you that will bring the most bounty.

For some, the energy of “something new” manifests in this urge to switch things up in how you live. Perhaps you are planning to adopt a newer, fresher approach to life. Perhaps it is taking up that new skill or course that you feel will bring a boost into your life – do it. In summary: anything new – or the idea of trying something new to benefit your life – accept it as a challenge and you will be rewarded.

Love & Lust: OK. You’ve made some progress in your life that has you petting yourself in the back for how far you’ve come in your perspective of love. Guess what? You can’t always rely on yourself now. You have friends and a support network? Singles you need to start calling up your squad and telling them that you’re ready to mingle. They may have someone that will tingle your naughty bits.

Now, insecurities may creep in now and then, but don’t let that hold you back from ever experiencing love. There’s definite energy of making progress here but not quite where you imagined in your head. I’ll tell it to you straight up so you’ll get it: No matter how hard you try, you will never look like Miranda Kerr, Susan. Stop it. You have come a long way in discarding negative ideas about love and also working on yourself to look and feel better – so be grateful for how far you’ve come!

For some of you, a love interest may present themselves in the areas of work. Possibly a colleague or even someone connected to work. I usually say don’t shit where you eat, but this is a general reading, so the details of your situation may be positive so use discretion and think twice before sending nudes. Just saying.

Also, singles – someone in a relationship will be showing interest in you. Don’t be that ho. Seriously, if they want to be with you, they should have the fucking decency to end it with their present partner first. Is that really the type of person you want to be with? Seriously. 

For couples, both of you are reaching a stage in this relationship where you want to put in more work together. This means things are getting serious. But there’s a heavy emphasis on addressing power imbalances. In the spirit of taking things to the next level, I can see how one person – possibly you – try to dictate how things should be because you have this silly fairytale in your head that you want it to play out exactly as you imagined it to be. This is now how a relationship works. Work things out so you both will enjoy taking this relationship to the next level.

Relax, things will be going well for you both. Enjoy!


The Zombie Tarot: Sun (reversed), 10 of Wands, 6 of Wands (reversed), 10 of Swords (reversed)

Light seer’s Tarot: Fool (reversed), Page of Wands (reversed), Queen of Wands (reversed), 4 of Cups

Les Vampires Oracle Cards: Creator, Faith

Divine Circus Oracle: Pixie Pierrot, Pinhead Punchello

Sibilla Della Zingara: Despair, House, Lord, Friend (reversed), Doctor

Underlying energies: A phase coming to an end. Inevitable failure. Shedding a facade. Change course. Betrayal by someone you hold in high regard. Time to be original. Manage your apathy.

The Hot Tea: I don’t know how to break this to you in any other way but straight up – You’ve seen a chapter in your life closing for a while and you’ve been trying really hard to fight against it. Don’t waste your energy, something is about to end, and in a failure and the Universe agrees with how things will pan out. Spend your energy to cushion your fall instead.

This could come in the form of a job, a friendship connection, a commitment you made prior in hopes of it becoming profitable. This will especially sting because it involves being disappointed by someone you look up to and thought they would do everything in their power to prevent this ending from happening. It’s not their fault. There’s a time for things to end.

Not really something you want to hear? Well, the good thing is this is a closure and the worst will end with it. Especially since you have multiples of 10 in your card pull, heavily emphasizing the end of a chapter in your life to force you to move on to something.

The good thing about this – besides the end of your worry and mental stress – is that whatever failure this results in, will have no impact on your next move. Think of it as a clean cut with no karmic debt of any sort that you will always need to be held accountable for. Before the end happens, make the most of it and see how you can turn this to your benefit. Save all your contacts, important documents, and samples of important case studies that you may need for your next job? Whatever it is, save whatever useful information you can from the partnership that is ending to benefit you in the next chapter of your life.

This is a great time for you to reinvent yourself by stripping all forms of facade and delusions you’ve been indulging in. The energy this month is stripping you to the core and looking inwards of who you are, what you love, what you need, and how you receive your needs. Look out for plenty of opportunities coming your way when it comes to personal and professional development. 

This month has great energy for you to start being a creator of sorts – whatever pet projects you’ve been dreaming of starting, do it. I mean, there are more entrepreneurs now during the pandemic than before, so you’re in good company. But this month, take things one step at a time.

Love & Lust: When it comes to love, singles are feeling a little unmotivated at the moment. Maybe it’s because you’ve suffered many setbacks when it comes to connecting with someone romantically that you feel that it’s just not gonna happen anytime soon.

But here’s the thing, sometimes when you’re in a funk and feel like nothing is going to matter, you may miss some non-verbal cues from someone who may show interest in you. Not everyone will be so bold as to just ask you out – and says who that you must be the only one who needs to be pursued?

Some of you may have broken free from a relationship that isn’t working – and that’s ok, take a break. But keep your eyes out on your daily interaction for some wonderful surprises. Remember the energy of being authentic and stripping off the facade this month. This extends to your love life too, and you’ll find that being you is just as attractive to someone as pretending to be your best self – at least this way keeping up the ruse is not another chore you have to add to your daily to-do list.

Couples have different kinds of issues to deal with. Distractions and wrongly channeled aggression may seem to be affecting how you both are connecting to one another. There’s an energy of one of the parties just letting frustrations at work bottle up and then exploding at your partner when you know damn well they have nothing to do with it.

Do you feel like it’s difficult to tell your insecurities to your partner? If so, you got bigger issues than that. Let it all out. It’s not fair for them to take the brunt of the abuse or at least micro-aggression that is truly unnecessary.

There’s also a sense that both of you feel like this connection is losing that “new” spark that you both had early on. Well, that is not a big issue as that is more of a maintenance issue than a connection issue – all relationships go through ups and downs and that’s normal. Just make sure that you deal with the major issue highlighted above first. 

Express work frustrations that are creeping into your love space and work together to see how you both can help to find ways to ease your way out of your work mess. No other major issues are seen in this relationship this month, and as always nip problems in the bud before they blossomed into something even bigger and messier.


The Zombie Tarot: King of Cups, 8 of Cups, 7 of Swords (reversed), Queen of Hazards

Light Seer’s Tarot: 10 of Cups (reversed), 5 of Swords (reversed), Judgement, Knight of Swords (reversed)

Les Vampires Oracle Cards: Thirst, Primal

Divine Circus Oracle: Joker is Wild, Guest of Honour

Sibilla Della Zingara: Soldier (reversed), House, Enemy (reversed), Thief (reversed), Consolation (reversed)

Underlying energies: Stay ahead of your rivals. Accept curveballs thrown your way. Luck on your side. Trust yourself and use all the tricks up your sleeves. Hidden enemies coming your way. Do not be swayed by emotional manipulation. Conflict is a blessing for self-development.

The Hot Tea: Something is up and it’s very icky. The energy in this pile is just straight-up deceitful and nasty. Not you though. But you will find people who try to work against you a lot more this month. So you’re gonna curl up into a fetal position and cry? Bitch if you’ve been reading my forecasts, you know I have no time for a pity party.

This is the thing you need to know: in this month, sharpen your intuition, instill a sense of discipline in who you place your trust in. This is your November lesson from the Universe. There’s an energy of having to deal with some form of sabotage that will not be obvious to you in places that “imposes its rules on you;” this could mean work, school or any place that you devote your time and energy to that requires you to follow certain restrictions. It could even be a committee or organization you belong to.

Someone or a few people are trying to remove some advantage that you may have built up in your favor and these are people that may have lulled you into a false sense of security. Do they hate you? Probably not. Most likely they are opportunists who are trying to get theirs at your expense.

There will be a moment sometime this month where you feel like walking away and giving up – don’t. If you run from this or give up, you fail this month’s test. You are supposed to elevate in life and this month, get the gears turning and start being more shrewd in how you handle situations that seem to not be in your favor. Here’s the thing, whatever loss you are anticipating, the Universe is saying that it will cushion the blow so you will not receive that big of a loss. Be assertive, do not give in to your doubts, and break free from negative thinking.

This month, you need to learn to build endurance in withstanding manipulation and situations resulting from the machinations of others, the discipline to whip your insecurities and anxieties in shape, and the mental clarity to see the traps laid before you and formulate ways to turn things in your favor. Trust that you will be heading in the right direction even if it feels like you are careening off the road. After November is done, whatever you’ve learned from this month will be a valuable gift for you to move forward in your personal and professional life.

Love & Lust: Singles, tech is not the best wingman for you this month. Strong energy in being involved in community work to mingle and find people to have a love connection with. Also strong energy this month? Date people who are not your usual type. Why? Who the fuck knows, that’s the energy that came forth. Uggh.

If you’ve been too digitally tethered lately – and who can blame you as that’s what everyone is leaning towards – carve time in your schedule for physical activities that involve connecting with people for a unified cause. Go volunteer, join a club, enroll in some classes. Whatever it is, love comes not in the digital space this month, you gotta do it ol skool, henny.

Couples will find some disruptive energies causing some friction between you and them. And I don’t know your story and what you’re both about – but y’all are meant to part ways and chances are this will happen in November.

For a while now things have popped up to make you realize that you both are just not meant to ride it out till the end of time. Some relationships have an expiration date. Why? Because some are karmic lessons you need to learn about love and your lesson is almost complete. This won’t be a painful or a horrible break because this is something mutual. I think both of you have felt things shifting for a bit now, and sadly if you are coupled – go read the portion for singles above as it applies.

Breakaway from the expected because there’s a realization that will come this month that will cause you to start fresh. But this time – do it differently. I have a feeling that you already know you want something different but know that this isn’t restricted to superficial stuff like looks and dick size – go deep. Reassess the type of people you usually go for, and completely throw that out the window and see who is drawn to you. Try going out with those who you usually won’t give them the time of day. You will be very surprised at the outcome.


The Zombie Tarot: Queen of Hazards, 10 of Cups (reversed), Queen of Wands, Page of Swords (reversed)

Light Seer’s Tarot: Page of Swords (reversed), Hanged Man, 2 of Swords (reversed), Death

Les Vampires Oracle Cards: Jealousy, Hope

Divine Circus Oracle: Confetti, Meant For You

Sibilla Della Zingara: Sorrow (reversed), Child, Room, Thief (reversed), Consolation (reversed)

Underlying energies: Success in a meeting or planning. Surprise upgrade in responsibilities. Happiness and celebration. Envy from others. Temper celebration of success with shrewd thinking. Letting go of something old to gain something new.

The Hot Tea: Other people’s hurt feelings are not your responsibility when you are accepting something good for yourself. Blessings coming to you should not be dampened by people’s jealousy or attempts to make you feel bad about what you’ve received at your own merits.

There’s an energy that you’ve recently traded something old for something new. This change in status or gains has caused quite a bit of green eye with those around you. Remember that this is not their fault, but people react this way because they have suffered their own setbacks and are projecting their insecurities by holding out your success against you. They are not bad people, and their jealousy is not from any malicious intent. There’s no strong hidden enemy energy with your cards, but still, be smart about handling the information you may have received about people trying to make you feel bad about yourself.

November is calling you to learn the lesson of resource management. This comes in all forms, from material to emotional, as learning to make tough decisions of letting go of people or things is key in what you’re supposed to experience in your next phase of personal and professional life. You didn’t think that stepping up in life is going to be easy, did you?

There’s also strong energy of letting go and never looking back so you can focus on growth and developing new passions to pursue. Be it in your personal or professional life, be aware that November calls for you to use diplomacy in whatever you do. It’s a very tricky place to be in, but don’t be an asshole when you exit your present job to join a new one or leave your group of friends whom you’ve outgrown.

Trust that November brings change and it’s always for your greater good. Don’t fight it, don’t be tied to connections that no longer serve to push you forward in life, but don’t forget to bow out gracefully too. Remember that people will treat you when you’re down on your luck exactly how you treat them when you’re on your way up. 

Love & Lust: This is some tricky shit that you may face this month, singles! For some, there’s distinct energy that you’ll be meeting someone you are drawn to…but they’re kinda technically still with someone else.

Nope, you’re not supposed to be someone’s side ho. That is not what you should reduce yourself to. But just hear me out: people go in and out of relationships all the time, sometimes we find the one when we are still with someone who’s just there for convenience’s sake. But this is where you have to put your foot down: be clear that you are nobody’s side ho; they want you, they gotta close the chapter with their significant other first.

For others, it’s something less dramatic but it still involves you having to not compromise on what you want – or your fucking dignity – to accept love. This is important as you may be presented with a love connection that will have you defaulting into your previous state: always bending over backward to please others except yourself.

November, the Universe is saying: ENOUGH OF BEING A DOORMAT! Self-respect is key, and that includes saying how you feel. You don’t feel like putting out on the first date but your date is a little too aggressive? Say no. You’re being pursued by someone that you really have zero interest in but they are too persistent? Say no and remind them that they are too pushy. You’re connecting with someone you’re drawn to but they do things to make you feel bad about yourself? Tell them how unacceptable their behaviors are, and cut them loose. Don’t beg for affection or reduce yourself into a plaything for others just for validations in love. 

If you’ve always been guilty of this – know that this month, the Universe is forcing you to put a stop to this. Every month there are always urgent energies you need to address that will help you grow in life.

Couples…this is a tough one. Some of you may feel like you’re not exactly happy in this relationship you’re in but it hasn’t caused many issues in your life, but you recognize this need for a change. At least there’s a consolation to all of this – your partner feels the same way too. Speak out and ask your partner how they are feeling about where you’re both heading toward. If the feeling is mutual, take this as a blessing from the Universe, because breaking up isn’t always pleasant.

BUT don’t panic. For others in a relationship, the energy that manifests here could simply mean that your partner may have slighted you in the recent past and that has caused a bit of a distance between the two of you. This could come from some disagreements, or simply them putting you second over other priorities in life that made you question your place in the relationship. And this month you’re both energetically in sync to hash things out. 

There’s a strong energy this month for rekindling the romance and closing a chapter to start a new one together. Maybe you both will realize that the love between you is what made both of you stronger despite some hiccups and you both realize that you’re mature enough to take things more seriously. But the ball is in your court. Choose, and choose wisely because only you will know if staying or leaving is the best move for your wants and needs.

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